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Complaints & Reviews

stop torturing us daily


I am not sure why SBI Credit card people are so irresponsible in their work. SBI guys have taken documents for my Credit card 4-5times in 6 months. After sometime I will receive a msg saying “we are unable to process your card”. If you are incapable to provide please stop torturing us by calling repeatedly. When I call back to the SBI guys they don’t respond nor they give the proper reason, they will cut the call after hearing everything. If this is the way bank operates think about how customers trust SBI. I think SBI is one of the junk bank ever seen. I am sending the contact details of the SBI credit card people who have taken my details

1. [protected]-sindhu
2. [protected]-laksmipriya.

Below is my application Form number: S0006491015

Please stop calling us daily. SBI is the worst bank I have seen so far.

If you are unable to resolve this issue. I think assume this is also one of the junk website


deduction of money from my account

Dear sir/madam,
I have account in sbi of sonakuchi branch of assam, on 26th of march they deducted my 1000 rupees and now I have -939 rupees, I really don't know how it is possible that anyone suffer in minus balance. my acc. no. [protected]. please help me out.

Thank you

  • Le
    LegalBeagleGTD Mar 31, 2010

    Banks. Why do we want to save? Is it because the public makes us feel that to save some money
    f or a rainy day would make you better prepared for ther future? Or is it the society norms keep hassling us to spend more then we have and to make less money on our pay checks which makes us spend more in our pockets just to try to break even.
    I too have given the banks my money in the trusted idea that I they would somehow make my future financial situation better by stock piling for a raining day. The dream day starts with simply walking into the bank because maybe you heard on the radio or the television about the purchase insentives, percentage costs lowering on a house or business. You give them a percentage of the money you have in your pocket who for some stability to come from it. Well, the amount maybe $50-200 for just opening an account. Good you think to yourself. Months in everything fine then the monthly fee from no where. How do you pay on money you set somewhere to be safe and what more safer then a bank vault.? The oveerdrafts that are charged for money they let you take from your account with the bank card. While the bank fully knows when you it the bank card in the ATM you have just a small amount in there minus the bank withdraw fee. The bank withdraw fee being $2.95-$3.95 that if you lucky enough to get your money in your specific banks ATM machine then it free. I don't want the overdraft protection Miss you explain when you go to sit down with them in that liottle office after you get stuck with the overdraft fee that occurred from something that should have never been allowed to happen.
    How come the bank says on some machine when yopu go to draw money out "You have exceed you normal limit for your bank account at some ATM but others are setting you up for a fall.
    I get a headache just trying to keep my bank situation straight.
    Banking What can you say all of them a risky to endeavour. But we pay for it because the old way of doing it keeping the money under the mattress is gone. HA!!HA!!
    Get the facts when you first take on a bank and monitor them accounts on internet monthly maybe even weekly. That how I do it it takes time and patience to keep this up.

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  • Ra
    Rajnibala Yadav Sep 02, 2017

    really you are I also suffer with the same ..-300 they really don't know how a labour get the money for his family please do something good for same

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dheated by sbi officer in bank premises

To the chairman,
SBI, Mumbai,
We (Indian), trusted and link with sbi as known as a backbone of our country people for best service and privillaged priority for the customer. Today happenings snatches our trust and feel insecure to link with in a long run.
Today I went to Krishnapuri branch in Patna for inquery against my cheque put on Saterday 12 PM but not cleared from sbi to sbi a/c. Bank officer Mr. Ramesh lal not only abusing me but heted me till I got senseless in the bank premises. Branch manager Mr. Ravinder Jha was absent, when I was bleeded fully and senseless, some of bank people carry me to baranch manager chamber and did first ad to come back my sense and called my driver and friend to carry me to doctor clinic. For alimighty gress my right eye not damage fully, injured and as per docter, it will recover. After taking medicine, I called to Mrs Sarla Narayan, Regional Manager, sector-2, Patna, Bihar and gave written complaint to her.
Wordless to say anything except " is this a Indian pride bank ? Is it a trusted bank where people beaten and embrashed and wait for justice, are you serve us or we serve you...who will trust if your bank staff start inhumen inside the this type of customer service for the Indian people who blindly link with you and made it largest bank ?
With Regard
Sanjeev Mishra, [protected], [protected].

sbi fraud - deducted money from debit account and very irresponsible behaviour


I am Vikash Kumar. This mail is regarding exposing the culture, fraud behaviour, cheating and irregularities in State Bank of India.

