State Farm Insuranceyour commercials are so annoying!

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Can you please stop??? I hate them so much. The state farm commercials from about the last decade has been so annoying!! The commercial with guy who says he is never doing this or that only to do everything he said he wasn't going to do, the commercials with "Jake from State Farm, " the one with the two guys stranded in the middle of the desert after a wreck, the ones with the Elvis impersonators, the ones with the Mexican guy and Asian guy in the middle of the desert eating food with buffalo attacking them (like what is that about anyway?), the one with the fishing pole guy.

Sep 03, 2016
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  • Ro
      Jun 22, 2017

    Disrespect for his family and his wife. Holding out on the good drivers discount and then the toilet seat what an [censor]! What ad agency thought this was a good commercial? All I see is a very nasty husband and father.
    Wow bad

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  • Sg
      May 28, 2019
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    State farm commercials are increasingly annoying especially that one with the woman that says " Don't mess with my discount!"

    I've seen 3 different versions of this commercial with the same woman, and they are all Annoying!!!

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  • Jo
      Jul 07, 2019

    State Farm is obviously & desperately trying to find a 'CATCH PHRASE' like 'Aflac' and 'Progressive'... NO SUCH LUCK! They need to hire a new company to do their commercials, instead of annoying the ***t out of everyone.

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  • Me
      Aug 23, 2019

    @JojoL I hate the "don't mess with my discount" commercial. State farm please stop. This is psychological abuse!!

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  • Rw
      Jul 18, 2019

    Apparently, modern ad agencies think that creating an exaggerated, wacked-out hyperbolic situation, followed by an expressionless, deadpan delivery is hysterically funny. The fact is, however, that it's nothing but annoying. There is not one thing about the "don't mess with my discount" commercial that is even remotely cute or funny. I actually feel sorry for the people who write this stuff because it's nothing short of pathetic.

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  • Be
      Jul 25, 2019

    @RWF441 I hate the don't mess with my discount woman screams!! My kid cryies everytime she hears it!!

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  • Be
      Jul 25, 2019

    The woman that screams "don't mess with my discount!!" Makes my child cry with fear!! I wish you would remove it!! PLEASE

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  • Ye
      Jul 26, 2019

    The woman more concerned with a discount than her unborn fetus is appalling.

    Also, the she-shed commercial is very annoying.

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  • Lw
      Aug 25, 2019

    The She Shed - Cheryl is going to get an “even sheshe-ier she shed” now that hers has burned down. This commercial enforces the idea in society that one should benefit from insurance as opposed to just be made whole.

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  • Ti
      Sep 04, 2019

    Your "don't mess with my discount " commercial is very very unnecessary. My son is 4 and when she yells DONT MESS WITH MY DISCOUNT! HE DOES TOO! HE WILL YELL AT HIS BABY SISTER IN THAT TONE OF VOICE, YELL IN HER FACE AND SHE IS ONLY A BABY AND CAN BARELY WALK AND WHEN HE DOES THAT TO HER SHE WILL CRY. CCCCRRRRRYYYYYY! I'm very unhappy with it, she's too worried about a discount then her unborn child and when we go into labor we don't yell at our husbands LIKE THAT. This is uncalled for, what if the baby was in trouble and was dying or something. But yet you want to drive "slow" and cause a wreck or if you drive too "fast" you will cause an accident all because of a discount . You guys are real professionals when it comes to these commercials especially with that annoying cross eyed blonde woman yelling at her man. She thinks she is really proud about it, I would change your outlook when it comes to these commercials

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  • Jo
      Sep 15, 2019

    There are two aspects of the State Farm ads that are troubling to me. The first of which is the psychological tactics employed (including the portrayal of child abuse) and that all the insurance companies appear to be getting on the bandwagon of adding a device to track your driving...when will the push to make this invasion of our privacy mandatory happen?

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