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terrible service

Ben Baldanza
Spirit Airlines
2800 Executive Way,
Miramar, FL 33025

Dear Mr. Baldanza:

Like many others, I am an avid traveler, both for business and pleasure. Having this lifestyle has taught me a lot about flexibility and patience along with the value of customer service. My background is in business and I have learned that those companies that place high importance on customer service are the ones left standing when others fail.

I recently chose to experience Spirit Airlines for the first time. I was impressed by your ultra low cost carrier model and the flight routes. However, I am now convinced that the hassle, tears and utter disrespect caused by your company were not worth the cheap fare.

My younger sister and I chose to travel to Puerto Rico via Spirit Airlines. I flew from Boston with two layovers while she flew from Detroit with one layover. The trouble for her began when she forgot her phone in the car. Our mother ran it in to Spirit over 90 minutes prior to takeoff and spoke with a representative who said she would take it straight to my sister at her gate. The woman never appeared, nor was my sister paged. When I tried to contact Spirit customer service, I spoke with Paul, a manager in Bangalore about connecting me with Spirit baggage claim in Detroit. He was completely powerless to give out a phone number accessible to anyone with online access or a phonebook! His recommendation was to look it up online myself – which I would have been happy to do if Spirit had not put me on a five hour layover! My mother tried calling from her end. It took over two hours and eight frustrating calls to find someone competent enough to find the phone.

The trouble on my end started when I boarded my first flight. There was insufficient space provided for carry-on luggage, even though the airline encourages only having carry-on. A flight attendant took my bag from me and asked my seat number, saying that she would take my bag and bring me a ticket. I assumed that she was placing my bag at the front of the plane. However, when she did not give me a ticket after takeoff, I became worried and asked what she had done with it. She had checked it, but she was not sure where it would turn up, nor did she have a tracking ticket for me. Her solution: Just de-board the plane during our layover, exit the terminal, find my bag at the luggage pickup, go through security again, and get back on the next flight, hopefully in time and having more space to store my bag. When I exited the plane, I spoke with seven staff members and was appalled by the lack of customer service and of empowerment to help resolve the issue. I did end up going to baggage claim and speaking with ONE kind and helpful person in the Fort Lauderdale Spirit Baggage Claim. Unfortunately, he could not find my bag. Thus, I rushed back through security and boarded my plane, now worried that Spirit had managed to lose my carry-on bag. When we landed in Puerto Rico, we waited for an hour and thankfully, magically, my bag did appear – without a tag and with my outer clip stolen. As I am on the road for nine months and the bag was 50% of my belongings, I was grateful.

Losing a bag is common among all airlines so I let my anger go. However, I was soon to discover that the incompetent staff, rude attitudes and complete disrespect for clients run deep in the culture of Spirit Airlines.

On our way home we arrived at the terminal in Puerto Rico almost two hours early to check-in in for my sister’s flight home. She was to depart San Juan at 3:15am and my flight was around 6:58am. When we arrived we soon discovered that her flight to Fort Lauderdale had been cancelled. How did we discover this? By waiting in line for over four hours and hearing rumors. Not once did the Spirit staff find the decency to explain what was going on. When we finally made it to the front of the line, I watched, appalled, while Jose, a Spirit Customer Service Representative, allowed a friend of his to cut in front of us and check in, even though they had just arrived. (They gave each other a high-five while I asked why he was not serving us.) Why the long wait? Why the total lack of communication? Why the rude behavior? It certainly was not because they were short staffed. I counted five people standing around talking about their holidays behind the counter, while we waited.

When we did finally speak with someone, she was going to put my sister, who graduated high school the week prior, on a tentative flight out of the country after me. I explained that we are family and that she must fly out before me or on the same flight, but not after because 1) she does not speak Spanish and 2) I had seen enough to know not to trust the competence of the Spirit staff. When I called the customer service number, their only response was that they would fly her out within two days without making sure she was safe in a hotel and that all other information was up to the staff in the departing terminal. Wow. Spirit told me to leave my little sister alone in a country where she does not know the language and does not own a credit card. What a brilliant idea.