My mother is having a bank account with SBI with following details
Name - Pramila Gupta
Account Number - [protected]
Branch Address - SBI Main Branch, Bistupur, Jamshedpur

There are several irregularities with the account. Money has been deducted frequently. Total money deducted is more than 40000.00 RS My father and mother went to SBI Bistupur branch (02/01/2010) once they come to know about this. The whole staff was very non-cooperative and didn't ready to listen the complaint. Bank Manager first denied to give any information and also said that you cannot get your account statement, although account statement is a right for a consumer.
My father has given them a complaint letter, on which he said that it is worthless, no actions will be taken on it.

I would request you Please help us.

I had sent several mails to "dgm.[protected]'; agmatm.[protected]; helpline.[protected]; sbi.[protected]" but unable to get any updates.

  • So
    Sounav Maikap Feb 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This may be weird, but this actually have happened and guess who the "bad boy" is - yes the SBI's. One fine day during November '06 I got a phone call from SBI that a transaction have been made on a card owned by me. I immediately showed them a surprise as the card they were talking about never landed to me. Needless to say they registered a case of Fraud in the cards fate.

    I immediately wrote a mail to "[email protected]" and "[email protected]" providing the information in written. Again to the surprise, except for the automated replies not a single reply came from there end till date.

    During the start of the year 2007, I contacted few of their so called "supervisors" and expressed my Grievance that inspite of not having the card and a so-called fraud case going in its name, why should I receive a statement every month. Their reply was to ignore such statements and continue with them for some time as long they can settle the matter.

    Starting mid-of-the-year the real pictures was unfolded and their so-called recovery agents started calling me. Literally at some point of time I actually had to spoke the same story for 2-3 times a day.

    On conveying this to the SBI heads once again, told me to once again ignore such calls and they will put up a inter-office notice on the issue.

    All was going right till yesterday when I got a call from a SBI lawyer (Serior advocate Mr. K L. Pradhan - 9810751929) that they are putting a case with the police about the whole thing. I told Mr.Pradhan of the year long story once again. To my surprise once again, he was not aware of the proceeding and told me that he is going to look into the matter with SBI headoffice. I immediately talked with a SBI "supervisor" (Mr Milind this time) and pressed him to look into the matter unless I will have no option other than to approach the media or consumer court.

    Mr.Milind assured to solve this within the next two days.

    Need advice to what to do.

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wrongly given, sbi statement

My self Abdul Shaeed Credit Card No is [protected], many times i complaint to SBI center about my Credit card Statement dated18th December 2009 .

As per SBI Statement Balance Due is6, 071.76 wrongly given because our calculation or our A/C statement is not tally. So many time I said to SBI department give me starting Credit card statements up to the balance mismatches but SBI Department never given the statement.
SBI department wrongly charge.
wrongly Charge late fee or interest due, because for our side balance due is nil.As per SBI cheque payment details and our payment details not matches.
So, Please take the action against our complaint as possible. & Take the correct decision against SBI Credit Card Department.

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locker facility

I m Ajeet Singh Bhati & customer of sbi bilara branch. I want a locker, whenever I go to bank bankers told me different different amounts for fixed diposite, plz tell me required amount & further guide. thanks<br />
regards<br />
ajeetsinghbhati<br /bilara>

  • Am
    amit945 Mar 11, 2010

    respected sir,
    I want complaint to state bank of india branch baddi H.P. This branch and staff rabbis they dont want work .

    i was to go branch in morning at 11am o clock in brach gate keeper give 2 me a cash diposte slip he is give's me 277 number after all i back bank in branch at 2:00 pm i stay there 4:30pm nobabdy deposite my cash i branch after 4:30pm gate keeper and staff member close the door and hitting the people.

    plz reply me


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non-receipt of pension for last 05 months

Dear Sir

I was servining in CISF as SI/Min. I took VRS wef. 01-10-2008 while posted at CISF Unit KTPS Kota (Raj). My pension was released by CPAO New Delhi vide PPO NO.[protected] after 08 months. I deposited my life certificate in SBI Gokul in the month of Nov, 2009.Despite this my pension has been stopped in not credited into my account since last 05 months. Please do needful to credit my pension expeditiously as I am urgently needed of money.

