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Complaints & Reviews

scam and lies!

The nine dollar fare club is a scam. For weeks I have been trying to get a flight through their "preferential" club only to never find a fare other than full price. I don't know how this airlines has been allowed to get away with this but I would never give this airline another cent and would not ever fly them no matter how cheap.

  • Ba
    Barb Apr 05, 2008

    I totally agree that the $9 fare club is a scam! I've searched for flights immediately after receiving their email about one of their big sales and only find full fares on ALL the dates listed! I won't be renewing my membership in this "exclusive" club. Additionally, I have found that the miles earned in their frequent flyer program are either not credited to my account or expire quickly, so accumulating enough to use for a flight is nearly impossible.

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unsolisted promotion

A faudulent charge of $29.95 for Club Spirit Promotion that was unsolisted by myself or wife. We are in our...

forced to forfeit fair due to missed flight!

Spirit airlines was unwilling to offer any sort of accommodation whatsoever for a flight I missed this morning traveling from DCA to FLL. I paid Spirit Airlines roughly $300.00 for a round-trip ticket. When I missed my flight I immediately called to have my itinerary switched, be placed on standby, offered a credit toward a re-booked flight, pretty much anything possible to still get down to FLL without completely forfeiting my entire fare. This is a common courtesy and an acceptable service done by every airline - except Spirit. They seized my entire fair, canceled my return ticket, and told me that if I would like I could rebook this reservation and pay the entire price of the ticket. The next available ticket out of DCA to FLL later today with the same return flight was $400+ dollars, which I was told I would have to pay in full out of my pocket.

It is completely outrageous for an airline to take advantage of a consumer like this. Many mitigating factors can lead to a missed flight and Spirit Airlines should be willing to work with the consumer.

  • Wi
    wilsoon Jean-Louis Apr 25, 2008

    I lake vorking for this compagnie sprit airline. I have a good experience one the job unite-state. Im, verry realy Iwas working long time. I working one the winndixie golf coast, food services.Im, happy apply one the compagnie.For imformatin please give, a call at (786) 873-7454 or (954) 367-2534, tank your.

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double billing my credit card

My complaint with Spirit is in connection with a double charge to my credit card which they made and which they claim takes 10-14 business days to reverse. I spoke with my credit card company who told me they have this problem with Spirit ALL the time.

Once the double charge goes on, it takes many calls and pleading to have it reversed. My credit card company says they sometimes will receive a fax from Spirit to have the charges reversed but Spirit claims they don't ever fax anybody. I think it's farly obvious why they hold our money for almost three weeks.

Something needs to be done about this disgraceful "customer servce".

  • Ha
    Hanusha Jun 19, 2015

    Exactly happened to me- except it was my bank account, and the customer service rep admitted that they knew that they did this, but did not inform me. They stole 1200.00 from me and said i wouldn't. see it back in my account for at least ten days. I accrued 300 dollars in overdraft fees, could not go on the vacation they double charged me for, without the money they stole, and they ruined my daughter's surprise trip to Disney. She still is crying daily. And it makes me ill, that a little single mom has no rights to complain, to sue, or to get all her time off of wbork, her lost credit points for late mortgage, my heartache- none of it matters- because I have a 119 pound little woman against a giant misogenistic, unethical, illegal-thieving from peoples bank accounts, ( a woman strips on their website, if you answer a quiz correctly) corporation.

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luggage theft!

My baggage was pilfered and some items taken on a recent flight from San Pedro Sula to Ft. Lauderdale (flight 826 on Sept 24, 2007). There seems to be no way to send this information to Spiritair and I am appalled that I can not lock a bag, but my CD's, shoes, deodorant, pocket knife, electronic devices and other items were stolen after checking my baggage.

  • Ta
    tara Mar 10, 2008

    Our whole garment bag was stolen !! when My husband and I had a stop over from punta cana ,going to atlanta. we lost everything in that bag . and it was my WEDDING DRESS his SUIT and all our formal cloyhing from our trip to the islands. we also cannot get intouch with them. only an informal e-mail that states will get back to you on this matter . and cant find a human voice to help either ,that is the number we have tried over and over also. I think it has to do with Ft >lauderdale airport . Our bag was stolen on 7/1/2007 !!! still no answers or
    getting back to us on "this matter". I heard that alot of baggage had been stolen last summer from that airline airport. but SOMETHING should be done about this , we lost OVER $6.000.00 worth of clothing. and no answer is NOT good enuff . My wedding flowers were also in that bag. I would love to hear if someone knows how to get in touch with them also. bc It will continue to happen unless we do something about it.

