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Flying by myself with four children 3 under 10 of age i was scared leaveing from seattle to atalanta flying my children on vacarion for the first time it was first a breeze getting to atlanta. The day we left july 23rd to arrive back home in seattle july 24th 2018 was a nightmare not to mention i paid for seats not knowing why pay for seats dont that come with the flights and extra charge for nothing. To go on once we loaded from Atlanta to everything started to go wrong flying with three young minors kids were anxious moving about crying and etc. It took the plane 45min to even get off the ground so we left late that was bad businees especially since there were not weather issues just due to there organization. We finally made it to las vegas we waited and waited because there were no place for the plane to park once we got there passengers wasnt even offered a glass of water for the wait. So we finally unload not only to be told at 1030 1100 p.m. that the flight is delayed due to no pilot now im nervous its late my kids are tired ready to go were in a gambling casino with people who are drinking we could have been stranded any where else are flight was to arrive in seattle at 1:24 a.m my husband in which would have been able to make work on time. Back to the airport at first we were told no pilot then after hours. The stewardess was stuck on another run way, omg whats the deal well i ended up running threw the airport to buy food for my children who were starving cause we were suppose to be at home so 46.00 dollars later for there un organized company people started to gather and say whats the deal they sent some qomen up who did absolutely nothing and i mean nothing spirit airline is horrible to fly with someone with such less compassion to there customers is ridiculous hours of waiting and mishapes and to no avail spirit didnt even offer a glass of water for there poor planning and leaveing my children in dispair thank to me i was prepared and had money in my pocket because if not my children would have went hungry have you ever told a 3 year old no there no water or food your moto is bare fsir but in the end you dont get what you paid for because after you have people buy seats and pay for bags that airline would let you on with your ticket you pay just as much with twoce the headache spirit should compensate something for the disaster that happened in vegas after you hears there no pilot you have to ask the poor pilot that was brought in has he even slept? Thank god we made it home but spirit costed me more then the trip should of my husband late to work my family lying and sitting on the dirty airport floor in dispare spirit whats the deal

Jul 30, 2018

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