With Regards

Bihari Sharan Sharma
SB A/C No.[protected]

withholding my pension

Sub:Withholding my pension Nov.09, Dec.09, and Jan 10 S/B A/C [protected] (SBI, RLy.Colony, Gorakhpur) by SBI, Bank Rd., GKP (0086) against balance amount EL [protected] (New No. [protected]) without any notice.
I have paid the balance amount as stated to me on personal enquiry in July 2006. However, balance amt., if any, on a/c of computing mistake on the part of the bank, I shall pay after verification of the statement. The interest must be waived in this case.
Meanwhile it is requested that pension amount should be released with immediate effect. I am 73 years old and my wife 67 yrs old with old age medical problems are undergoing endless suffering without money.
Date 26/02/10
Address Yours Faithfully
P R Janoria Pushpraj Janoria
B-2, Satsangees Panvel Colony Mob.[protected]
Pin 410206

atm withdrawn problem

Dear sir,
I am an sbi bank customer. my account details are as follows:

Account name : ishwari kumari & sanjay kumar
Account name :- [protected]
Address c/o-shyam sunder pd, hat-par, mirzapur, nawada
Nawada, bihar 805110
Atm no [protected]
Dispute trans. no 1064
Branch: sbi bank, new area, nawada

On 28 th oct, 07 I was trying to withdraw a sum of rs. 4000/- by atm situated in home branch. what exactly happened is that times atms did not dispense the money and that times amount had been deducted from my account. I mean total rs. 4000/- had been deducted.
Once money was credited in my account immediately and then re deducted the amount. that transaction is still in dispute.
Next day I went to my sbi branch to give a complain. I met related officer at least twenty times but whatever I think this fellow is quite not interested

Last week I talked to customer care excutive who assured me to finalise the complaint as soon as. I also received a mail about my complaint. but till date my account is not credit and I have not got any mail or message about the amount.
Thanks in advance!!!

Yours truly

Sanjay kumar
Ac no [protected]
Attchment :- dispute transactio file
Online complaint no - cc-[protected]
Cc [protected]
Cc [protected]
Cc [protected]
Cc [protected]
Cc [protected]

worst customer service

i tried to take 2ooobucks from an ATM last year ie on feb 17th 2009. the cash was not dispensed but the money was debited from my account. i contacted customer complaint board through web and i imme got a response that i need to contact my branch. i sent dozens of mails, met the branch n asst branch manager personally but those ppl where reluctant to bother about the issue. its been a year and the situation is the same.

cash not dispensed in atm but account debited

I have account in sbi transport nagar branch. my account number is [protected], shekhar sharma. yesterday on dated 28-01-2010, I have logged a complaint for my cash not dispensed and account debited. my complaint number is cc-[protected] but still I have'nt get back my money to my account. so you are requested to kindly take some necessery action and re transfer my money back to my account.

Shekhar sharma
a/c no. [protected]
transport nagar branch agra
atm machine used in sikandra location, agra

  • Da
    Daawgon Feb 01, 2010

    Please remove your account numbers - someone could really rip you off BIG TIME!!!

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I lost my ez-pay sbi card pin number

sir my name is E.Poorna Prasad studying 2nd in Yogananda Institute of Technology and...

no ac in the swastik park branch

The Sbi, swastil park branch has no AC working since the last 2 monmths.The bank is like a fish market with customeres packed like sardines.Several complaints to the branch manager seems to have fallen on deaf years.There is no cross ventillation as a result any customer visiting the bank feels suffocated and may faint or even die.Since nothing is being done and the condition of the bank is growing from bad to worse, i sincerely hope the higher ups solve the problem of AC

close this atm card

sir i`m abusahma s/0 salahuddin siddiqui from jaunpur i kindly request u sir please close my atm card .this card i have lost card no [protected] my email id ..[protected]

  • Da
    Daisy Mariposa Jan 26, 2010

    Contact your bank immediately and notify them that you lost your ATM card!!!