After waiting for another two hours, we stood by the gate and prayed that she could get on standby for my flight. The staff did nothing to make sure she was moved to the front of the list as to not separate family. Thankfully, she was one of the last people to make it on.

Once in Fort Lauderdale, we tried to speak with a customer service representative again to find out what our options were. Strangely, there was no one who would take the time to help! We exited the terminal and went to the ticket counter where one person was kind enough to give us some advice.

My flight back to Boston was delayed. Her flight to Detroit was delayed by over 45 minutes. My sister sat down on her confirmed seat to Detroit after a seven hour layover (please keep in mind that we cut our trip short in order for her to be back home in time for an event that evening, which she was forced to miss). Moments later, another person appeared with the same seat assignment! My sister was pushed to tears for the third time that day. They escorted her off the plane and told her she was not even in the computer, even though Spirit had given her a ticket and told her she was good to go. Thankfully, a seat opened and she was able to go home. What would have happened if the flight was full? I am terrified to even think about it.

As a working professional and as a family person, I am utterly disgusted by the behavior and the deplorable treatment of customers exhibited by the vast majority of the Spirit staff. As one who regularly provides travel advice to many people, I am positive of only one thing when it comes to Spirit Airlines: This is the worst company (not just airline) that I have ever come in contact with and whatever a customer might “save” monetarily will be lost through the airline wasting their customer's time and treating them with less dignity than a piece of expendable furniture.

It is my hope that you as the CEO will take this letter seriously and begin to change the culture of the organization. Great airlines are needed and you have some of the infrastructure in place. Now act like you care for continued business.



canceling membership spirit rewards

Over a year ago, I foolishly signed up for Spirit Master Card and a Membership with Spirit Airlines for...

lies, lies, lies

As I was about to complete my reservation for tickets to Costa Rica the spiritair website presented me with an option to lower my fare by $40 by applying for a credit card. I then applied for the card during the same session; after completing the transaction, NO discount was applied to my final cost. I then got an email saying I was approved for the card but still no discount. I complained to two different people at SpiritAir over the phone but both gave me different answers. One says that I get the discount on my next flight and the other says that there must of been something in the fine print that I did not see. I told them both that the website explicitly states I will get the discount for the CURRENT flight I was booking but neither could give me an answer and neither allowed me to speak to a manager.

  • Ke
    Kevin Cannava Jul 22, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Spirit hocks their master card claiming you will get 5000 "bonus" miles for just applying for card. Then here comes the biggest lie.
    5000 miles is enough for a round trip ticket anywhere spirit flirs!!!
    Atlanti City to Ft. Myers is at least 62, 000 miles!!!

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I responded to an internet special deal to fly to Detroit. Received an immediate confirmation after booking and reminder confirmation the day before the flight was due to leave for Detroit. We arrived at the airport for the trip only to find no one at the Spirit counter to check us in.

We called the 800* number and reservation clerk told us that the flight was to leave shortly. We told her we couldn't find any Spirit personnel. She went off line, called the airport and came back and said the flight had been canceled. We were shocked! What horrible service and what a major inconvenience and disappointment for us. We will never ever consider Spirit and will recommend to everyone to stay away.

fight from hell

Flew out on spirit to fla for easter/passover vacation with my family out of laguardia flight was delayed for 1 hour terminal has 1 jetway you wait there with other passengers from earlier flights because all there flights are never on time you are treated like a piece of cattle flight home was even worse I called to check if plane was on time from my house in fla I was told plane was on time went to airport at 2pm for a 4, 20 pm flight went to curbside checkin the porter told me my luggage weighed 55 pounds I decided to go to the counter inside the terminal were the attendent told me my luggage weighed 63 pounds I told the women I weighed it at home and I know for a fact that it only weighed 48 pounds and now it weighs 55 pounds outside and 63 pounds inside I refused to pay asked to see a certificate from the dept of weights and measures to see if their scales were calibrated, but they could not prove to me that they were calibrated. Wonder how many people they are ripping off for excess weight now for the fun part the flight was delayed for 7 hours asked why the delay I recieved 5 different reasons for the delay with none being the truth they lied to all their customers found out the truth from the pilot who was going to fly the plane back to ny who was waiting with us. When we arrived back in ny my luggage was not on the plane I waited for one hour for my luggage had to file a lost luggage report got my luggage the next day late afternoon I know spirit did this on purpose because of the complaint I had with the scales at fort lauderdale was at the airport for 7 hours and my luggage was the only one missing I filed a complaint with the corporate offices and they wanted to give me a $25 voucher for another flight on this crackerjack airline iwould never fly on this bootleg airline again you get what you pay for the worst airline never on time and the worst customer service in the business ihope they go out of business or bankrupt.