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  • Sa
    Sarah Davis Jun 18, 2008

    My prescription was stolen out of my luggage. Unbelievable!

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cancelled flight waiting month and a half for refund

Booked 4 tickets from LAX to Detroit for August 3, 2007. Arrived at airport 2 hours before flight to find out flight was canceled. Waited about an hour and was given 2 options... wait 3 days for next flight or get full refund. We opted for refund for this leg of the flight and keep return flight so we wouldn't have to pay so much for no advance notice. We were forced to book on Southwest (what a way better experience) at almost the same amount of money for a one way flight as we paid for R/T, but felt we had no choice. It's now been a month and a half and we are still waiting for refund. Right after our trip we were able to wait on hold for a few hours to get someone in Florida at corporate. Now you are unable to call and are forced to call the reservation number. They tell you they can't answer these questions that its accounting. Someone should retrain them because they now have an added job title. Is there really an accounting dept??? I wish someone would look into suing them. They are making tons of money on just holding on to other peoples money. Every day that they hold onto it is huge! The US should stop outsourcing all of our jobs (Don't people realize that's when "identity theft" became such a problem).

rip off with luggage and connecting flights

My husband and I took our 1st vacation in 10 years and we decided to go to Las Vegas which was our dream vacation and do to my husbands health conditions we were unable to go on vacation, while on line checking the price of airline tickets they seemed to be the cheapest, so we booked our flight with them in April for our vacation in July, at the time they did not charge for luggage only when we went on to confirm our tickets did we find out that we had to pay for our luggage which was cheaper to do on line so we purchased on line after calling customer service and discussing the fee with them because at the time of purchasing the tickets they did not charge, however they informed us that we had to pay for the luggage if it was not going to be carry on, so we did, credit card was charged 5 times, so at this time I called there toll free number and could never get anyone on the line, so when we arrived at the airport we did crub side check in and they informed us you had to tip them ( which people normally do) I just feel it is wrong for them to demand the tip!! There was even signs up stating this, when we arrived to the counter to check in luggage we explained how are credit card was billed 5 times which they found funny for some reason and when I became irate they said I would need to take it up with customer service and they gave me my tickets, we had a connecting flight in Atlanta and I asked where my tickets were for my connecting flight and at that time they told me we had to go to luggage claims and get our luggage and get our tickets from there to go on to Las Vegas, I argued with them for sometime and got no where and it makes it difficult because of my husbands health condition we had to go thur a special security and this required us to go though everything again, so when we got to Atlanta we got our luggage and stood in line all over again and our 2 hour lay over turned out to us almost missing our connecting flight, we ended back at the same gate we arrived to Atlanta in, most airlines give you your connecting flight. I really believe this is so they can make more money off the luggage. Also after boarding the plane they charge for soda, most airlines it is served free, I will never fly Spirit again and I have told everyone I know about the horrible experience and for them never to fly Spirit and I hope that this letter can help other's from making the same mistake we did.

Thank You


  • So
    Somebody Sep 16, 2007

    Maybe you should go look at the monitor and go to the ticket counter inside the gate and get the boarding pass, this way you wont have to wait inline if you have to come back to the terminal, again for your luggage you probably make sure the destination when they put on the tag is New York instead of Atlanta, this way the luggage should reroute to the plane instead of picking up the bag and recheck it in.

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  • Te
    terry paris Dec 14, 2007

    I finally realized that after two weeks of Spirit Airlines keeping my son's luggage and not sending it through to him, as promised 6 times, Spirit Airlines should be arrested for stealing. Never mind their nonexistent customer service, inefficient tools of communicating, and rude behavior, they are thieves!

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worst airline, crooks!

The customer service for these guys (Spirit Air) is the worst I have ever encountered in my life and I lied in Latin Ameirca 21 years where customer service is a luxury. As BR mentioned, these people should be investigated, fined and shut down for their practice of selling you a ticket, then canceling it or not even confirming the purchase and then taking 60 days to reimburse your credit card!!! FRAUD!

If this happens as much as it sounds like it does these guys make more money carrying on with this scam than by operating an airline. The arrogance of the jerk CEO reflects the company's attitude. Someone needs to put them out of business and until then my recommendation is DO NOT FLY SPIRIT AIR, do not even book s flight because your money will be tied up for months.

