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8:39 am EDT

Prestigio Insurance poor service

If you currently have a policy with Prestigio insurance or looking to insure your vehicle with Prestigio, at claim time beware!
I have been with Prestigio for 3 years and recently have my vehicles door wrap damaged by a third party. Pretty straight forward, put in a claim and everything repaired, no problem right? Well not quite!
It all started out well, Star underwriter assessor ( ) turned up to repairer at the instruction of Prestigio, he agreed onsite with repairer to remove and replace door rubbers, seals etc, re wrap door, side, front & back, then re wrap the rest if it didn’t match the older wrap, due to fading etc, all up about 15K, great outcome!… I thought… then, after 3 days total silence from assessor and Prestigio… the assessor turns back up again, unannounced, at the repairer, a few hours later the first assessment recommended and agreed was off the table, why? One can only deduce it was at Prestigio’s instruction which surly cant be right as Prestigio boasts ‘access to New Zealand’s most Prestigious Motor Vehicle Insurance policy’ & ‘that Prestigio Insurance delivers an unparalleled class of insurance. Prestigio Insurance is the echelon of Motor Vehicle Insurance.’ Further if ‘you are a Prestigio Insurance policyholder, I want you to feel that we are there with maximum efficiency and energy to restore you back to normality as soon as possible’ - John Baker – Director Prestigio Insurance.
Well, nothing could be further from the truth! I am left without any transport (not even an offer of a rental car) my vehicle is still sitting at the repairer 2 weeks later and instead of undertaking the work originally recommended by assessor (and by the approved vehicle manufacturers repairer, Prestigio, after instructing the assessor(s) to re-assess the car three times, & each time cutting corners, have managed to pull off a miracle, turning a 15k repair into a $1, 000 repair, how? By instructing the assessor to call every repairer in Auckland until they found an estimate from a non approved, non authorised repairer that has never wrapped the same part of the vehicle, hasn’t seen the vehicle & not trained or experienced in anyway to remove, re fit or replace manufactures parts, which doesn’t matter because Prestigio is ignoring direct instruction by manufacturer to replace the parts anyway.
After this news (shocked) I even offered to pay half the original repair assessment to get it done properly… no go.
Now it’s up too me to commence legal action to try get my vehicle repaired to manufactures standards! This is the (very) short version, needless to say be very careful, until this point I have never had a issue with Prestigio, however, take my advise, if you want your vehicle restored to manufactures standards using approver repairers & delivering a fast, efficient & high quality repair, NOT INSURE WITH PRESTIGIO.

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Prestigio Insurance reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jul 24, 2015. The latest review poor service was posted on Jul 24, 2015. Prestigio Insurance has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 1 reviews. Prestigio Insurance has resolved 0 complaints.
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