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Resolved rip off!!!

Spirit Air sucks you in with the 'low fares' and promotions--don't fall for it!!! Please check...

Resolved awful airlines

Airline travel isn't what it used to be. And that's especially true at spirit airlines. My flight experience with spirit airlines yesterday made it very clear that the 'spirit' of this airline can be summed up in four words — we just don't care.

Spirit passengers are permitted to carry on 2 bags, weighing no more than 14 pounds each. Most people travel with more luggage than that. So, in an effort to cut operating costs, spirit airlines now charges its passengers $25 to check a bag. That's a lot of money, and most people (Including me) don't want to pay it.

I had arrived at the airport with 3 bags — 2 small carry-on pieces (A briefcase and a tote) and a small wheeled suitcase. I went to the desk and paid $25 to check the small suitcase — but the fee gave me no 'privileges' — I still had to personally carry the bag across the airport lobby to the loading area by myself. Not much 'service' for that $25 fee! I was unhappy about the $25 fee to check the bag, and unhappier still to find that spirit made me do all the 'work' myself.

My dissatisfaction increased when I got to the boarding gate. The flight was full, so when the majority of passengers showed up at the boarding gate with too much carry-on luggage it created a big problem — all those bags were not going to fit in the plane's overhead luggage bins. Some people brought 3 carry-on bags instead of 2. Others brought huge, over-sized bags through that clearly did not fit within spirit airlines' size and weight requirements (14 lbs.) for 'carry-on' baggage.

But no one had stopped these passengers from bringing the extra bags through to the boarding gate where the excess baggage caused a great deal of congestion and confusion. The baggage issue delayed the boarding process and caused our flight departure to be delayed. So passengers like myself who had followed the baggage rules were penalized, having to wait at the boarding gate for an extra 40 minutes while the situation was sorted out.

And if that wasn't bad enough, spirit airlines then rewarded these passengers for breaking the rules. Since the luggage would not all fit in the overhead compartments, spirit employees required that it be checked in there at the boarding gate before these passengers could board the plane... And their bags were checked free of charge!! These people had created havoc by ignoring the rules, but they were rewarded by not having to pay the additional $25 luggage charge like I had to pay. That just wasn't right.

I was outraged by the situation so I called spirit airlines today to tell them about the problem and to request a refund of my $25 fee. After 20 minutes of heated conversation with a spirit airlines rep who barely spoke english, I was told that there was nothing they could do. The only way I would have been entitled to a refund of that $25 fee was if I had gone back to the airport registration desk where I had paid the fee — which would have been physically impossible. Spirit began checking the other passengers' bags for free as the plane was boarding. If I had gone back to the desk to complain I would have missed my flight. Plus, there was no way to physically get back to the spirit registration desk after i'd already gone through the airport's passenger screening area. Passengers are not allowed to go back beyond that point. I argued this point unsuccessfully, then asked to speak to the man's supervisor.

The supervisor (Benjamin) who also rude and unapologetic, refusing to do anything for me. He told me the same thing — I would have had to go back to the registration desk at the airport for a refund. This was spirit's policy and he had no choice but to follow the it. I explained that doing so would have been physically impossible, to which he replied, 'those are the rules.'

Never have I experienced such an inefficient and mismanaged baggage/loading process, such cavalier treatment, and such a total disregard for passenger satisfaction from an airline. Spirit airlines made it clear that they don't care about their customers, and I will never fly with them again.

Do yourself a favor and heed this warning: do not fly spirit airlines!! They ripped me off, and that's just no way to do business.