    By posting your ATM card number on this Web site, you've told the world what your ATM card number is.

    Complaints Board is a Web site on which one posts complaints about a company, an individual, etc. It is not a Web site for reporting lost ATM cards. Complaints Board can't resolve your problem for you.

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lost of pin number

Iam LingaMurthy, student of Bed college in Mahabubabad, Warangal dist (2009-10). I have got an ez-pay SBI prepaid card no [protected], once igot this card i've changed my pin no then it was accepted my new pin no.but recently ihave got amount that i heard the news from my college. now im going to take my amount but the new pin no that was not accepting me and the display showing like your card is "unvalid or unauthorised".
please kindly accept my proposal and allot a new pin no.
Thank you,

  • Gm
    gm krishna Jul 27, 2011

    sir, i had forget my password but i have an card but what to do and i had an money in that . after my friend told me that go to this website they will help as possible thats y am here to ask my probleam sir can u help me.
    my name is gm krishna and sbi no is 4216870105982282 so as much possible send my password to my email address [email protected] am waiting for ur answer sir.

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  • Ge
    gedela.anil kumar Aug 10, 2011

    sir my name is gedela.anil kumar.i have one scholarship atm card for my intermediate course during the year 2008_2010. but i forgot my pin 10 th class hall ticket no is father name is g.ramana .my inter college is narayana junior account no is please send my pin number to my email id :[email protected] thanking you sir

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  • Kc
    k. charitha Feb 07, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sir my name is k.charitha my father name is k.ravi .but i forgot my pin number. my 10 th class hall ticket no is 0550287 my college SREE VIDYANIKETHAN COLLEGE OF NURSING TIRUPATHI(19498)-CHANDRAGIRI(M) my account no is 4216870112409394. so please send my pin number to my email id :- [email protected] . thanking you sir

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money automatically withdrawn.



I am Mr. Dhiraj Kumar Sudhakar Pandey. I have a SBI account with SBI. Dadar Millenium Branch, Mumbai.

I used SBI ATM Card in SBI Bank ATM. My Account No: [protected]. Machine is located in Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra, Mumbai. on 11th August 2009. at 18:20 hrs. In my Account total 14, 511 Rs balance is there. I have wtihdrawn Rs 4, 400 from my ATM Card.

But the amount of Rs.8, 300 has been dedected because of some technical problem from my account and blanace was showing Rs.1, 711. After that I have got Rs. 4, 000 back on my Account. But 4, 300 Yet I have not received.

I have complaint in my branch serveral times manager always tells that have patients it will come back soon. But now I am fed of this to listen, Please if possible get my money back into the account.

Please do the needful as soon as possible.

Thanking You,
Your Faithfully.
Dhirajkumar Sudhakar Pandey.

  • Pk
    PK MEENA Apr 16, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I am holding DSP account at SBI SRIMADHOPUR, DIST - Sikar (Rajasthan) (Account No 20048963706). On being checked the bank pass book, it has been observed that an amount of Rs 217/- debited on 30 Mar 2013 (At Axis Bank limited Sikar), Rs 500/- debited on 02 Apr 2013 (At Neem-ka-Thana) and Rs 5, 000/- debited on 11 Apr 2013 (At Neem-Ka-Thana). On the above dates, the ATMs have not been used in any ATM branch for any purpose or there was not trasaction through bank on the above date. Please clarify the same if the amount has wrongly been debited, please reimburse the same at the earliest. Please accord priority and confirm on my e-mail ID - [email protected] or call me on mobile No 9015379945. I will be grateful for the same.