  • Fu
    fukinay Jan 28, 2009

    I flew this crummy airline in May 2007. There was no one at the check in desk 45 minutes before the flight so I couldn't get my boarding pass!! This was Memorial Day weekend. I was flying from SFO to Detroit. I was not allowed to board through security because the airport didn't even know how to reach Spirit Airlines. I ended up missing my flight and had to buy a one way ticket with another carrier leaving the next morning. On my way back from my destination 3 days later, I learned that since I hadn't boarded the outbound flight, my returning flight had been automatically canceled. There were no refunds. Unbelievable. Again, I had to buy another one-way ticket back home – this time with Spirit itself since no other airlines were headed back to SFO that day. SPIRIT AIR IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST AIRLINE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT FLYING WITH THEM.

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  • Lo
    Long John May 10, 2017

    I flew this crooked airline once never again. They charge extra for everything. I'm surprised they didn't try to charge for using their plane. The old saying. "Screw me once your fault - twice my fault". Lousy customer service on top of everything else.

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forced to pay twice for a return ticket!

This is the letter submitted to Spirit airlines once I was unable to obtain customer service attention by phone or in person at the airport.

Originally paid ticket:

Detroit-Ft Lauderdale NK363 08-30-07
Ft-Lauderdale-Detroit NK380 09-03-07

Unfortunately I booked the ticket wrong since I needed to flight on 08-31 and not 08-30, however my return date was correct. Arrived to Detroit airport on 08-31 and Spirit assistant make me aware of reservation error. Stated that I did not showed up at the airport on 08-30 and I had had lost my ticket including the returning flight. Was a planned vacation for a long time and under time pressure and flying with someone else the same day I was forced to purchase a new expensive roundtrip ticket at the airport counter at $349.79. (My first roundtrip ticket $219.80). I agree that was my error to book the wrong date for the first flight 08-30 but also recognize that I had to pay an unnecessary extra expensive return ticket for 09-03. I am cordially asking for a refund of my second return ticket that I was forced to purchase at the airport with the threat that my first return ticket was automatically canceled.

I have been using Spirt airlines for a long time and is the first time I have and incident like this. I believe Spirit assistant did not provide the right information at the time of purchasing the second ticket. I am willing to assume my fault for booking wrong the first flight but I do not feel is fair to paid twice for the return flight.

Thanks for the attention to this matter!

hidden charges!

This Airline is terrible. three times I have been screwed. The first was being charged for travel insurance that they were selling. The default was to purchase and if you didn't unchecked the block, you were automatically charged. The second was buying a ticket in advance and later finding out there was a luggage charge. The third incident I am still trying to undo but without success. Again, I didn't uncheck a block and I found a $29.95 charge for a free spirit promotion which I haven't been able to determine what it is nor have I have been able to contact someone by phone for the last week. I have been trying to get this reversed and can not. They are awful when it comes to customer service.