  • Pa
    passengerx Dec 26, 2012

    I took this airline the first time in my life and I think it will also be the last time: never fly spirit.
    In additional to what described in this comments, I left my book in the pocket on the airplane, as I also did that with other airline once, i figured I could just make a phone call and have them tell me if it is found and I can go pick it up.

    But I was told to go to the terminal desk where I departured from and 'talk in person' and 'fill a form in person' there. So guys, i will need to fly back to another city to claim a lost book, and I am pretty sure they wont find it.

    Cheap airline, and what do you expect? never take the chance, it does not worth it!

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Resolved refunds

My husband had booked two different flights in Jan. 2008, one for a February 2008 flight for him and I to Myrtle Beach, then booked another flight in again, in January for a May 2008, flight for us and four of our friends. Well my husband was killed in a automobile accident just weeks after booking both flights. It has been over a year and I still have not received our money back for both of us for the Feb. flight, and just for him for the May flight at the time I didnt even care about getting reimbursed for the flights, but my Sister-in-law thought it was only right so she presumed to do everything Spirit Airlines told her to do. They returned the death cert.back in March or April of 2008, and we still have received nothing when she calls they say they are processing it. I did not even care about the money but the shabby way they have treated her is awful, and now they are making it almost impossibe for her to get in touch with them.

Resolved $9.00 fare club member

I signed up for the $9.00 club and have yet to received any e-mail concerning any airlines fares. thank you...

Resolved free flight voucher

My family and were supposed to fly from Orlando FL to Atlantic City NJ back in October. About 40 minutes before the flight was scheduled to depart, it was cancelled. They herded us much like cattle to the Spirit Reservation desk to reschedule flights. They also gave everyone on the flight a free round trip ticket voucher. Well guess what, I called yesterday to book a flight and they have no record of our free flight voucher.

I called the reservation #, which was the only # I could find at the time because the site was also down, and they told me I had to email Customer Service from the website. I explained the site was down, and she then told me that emailing the site wont help me anyway! (WHat the heck?!) I will have to go to the airport and speak to the people at the Spirit Desk! Are you kidding me?? I lost 2 days of work because of the cancelled flight and now I have to drive and hour to the airport and I dont even know if it will do any good.

Needless to say, after 2 days of searching for contact information, I was able to find a few #'s and addresses that might help for some others with similar problems.

Corporate Office:
[protected]- dont choose the customer concern option, it kicks to a recording saying to email from the site. Try extention 1711.

Legal Department- my next step tomorrow
Attn: Corporate Consumer Affairs
2800 Executive Way
Miramar, Fl 33025

Last resort, but probably wouldnt make a bit of difference, I was able to find the head honchos email (I havent tried it yet to see if it actually works) Ben.[protected]@spiritair.com

And emailing [protected]@spiritair.com doesnt work.. It keeps coming back as undeliverable.

Hope this helps some people..Good Luck!

Resolved bait and switch

Spirit runs adds like the current $50 off, and now they are presenting those fairs on their website so you can book the flight but after they've taken your credit card information and charged you, they present you with addtiional charges - a fee for each checked bag plus a fee for each seat!!! It ended up costing $100 more than the closest competitive fair once all these charges were added. This is not common practice in the airline industry and the information should not be buried in terms and conditions that are pages long which nobody reads!!!

Resolved lost luggage / changed sits / not willing to refund

To whom it may concern;

I am writing this letter being disappointed by spirit airlines service and I want to share my experience for your information.
On november 1st, 2008 I had a flight number nk807 from dca (ronald reagan national airport) to sxm number nk100 (saint martin - princess juliana international airport) with stop in fll (fort lauderdale international airport). at first when we checked in we had a mess because of spirit representative was not paying attention that we flying to st. martin, however being informed about it, we been checked in as local flight to fll and got only two tickets to airplane instead of four. plus to it we been seated separately; my pregnant wife in front big sit that I paid for and I was downgraded to regular sit in the back (representative promised us a credit $100 but never explained how it will apply, "just call airlines, and they will figure out" was her answer).