    PK Meena

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invalid card

Sir, my card no is [protected], this is a sbi prepaid ez - pay card. . . This card is not working. . . Kindly exchange this card or show some remedy for this. . . Plz send some reply for this complaint as soon as possible. . . My contact no. Is [protected] and my e - mail id is damai. [protected]

  • Na
    naga raju Aug 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    SIR, My card no is 00801567234, this is a SBI Prepaid eZ-pay card...This card is not working ...kindly exchange this card or show some remedy for this ... Plz send some reply for this complaint as soon as contact no. is 9885353402 and my e-mail id is [email protected]

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  • Ap
    Apparao Dec 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    SIR, My card no is 4216870110097324, this is a SBI Prepaid eZ-pay card...This card is not working ...kindly exchange this card or show some remedy for this ... Plz send some reply for this complaint as soon as contact no. is 9543185969 and my e-mail id is [email protected]

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  • Gm
    gm krishna Jul 27, 2011

    sir am waiting for ur ans can u tell me when u send or what to do pls sir

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  • Ku
    kumarchk Sep 30, 2011

    I forgot my password

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atm card lost

I have lost my atm card on 13 jan 2010 so please block my sbi a/c and reissue a new atm card to me immediatly. my a/c no. is [protected] and atm card no. is-[protected].
My details-
Address-ashok dadsena,
Ward no.6 indira colony baloda bazar, dist-raipur (c. g.)

  • Kh
    khem_chandraa May 03, 2010

    respected sir,
    my atm card has been lost issued for saving account no. 10908417237.So kindly, block my atm card with immediate effect to avoid the misuse of the same .
    thanking you,
    yours faithfully,
    khem chandra
    99 natwar nagar,
    dholi pyau,
    Mathura ( U.P.)
    contact no. 09752416092, 09411256868.

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  • Pe
    PERSONAL COMPUTER Oct 08, 2010

    I have lost my ATM card on 07-09-2010. so, please BLOCK my SBI ATM and reissue a new ATM CARD to me immediately. my a/c no -31135870119 and card no is - 6220180302700040256. my personal information - DINESH KUMAR, S/O DINANATH SINGH, ADD-HATHIKHANA ROAD DUMRAON, BUXAR.PIN CODE-802119.

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  • Gi
    gikc Mar 31, 2011

    Dear sir
    i have want my user id and loing password not recevied pls give my user id and loing /tanss password urgent my A/C NO -30484523822 my save a/c badarpur barch new delhi 110044 pl so urgent
    Gireesh kumar Chauhan
    mo No 9015232423

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service at sbi arasaradi branch

I have applied for a fresh ATM card / Online SBI Access at Arasaradi Branch - Madurai on 19/11/2009. I have been requested to visit the branch and get the ATM PIN / Online SBI Registration pin number.

I had visited the branch for more than 4 times. But there is nobody to answer this query. The person available at the desk is not available on all my visit.

Can I get any support on how to approach to get my PIN number.

atm replacement

Dear Sir,

Myself Anooj. S from Kerala, Hereby iam kindly inviting your attention that i have open account from one of your reputed branch of SBI : - 'Kottayi' [Palakkad, Kerala], Account Number : [protected] on December 1st.

And i applied for the ATM card on the same date, and I got the ATM on December 14th. But because of the lack of careness of the officers in that branch instead of ANOOJ.S they had wriiten as ANOOJA. They simply changed the gender.

On the same date i informed the problem to the person concerned to that branch and he irresponsibly give answer to keep the card. As a customer i have problem to hold an ATM card with a female gender so i requested them to replace that.

And today (13th JAN 2010) it is going to over one month, and pathetically i didnt recieved the ATM card, while enquiring to the ATM customer care they said, the first ATM till not blocked from the branch and no request for replacing the same with correction is recieved.

Iam sorry to say it will lead to the reputation of your organisation. As a service industry the officers sholud be keen in satisfying the customer but the officer including MR. Sreenivasan the bank manager said that the customer care of ATM will tell rubbish and the situation is not like that, even though they done the mistake the customer want to wait, and they said they dont have time right now inorder to check my ATM's status and said wait for one more week and then only they can tell anything.

As a customer i have a good reputation for your organisation, but the irresponsible people like the officers sitting in that branch will spoil your good will as well as the reputatio, now i didnt get any answer or proper guidance from that branch.

If the thing is like this the only way is to cancellation of my account, So i request you to help us to help u, please take an immediate action inorder to satisfy your customer

Eagerly waiting for your favourable response.

Thanking you
yours faithfully
Acc No. [protected]

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