  • Al
    Aldie Paz Oct 03, 2007

    False Advertisement:
    Yesterday 10/02/07, I went online to the Spirit Air line website and saw a special air fair to Guatemala for $64.00 each way.
    Which meant $128.00 roundtrip? I booked a flight for myself and my 2 kids. Little did I know the nightmare it would turn into?
    I made reservations to depart on Nov. 15 and return on Nov. 26th, and paid for it with my Master card. To my surprise, I noticed when I printed the itinerary that the dates on the itinerary were completely wrong. The system somehow managed to change the departing date and the return date and the return date to Oct. 15 and Oct. 26th instead of November. It was insane, I immediately called the airline to get the problem fixed but they blamed it all on me. But before being able to get someone to actually help me, I got people hanging up on me, they were very discourteous, unhelpful, and had no knowledge of what they were doing and the ones that did answered the phone didn’t help at all.
    I asked Mary the first person that helped me, if she could help me with my problem. She said no problem I will help you, and she “supposedly changed the itinerary to the right dates. She said she’d send me an email with the confirmation of the itinerary. I waited a few minutes and I didn’t receive an email from her/ or the airline for that matter. So I decided to call back just to be on the safe side and make sure that indeed she had made the changes to my flight. I spoke to Gaby, after I explained the situation, he replied that there was no record of the transaction that Mary had supposedly made; and he said that in order for me to have any changes to the dates I would have to pay the air fair difference for each flight, and also the penalty for changing the date. This meant that the advertising price was a fraud, because it said and I quote “$8 and $44 fares must be booked on spiritair.com between 3:00 PM ET on October 2, 2007 and 11:59 PM ET on October 3, 2007 for travel on the dates as specified by individual market and by market direction. $66 and $88 and some $44 fares must be purchased between 3:00 PM ET on October 2, 2007 and 11:59 PM ET on October 3, 2007 and are for travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays between October 9, 2007 and February 12, 2008.
    Guatemala City, Guatemala $44* Each Way 10/8, 10/19, 10/29, 10/30, 11/5, 11/15, 11/20, 11/24, 11/26
    ” So why would the price change if I was still within that time frame, they’re supposed to make changes free of service charge if it is within 24 hours of the reservation, and I called minutes after I did it, but yet they said that there was an 80 dollar charge per person, for changing the date and also a difference in air fair which was $371.97 more. In total it would end up being $1055.07 which included $254.00 taxes for, and a charge for an insurance that I didn’t ask for, which is automatically billed unless you take the check off $36.00 in insurance, and $9.00 for a so called Fare Club which is useless and also automatically billed. Then I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor, they said that there were none available. I asked for the best time to call so I could speak to one, and they hung up on me. Finally I spoke to Chris and the only thing that she suggested was that I cancel the reservations and the only money I’d get back would be in a form of a voucher but out of all the money they charged my credit card only 212.70 dollars per person were going to be refunded as a travel voucher. Now, who wants a voucher with for the same airline after all these scams?
    First of all I didn't make the mistake of putting in the wrong date when I was making my reservations because it is a tradition to travel to my country in the month of November. Every year we have a family reunion in November. I have made lots of reservations with other airlines online and never have encountered this problem. Their system is sneaky; it cheats people out of their money by somehow changing the dates on their itinerary so that charge them for the difference. They are so fraudulent that on top of all this, they charged my credit card twice; I know this because I tried calling my credit card to null the transaction and they told me the amount that was charged by the airline to my credit card; which was $1324.00.
    I called the airline back and they hung up on me again several times. Then some one answered and I asked if she could find out why they charged my credit card twice and she replied that she didn’t have access to that information on her computer.
    This is obviously a scam, charging vastly twice the amount of money for the completely wrong thing. I am not the only person that this has happened to. There are lots of other customers who had trouble with them; my supervisor Pamela Atkinson, booked a flight for her son, and was cheated out of her money. Eluvia a friend of mine, bought tickets and when she got to the airport on the date of her flight, they told her she lost her flight because those tickets were for the night before, and she lost her money. Like me and my colleagues there are lots of other people that have posted complaints on this website about the same airline, I would appreciate it if you can please take a look at it and help us somehow. Thank you.

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missed connection, lost luggage, bad customer service

To All:

Just had very bad experience with Spirit Airlines on RT from DC to Costa Rica. The trip down was OK, but the return a nightmare. Apparently nearly everyone on flight from Costa Rica missed connections in Ft. Lauderdale on Aug. 25 because flight up was late getting off the ground, and no one in Ft.Lauderdale was helpful in the long lines. Among many problems, no boarding passes were issued in Costa Rica for the US portion, no precedence was given at any stage to those who had connections, no one was available to provide counsel (including to a woman whose luggage was stolen and who had to make a tight connection, leaving her in tears), the wrong departure gates were given to me foreclosing any possibility of making the flight, lines were complicated by plane-full of arrives from Jamaica given the same miserable treatment -- and all the while about 20 Spirit employees were milling around doing almost nothing visible, with "none of it's my problem" as their slogan, both spoken and unspoken.

Personnel at counter kept people there needlessly, telling them they could only guarantee flights north two or three days later to common destinations such as Boston or Washington, DC. Luggage for me and my traveling companion is apparently lost -- with no tracking system. What an outrage. This is a business that deserves to go out of busy. Can one imagine what the safety inspections must be like if this is how they treat passengers and luggage?