When we arrived to fll suddenly when we tried to check in, we have been told that we does not have any reservation to sxm because we been checked in as local flight from dca to fll. we been in shock, imagine how much stress my wife got, she was on her fifth month of pregnancy. after a while we been fixed to our plain, my concern was about our luggage. we had two checked in luggage’s one at the beginning at front check point and another at the gate. and both of them had different stickers which I informed local authorities about this inconvenience and they promised me that everything will be just fine that they will deliver my luggage to the plain which we were flying. first I was told the same at fll check in, while they were looking the sits for my wife and me, second time at fll "lost and found" department where I left my information, and at last at the gate to the plain, plus in the plain. everywhere I was assured that everything will be just fine, and I should not worry about. however it made us more nervous, me and my pregnant wife.

My worries come true, when I finally was at luggage claim and never received my second luggage! there where our entire cloth.in the second small back which I intended to take as handy were only shoes. I opened a claim at local airport (princess juliana international airport), receipt is included. and I was promised that next day my luggage probably will be delivered by american airlines, because it made to local authorities sense that if luggage lost and spirit airlines flies only ones in a week it was supposed to be delivered by next airlines who flies to st. martin. we had nothing to do just to make a claim and leave with nothing. imagine how much stress to my pregnant wife and me. I got this vacation to her as a present to have some rest from everyday stress at work. that’s what I received for my money.

From my hotel where I was staying (sonesta great bay resort) I was calling almost every day to airport authorities (receipt from hotel for phone charges is included). I was told that american air lines never delivered my luggage and I was supposed to wait until next week spirit airlines arrival. that is the day when we were supposed to depart! that completely broke me down; I purchased additional internet minutes at hotel (my wireless card was at lost luggage), and if I was calling to spirit airlines I will be bankrupt. I send several emails to spirit airlines (copies included) and only respond received apologies informational notes. no calls, no information. by the way I find numerous same type complaints failed against spirit airlines, even law sues. how I been so naïve not to check them before I purchase those tickets.

Being locked from any information I found on the back of my luggage lost form that spirit airlines responsible for any purchases made if luggage was not delivered in five days. plus my wife being constipated and I had special medicine in my luggage for her. I was desperate, I run to local medical authorities to get help for my wife who started feeling really bad. I got medicine for her by our own expense. I was supposed to get some cloth for both of us, because except our sport clothing that we had on upon our arrival plus bag of shoes, we did not have anything. I was sending several messages to spirit airlines, no answer by email, no phone calls.

I spend $400 for clothing, doctor visit ($100), medications for my wife ($25), and I think when we will be back to us I will bring her to our doctor. if he finds that she has any additional problems caused by that. spirit airlines will be responsible.

For any of my purchase I got receipt, picture and description.

On november 8th, 2008 when we got to airport and talk again face to face to local authorities regarding our lost luggage. funny, but I was promised that if it will be delivered to our room. my wife specifically gave them our room number and my phone number in case if it would happen. to our surprise when we started arguing about our luggage on hundred times, I was expecting that at least I will get it from same spirit airline flight 101 that I was promised it will be delivered. I was informed that my luggage was delivered, but I never received it. I was asking at hotel front desk every day two times, I was sending emails to spirit airlines and got no answers. but somehow it was delivered exactly on my departure day. I was devastated. I was writing this letter while I was flying back to the states where I will have a numerous arguing with spirit airlines.

But I will be sending this letter to bbb, attorney general, and local scams information department. everybody should know how ridiculous this company. how my pregnant wife and my vacation was particularly ruined by this company.
I just want reimbursement of $700 that I spend, and presuming will be spending because of them for none respecting to their own customers. funny, but I still never got my luggage back, I am flying back without it; it somewhere in st. martin - spirit airlines authorities promised me to send it back, but I don’t believe their promises.

P. s. except I was spending money for clothing, toilet accessories and sun block creams plus stool softener for my wife, I got my luggage back on november 18, 2008, 18 days later after numeros calls to spirit main office, spirit luggage center in fll and dca. french cologne was simply stolen out of my bag, my wife’s father gave me as present on my birthday (cost $70).

