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State Bank Of India / Credit Card / suffered from mental harassment!

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I have a state bank of India credit card. Without any prior intimation above company had stop functioning of credit card. I have complaint to helpline many-times, but no any response received from their-side. I have suffered from mental harassment.

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  • Sh
      25th of Mar, 2007
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    The problem with sbi credit cards is that they have partnered with those thieves from ge, which is an American company of robbers/thieves. Their sole purpose of operation in india is too harass indians. And the people(sadly, they are indians) who work for them are illiterates and ex thugs picked from the streets. They would not only harass their customers, they are also rude, arrogant and would not hesitate from threatening someone. My mother's state bank of india's credit card statement arrives after the due date has passed. Then some wise guy/girl from their customer service calls and starts talking as if my mother has robbed them of. What my mother does now is that she deposits a cheque two weeks in advance(from her due date) but those evil credit card providers would still like to harass her and the money is taken after another two weeks have passed. Until a few days ago we were able to check her statement on their website and now that stupid website does not open(it shows some internal error on the page). Those xenophobic Americans take pride in being hundreds of years ahead from us when it comes to technology but alas they always have some problem with their website whereas indian banks' websites never ever have any serious problems. They should not only be reported to the rbi, they should also be dragged to several courts(as many as possible) for criminal intimidation. Ge should be kicked out of our country along with some of their American counterparts. And they really define what american white trash means. I hope that some employee of ge have had some basic education so that he/she can read this and tell about it to his/her bosses.

  • Vi
      29th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    I fully agree with the complaint that SBI credit card collection people are thugs of the highest order and do not know how to talk. SBI overcharged me long back. After literally hundreds of trials I could get the customer help line. They agreed to waive but never did it. Second time also the dues were not written off. Then I sent the mail requesting them to withdraw my credit card which they acknowledged but never cancelled. The over due charges are still being shown. I am agreeing to pay the exact purchase amount which is only about RS 1100 in return of the settlement letter so that once for all the issue is closed. Initially they agreed to send the settlement letter but now gone back on it. The collection guy is now threatening that he will send four Gundas to my house and forcibly collect money from my wife when I am not in the house. The whole thing is disgusting.

  • Vi
      23rd of Jul, 2007
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    I fully agree with the statement mentioned here with those two gentlemen. Never believe SBI is trust worthy and all. It no longer SBI it is fully controlled by GE. Their safest asylum is SBI name. GE could not achieve much in their own brand name, They started entering in to credit payment collection through their ruf and tuf methods.

    I am also one of the victim in this. I have been asked to settle my account as final settlement (Rs 60,000) and provided a settlement letter with four EMI's (Rs 15 each). Accordingly I was paying the amount. The third checks was intentionally presented to the bank and it got bounced. In the men time i was also sick due to various medical reasons. Because of that they (SBI-GOONDAS) says and threatening me with lot telephonic calls and abusing me as if robbed money from them. I told them see the records which i maintained with SBI. But still SBI hired GE people behaving harsh to their customers. This rowdyism should be stopped and I ask people not ot go for any credit cards. GETTING CREDIT CARDS IS EASIER AND GET RID OF THAT IS VERY VERY TOUGH. I have already approached a legal opinion and consumer regresses in this regard. Just because of Rs 15,000 checks bounce they want me to pay the rest of Rs 60,000 once more in the name of null or void of agreement break. I agree if they come forward for simple interest towards that. but they adamantly refusing to go for nay negotiations. Having received full settlement papers in hand, SBI tricky work makes me more expressed and I am not able to come out with their hard clutch.

  • Su
      5th of Oct, 2007
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    I have applied for SBI Railway Card but delivered another one and despite of repeated requests the Card has not been replaced .

  • Mo
      6th of Oct, 2007
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    My name is Mohammad, i am resident of Hyderabad & i opened Account in SBI (Santosh Nagar, Brach) so i want to my account infromation. so plz give me ID & password.

  • Ms
      8th of Dec, 2007
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    SBI is the worst in credit card section. I very much agree that the people they hire are more like goons than civilize people. They purposely will wait till the due date has passed and put all the penalty and late fees etc.

    SBI is nothing more than a fraud in guise of a nationalized bank. It is correctly said that you will never get a proper response from their so called customer care office. The people out there can barely speak, let alone be polite to anyone.

    They call up at all hours just because it is a nationalized bank.
    This should stop. Their harassment is way overboard.

  • Ji
      9th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    To take a SBI India's credit card is equall to commit suicide.I have suffered a lot ,both mentally and economically,I had a credit limit of 26 thousand -30thousand Rs where as i am still paying more than 60 thousand Rs,as added finance and late charges.I have informed them reapeatedly that iI will not be in the the country for couple of montlhs,so charge me only the late payment fee,but each time i return back to country i find a huge amounted Statement.

    Moreover the executives who calls for the payment inquiry are extremely illmannered,the uses such humiliating sentences,that it gives major mental disturbance.Sometimes I feel to sui this guys,but again we are all human,mistake happens.It is shameful ,SBI bank as a whole is such an appriciative organisation but the credit card department is a total failure,and helps to give a bad name tothe organisation.

    But one thing is clear that ,I will suggest no one should accept this card.

  • Ja
      7th of Jul, 2008
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    Respected Sir/Madum,

    My self Jaywant phule, has taken credit card of SBI bank before 10months. My credit card no. is 4317 5751 8471 1589.
    In earlear days I got statements on time. But now days I am not getting credit card statement on time. So I did not know the due amount on my card. I have given two checks to your exicutaive of Pune (Maharastra) branch. But still the amount of checks has not been debited from my account.
    So please let me know, what is due amount of my credit card account for month July08?
    What is status of checks?(Check no. 345880 & 34581)
    I am waiting for your kind reply.

    Thanks & regards,
    Jaywant Phule

  • Go
      15th of Jul, 2008
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    SBI credit card division is the worst, harassing the people like anything.
    I have applied for SBI credit card and got it.
    As a new credit card member to the bank..SBI has offered me giving 32, 000Rs/- DD free of interest for 3 months, and
    nominal fee 300Rs- to be paid on receiving the amount. As promised by SBI, they have sent DD to my office address.
    I couldnt receive the DD due to my office dispatch departmenet misplaced the DD.
    I didnt encash the 32, 000Rs/- in my bank account. I was not aware that they were sending credit card statements to office address.
    Eventhough I received the credit card I didnt use the card.
    After few months I got a mobile message from SBI asking me to pay 52, 000Rs/- .
    Since they were keep on adding the interest on non credited 32, 000Rs- in my account.
    Immediately I complained to customer care and told them to revert back the fees whatever they charged.
    Customer care said its their mistake of charging the customer and said they will revert the charges.
    Due to personal reasons I applied for personal loan in private bank and came to know that my name has been entered
    in CIBIL by credit card department(SBI), so bank declined my personal loan request.
    They suggested me to remove my entry from CIBIL as early as possible.
    Then I approached SBI credit card customer care and requested send me no due certificate and removal of my name
    from CIBIL.
    Two months later (after so much struggle, calling once in two days to customer care) I received No due certificate from SBI AVP customer care.
    Customer care is not updating the CIBIL database, since removal of my entry is not their scope.
    I am fedup with the delay in process..almost I lost 3 months in followup of removal of my name from CIBIL.
    Could you please suggest me how can I deal this(removal of my name from CIBIL).
    Can I put complain in consumer court?
    Gowri Shankar.

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