  • So
    Somebody Sep 16, 2007

    Today, there is huge line at spirit ticket counter we arrive 2 hours early to wait in line, we just need the boarding pass because the online check in at the website have issue and we have to wait at long line snake from Terminal 4 outside to Terminal 3, after waiting 1 hour and 30 mins we only got pass half way. We did missed our flight with no one helping. Horrible...97

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flight cancellation

I purchased 3 round trip ticket for me an my handicap son and my grandson 8 years old) from Aguadilla P.R. to Connecticut to visit my daughter on a medical emergency. They cost $369 each plus $50 luggage. On the return flight we were involved in a car accident, this was 4 hrs prior to departure. No one was injured but as soon as we realized that we weren't going to make the flight, my daughter called Spirit airlines to try to get the next flight available to Aguadilla. Mind you I am 69 years old and this was around 3 o'clock in the morning because the flight was leaving at 6:40 from JFK, I was traveling from CT. We found out that because we were not at the airport Spirit Air canceled without refund the return flight. I explained unsuccessfully about the accident, my age, my son's condition, and the fact that I had no means to pay for 3 more tickets on my fix income The police even offered to talk to the representative, but the Customer service representative repeatedly stated that it was a non-refundable ticket. I begged and explained that we didn't want a refund, we needed another flight out, even if there was a penalty, they refused to help me. I requested a supervisor and the representative transfered me to another line that put me on a music hold for at least 45 min. and after holding for so long it got disconnected. My daughter continued to call the next day, we continued to have the same experience, we were put on hold and disconnected. We called the corporate offices in Fla. [protected]) you are automatically sent to a voicemail, I left a detailed message with the record locater, we are still waiting for a response.

Damage Resulting = I had to purchase another ticket with Jetblue (4 days later) after unsuccessfully being able to speak to a live person in their Corporate office since the Customer Service Dept indicated that there was "nothing" they could do. Shame on you Spirit Airlines! Total loss for a senior citizen on a fix income with a disable son, an extra $700-. Loss for the aggravation, rudeness, lack of service, lack of consideration, respect and comparison to another human being, priceless...

  • Ye
    yesenia diaz rangel Apr 09, 2008

    All i have to say is NEVER AGAIN!!!never again with spirit airlines i mean WOW i felt alittle bad for being a little ### to the people in atlanta which is where the worst experience of my life began with spirit... but then they just left us in florida nobody gave me or the other handful of angry flyers an apology or an acceptable explanation on why they were just leaving us stranded there... instead spirit employees called 3 cheriffs on us and treated us like tha bottom of their shoe... i just can't believe that spirit airlines managers and all their employees are such ###s i mean there was two unnaccompanied minors who had to probably sleep in the florida airport until the next night because spirit airlines would not help tham in any way at all!!! I had to spend all this extra money and now i'm kinda stranded at my destinated city i mean i don't know how me and my infant and my little sister are going to get back to atlanta but i want to tell the whole worldto know how badly we were treated at spirit so that nobody purchases tickets with them because their conduct towards the consumer was just so horrible but all i have to say is even if spirit offers a one dollar flight i would not be on it HELL NOOO!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!

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  • Ly
    Lynn Boney Sep 24, 2008

    Oh, I agree with all of the problems with Spirit Air. Their 800 number is a call center in India, the employees have been instructed to never allow a caller to speak with a manager, even the corporate Customer Service center in Fort Lauderdale won't allow a person to speak with a manager. This presents a serious problem for customer service if this is their corporate policy.

    Due to medical reasons I had to cancel a flight, now my doctor won't allow me to fly for quite some time and they will not issue a refund.

    I suppose if I can get Greyhound to issue refunds and apologies then I can attack another company with bad policies and extremely bad customer service to get them to understand that their business is about their customers and when they don't have any customers, they won't have a business.

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  • Pa
    Pat Burns Nov 23, 2008

    My luggage was misdirected from Ft. Lauderdale to Puerto Rico. It was supposed to go to Detroit with me.
    When it arrived, three days later, my camera was gone and my jewelry. Over $500. Spirit is not liable for anything. This just gives their people the opportunity to steal. When I finally received a call the agent told me she knows the employees at Spirit steal. Isn't that nice.

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  • Af
    Afzal Masih Dec 02, 2008

    I had a resevation for Detroit to New York for October 16, 2008.

    On October 13, 2008 I had a bad Heart Attack. I was unable to travel.

    It is therefore requested to re-scheduel the reservation without any penalty. As it was not my fault. I was hospitalized for 3 days. Two days in ICU and and rest in the Private.

    Thank you so much

    Locator # is S3TQFF

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  • Al
    ALMA J SHANNON Apr 28, 2011


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airline rip off!

If you fly Spirit Airlines there are a few things you should be aware. Check your fares especially if you changing it. The system is so bad it always wrong!
The changes are done by unreliable system. They should audit all reservations done from 2002 to now and you have millions of dollars of rip off to consumers.

The management from the ill funk usair is in control and doing to spirit what they did there. I wouldn't bring a bag on board unless its tied to my leg. The company now laid off the florida reservations people and on aug 30 th the other last reservations people will be gone. Your calls will be handled by outsourcing cheap labor. This is what is left now for this cheap no frills carrier. They lie to its employees as much as they lie to its customers. Do not be fooled do not go and buy that cheap fare. Someone else paid for it one way or another the loyal workers since the tragedy of 911 that made it possible for this airline to survive is now all gone. (we survived by differing our pay and withholding refunds for months!!) Do us a favor if you reading this and go to JetBLUE or Southwest. They treat the people right and the customers. I am writing this to open your eyes and see if something is incredibly cheap there is a reason. The reason here is cheap labor plus in housed systems that don't work plus bad management people equals to cheap fares. The companies marketing is a joke to even follow with making fun of dead presidents, hurricane victims,young people's culture, and 6 inches from the nearest toilet. If you decide to stick with them i hope I wont find u here writing a comment soon!

can't catch them by phone!

I traveled from NY (LGA) to Detroit on July 17, 2007 and upon arriving in Detroit noticed my luggage had been opened and the tag had been removed. When I went through the luggage, I looked for the card stating that security had inspected it but there was no card. I also noticed that the zipper compartments had not been closed and the jacket on the top of the clothes in luggage had not been disturbed but I was missing a shoe. I have tried to reach Spirit Airlines several times today and also last week and have gotten the same recorded message that "due to a high volume of calls," there is no one available and to try back later. Does anyone have a phone number that works. I have been calling [protected]. I have always traveled with Spirit but am a little concerned with the fact that you cannot get through to a person.

  • Th
    TH Williams Sep 08, 2007

    They have no customer service phone staff on weekends, only M-F, 9-5. But this is a secret, don't tell anybody, because they certainly do not want anybody to know this. Report them at:

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  • To
    Tony Lucas Feb 14, 2008

    I accidently deleted my confirmation e-mail. The are completely unavailable by phone. The resevation agent will not help you at all. I booked the flight a while ago and can't remember what time I am flying. So I have tried twice, once on hold for 30mins when I had to hang up. Now I am on for 35 and still no answer.

    When you log into their website there is no link between your login and your flight, so without the record locator you are SOL. I wonder if this at all realtes to charging you more for you luggage when you get there.

    Absolutley the worst customer service, and BTW, is it even legal to be cashless on a flight? I thought it says on the front of our money, "Good for all debt public and private" .

    37mins now. Never again. Never, Never, Never

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  • Ma
    MARGARITA ROMINE Sep 17, 2008

    I suscribed to the spirit club, I never can't get any reservation accomplish, wiht the specials fares offered to me, they don't have customer service at all, all the answer is no we can't help you very polite very nice done. why to join a club that won't help you. I try to cancel my club guess what they took the payment from my credit card I try to use but it is impossible, what a disgrace.

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  • Ro
    Robert Peters Aug 04, 2009

    Perhaps a massive United States law by our governors to make it required that every airlines have a phone contact ( living )in the united states with good under standing English / American language at least five in every state to talk and assist customers.

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poor customer service!

We are very fortunate Atlanta has such a wonderful airport! I've flown into and out of there for year...

poor information and rude customer service

I had booked four airline tickets with Spirit Airlines via Travelocity and
ran into problems with the Airline during the last part of the journey scheduled on Saturday 7th July 2007. I was to return with my family from San Francisco to Detroit via Spirit Airline flight 408 departing San Francisco at 10:40PM. As a diligent traveler I called the Spirit Airline [protected] and [protected] several times in the afternoon of my journey to find out if the flight was on time and the terminal number it was departing from. Every time I was told by an automated voice that due to technical difficulties my call could not be completed and asked me to try again later.

Assuming that SFO-DET being a domestic flight I arrived at the domestic terminal. I walked the entire length of the check-in counters and did not find Spirit Airlines counter. Thinking that I had missed it the first time I walked the entire length again. I then sought the assistance of an Information Desk employee who informed me that the Spirit Airline counter had been relocated from the domestic terminal to the International terminal in May 2007. By now totally panicked I rushed with my family and all my luggage to the International terminal arriving at the Spirit Airline check-in counter 40 minutes prior to departure only to find that the check-in was closed and all the crew had left. Again I sought the help of an Information Desk employee who informed me that they had closed the counter. He assisted with making a phone call to Spirit Airline on the airport phone by dialing *1182 but received the same automated voice message that I had been receiving all afternoon. At this point he looked at our tickets and suggested we call Travelocity and I did so promptly. The agent who answered the phone was extremely helpful. She advised me that she would send Spirit Airline a message and ask that my family and I be put on the next flight out of SFO the following day 8th July. She also advised me that I would be charged a nominal fee anywhere between $70-$100 per ticket for this change which I willingly accepted as my husband and I had to get back to work on Monday 9th July . She also confirmed that I could you the same reference code number.

I left the airport and went back to stay one more night in San Francisco. The next day 8th July in the morning I called Spirit Airline just to confirm if I had four seats on the 10:40 PM flight to Detroit and was dismayed when I was told that I did not have a booking. I informed them that Travelocity had made the change the previous night to which they said they had nothing in their system. According to the Spirit Airline reservation employee, I had no choice but to make a fresh reservation for four tickets each ticket costing me $279.40 and total of $1,117.60 USD. I decided that I would speak to Travelocity prior to making this move which I really could not afford. I was informed by Travelocity that the message that was sent by the agent the previous night to Spirit Airline had received no response. He tried his very best to make contact with the airline with me on hold to be greeted by the same automated voice announcing that they had technical difficulties. At this point he was as helpless as I was. He advised me to speak to Spirit Airline and ask them if they could help out in any way.

Upon calling Spirit Airline again I was greeted this time another reservation agent, who offered me no options but to make a fresh reservation as her co-worker had suggested earlier and also informed me that it was the responsibility on Travelocity to inform its customers of the change in check-in counters from domestic to the international terminal at SFO. I was also informed that the Spirit Airlines staff should have been available at hand in SFO from 7:30PM to 11:00PM which I can guarantee is not true as no one was available after 10PM. Basically at the mercy of Spirit Airline at this point I made a reservation for 4 tickets to travel from SFO-DET on 8th July via Spirit Airline flight paying $1,117.60.

I arrived at the SFO airport on 8th July at 7:30PM to ensure an uneventful journey. I was checked-in using my new tickets. I spoke to Victoria the Spirit Airline supervisor at the check-in regarding my ordeal the previous night. She then looked at my old tickets and informed me that there was no need for me to have made a fresh booking as advised by the reservation agents at Spirit Airline. She said that she would have put my family and me on the flight for the 8th July at the cost of $70.00 per ticket as a change fee. However now that I had purchased new tickets there was nothing else she could do. She suggested that I speak to the Customer Care department at Spirit Airline to resolve this and also assured me that they should offer me a refund for my new tickets as she was aware of two other passengers who had similar situations.

Arriving home today on 9th July I spent 2 hours and 25 minutes speaking to two separate Customer Care employees of Spirit Airline, the first one was rude and obnoxious and disconnected my phone call midway through our conversation. I called back to complete the conversation or speak to a supervisor and was greeted by another much more polite individual who was cordial and informed me that her supervisor was the one who had hung up on me has ruled that Spirit Airline will not offer me any refund as it was all my fault for the following reasons:
1) I should have accessed their web site before I left for the airport to determine which terminal they were at. As a tourist I do not carry my computer while on holiday.
2) Telephone lines do have technical difficulties and again I was not diligent enough as a passenger.
3) The Spirit Airline check-in supervisor was just being nice by offering to put me on the next flight and apparently it is not their policy to do so.
4) I did not arrive on time. While walking through the domestic terminal I noticed that most domestic airlines have signs up that say "Please check in half an hour before departure". I arrived one and a half hours ahead of time.

I will never fly Spirit Airlines or recommend it to anyone else.

S. Abraham

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    thlai Jul 17, 2007

    I was boarding another flight to hong kong in june 29th at SFO and saw a lady doing what you did and having the same result as there's no one at their check-in counter. She basically left her luggages at the counter and running around and panic to no avail. She was left there hopeless and crying and it is so unfortunate that i could not offer much help other than just checking on the departure screen and getting a luggage trolley for her to use as i was to depart there after. Seeing someone misses a flight is no fun, and i've marked spirit airline for all its undoing.

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  • Ja
    Janel Morris Feb 04, 2008

    I also had a terrible experience with Spirit Airlines. I canceled a trip in early April, received a credit but when I went to use the credit, the credit was already used by someone else. The woman, named Kimberly, who used the credit flew from Washington to Cancun and we live in Las Vegas( Red Flag). When I called to talk to them to try and correct the situation the company was based in the Philippines so I could not get anyone that could understand what I was talking about. All they keep telling me was I already used the credit. Another thing, when you want to file a complaint you have to send him a letter. There is phone or fax number to physically speak with anyone. WOW!!! Great customer service. Its a wonder they are still in business... It must be the cheap flights they offer.

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  • Sn
    s. nicholas May 18, 2008

    i recently travel with spirit airline on may 6, 2008 to kingston, jamaica, and never again with travel with this airline. on my way back from my vacation on may 14, 2008, at kingston airport. i had the worst experience of my life dealing with spirit. i was an hour arriving at the airport due to an accident involving the vehicle in which i was traveling in. upon arriving at the ticketing counter the agent immediately inform me that the counter is closed. i begged and pleaded with the agent but she keep repeating the same answer. i told her that i did not need to check any luggage but she did not care. i asked to speak to the manager but was told that the manager was not available, and that i should book a nother flight. which means i would have to stay in jamaica for three more days. i had to spend the night in jamaica. the following morning i had to book a return ticket with american airline. by the way this airline service is more curtious, polite, helpful, and arive on time. i will tell anyone who will listen not to travel with spirit airline, no matter how cheap the fare is. the customer service is horrible, agents are rude, additional fees are tacked on at the last minute, and the flight is late.

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  • De
    debra caarmean Nov 21, 2008

    I belong to the $9 club, and never have yet been able to book a flight! You offered flights for $11 each way from Detroit to Ft.Lauderdale. I tried to book it for Dec 30, returning Jan 6, or close to that. You stated tues and wed were the cheap days. Than I got it for $50 but you charged me $130. for the return flight. What do you offer these deals when I can NEVER get a flight ? I have been trying to get flights for months, without results. And I think this is false advertising.
    I would appericate it if I could get a round trip fare just once for the prices you offer!
    Debra Carmean
    [email protected]
    231 943-8213

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stolen or missing baggage

My Brothers wife Sondra Hyatt and daughter flew from the Bahamas back to Fort Lauderdale this week 6/27/07. Luggage stolen or mis placed in FLL by Spirit Airlines employees. Half of the passengers luggage on flight was missing when arrived at baggage counter at Fort Lauderdale. Spirit Airlines would not answer any questions on where the luggage went to any of the passengers complaining that there luggage was missing. Filing complaint with airport director of FLL on racketerring going on in his airport or employee thefts. Spirit phones are unanswered by humans and answering machine you cannot leave message to find anything out. I advise do not ride Spirit to FLL or out of FLL. Fly Gulfstream Airline small commuters out of FLL to Bahamas till Spirit fixes there baggage problems. Watch for a news report of theft group or Spirit stating what was done to fix this major problem.

double payment / baggage charges problems!

Recently booked a flight for my wife to fly SFO to Detroit on 6/24 and return on July 17. I mistakenly thought the 24th was Monday and late Sunday evening on 6/24 realized my error. I called Spirit, listened to their "Your call is important to us" message for forty minutes and then was told the following. Because the flight was missed, the ticket charge is non refundable and I have to pay again for the return flight on July 17! I am willing to pay for my mistake but why should I have to pay again for the return flight which is several weeks away? I was told that is because it was booked as a round trip on one record. If I had booked them on separate transactions and paid for them separately then the return flight would still be good. That means she is returning from Detroit on the same plane in the same seat for which we have paid twice!

A lesser complaint is about their new baggage charge. If you pay for it on line the fee is $5 per bag per flight; at the airport you pay $10 per bag (up to two bags then it goes way up). However all attempts to prepay on line fail due "your credit card can not be accepted"; even though it is the same one used for the ticket. Other valid cards also fail. They admit to having a computer problem causing the card rejection but say you still have to pay the higher fee at the airport! I have already booked other Spirit flights to and from Detroit in September but they will be our families last on Spirit, even though they are the only non-stop available SFO-DTW; and even though my wife is partly disabled and has trouble changing planes in Denver etc. we will do it instead of flying Spirit.

Edward H. Jacobson

  • Ch
    Christopher Hennin Jul 28, 2008

    Frustrating. You think you paid on line, but there is no confirmation. This airline does not want our business

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double payment of fare, added charges

I will never fly Spirit Airlines again! Although my family and I have used Spirit for over six years and are...

lost luggage

Spirit Airlines 2800 Executive Way Miramar Florida [protected] On March 11, 2007 I went on a family...