Thank you for your cooperation.

Resolved Luggage prices and restrictions

This is the e-mail I sent to airline: My name is Karla Realpe and I am e-mailing you in big dissapointment...

Resolved their system crashed and I got charged twice

Today I made a reservation for my boss using Spirit Airlines during the reservation process their system crashed or was in idle mode indicating "wait for confirmation it may take 60 seconds". After 15 minutes of waiting I backed out and checked my email to see if a reservation was confirmed. No confirmation on screen and no email. Therefore I went back in to make the reservation again.

A few hours latter I was reviewing my confirmation reservation via email and noticed back to back to emails from Spirit they charged me for BOTH ticket reservations. When I calleed their customer support # all they could do was give me a credit with Spirit Airlines for future use. The could not explain why I should be charged when I did not receive confirmation nor how they would react if this happened to them. The Service Manager had no authority to make any decisions and would not give me the Corporate Headquarters telephone number.

Why should the customer pay for the companies system freezing?????? I have always used www.expedia.com and never had any issues with their system or service and I will revert back to them. Spirit Airlines you do not care about your customers, so why should we be dedicated to you?

Resolved ticket cancellation / refund

Within 24 hours of purchaseing airline tickets from spirit airline, my mother called and cancell a roundtrip ticket for her daughter who would not be going. Spirit airline issue a cancellation number and promised her a credit in the amount of 99.00. However, neither my mother or sister has received any credit from spirit airline. we have followed up with calls and complaints. But spirit airlines refused to issue any refund or credit.

Resolved canceled flight

In Feb of 2008 I purchased 3 round trip tickets and hotel reservations to Cancun Mexico on Spirit Airlines through Spirit Vacations. We were to depart Alantic City Airport at 7:10 am on Oct 21. At 2:10 am ( 2 hours before we were to be at the airport) I received a call from Spirit Airline saying our flight was canceled and we could not get other seats for 3 days. I asked to be put on another airline and was told they could not do that. The only thing they could do was cancel my air ticket or I could wait and get seats in 3 days. I explained that we had planned this trip for 7 months taking vacation and having someone stay at our house while we were gone. I was told oh well they could not do anything. We had also paid $100.00 for Spirits seat charge and $60.00 baggage fee RT
I went on line and found 3 tickets on Continental airlines for 9:00 am which we booked for more then $275.00 more then we paid on spirit.
After we arrived at Cancun we were told by the travel agent that we might not be on the return flight with spirit because we did not come down with them. Three days later the travel agent called me to the hotel lobby and told me that we in deed were not on the return flight. (we had already paid for these ticket in Feb) The Spirit Rep said we should buy new tickets and try and get the money when we got home.
We then booked tickets on Continental again for approx $275.00 more then the Spirit tickets. I then decided to get a written statement from the Spirit Rep. that we were removed from Spirits return flight. After I called the Spirit Rep. in Cancun and requested this letter I was put on hold for approx 5 min. when he came back on the line I was told that he had made a mistake and that we were on the return flight. We now had3 tickets on Continental and 3 tickets on Spirit all non refundable. We decided to take the Continental as it was a non stop as opposed to spirits 3 hour lay over in Fla.
After we got home I filed a claim with Spirit Vacations for the cost of the Continental tickets which cost us almost and extra $550.00 as we had purchased the trip cancelation insurance. Spirit responded that they would not pay us back as we were a no show even through they had canceled the flight. Finally Spirit did send us back the cost of there tickets plus the seat fee.
Spirit never sent the money back for the baggage fee.
I also sent a letter to the CEO of Spirit Airlines requesting the extra $550.00 that we had to pay on Continental but he refuses to respond. My next step will be to take the issue to the new media or small claims court. I am not looking for free tickets only the extra money I had to put out because of mistakes.

Resolved i just hate this airline

I hate spirit airlines. First of all this company is not straightforward about all the fees that need to be paid. The reason there tickets typically are cheaper is because they nickel and dime on baggage, seating, insurance, and various other small fees. I booked a international flight for My wife and I roundtrip for about $1500 bucks. Of course Spirit shows up to be the cheapest and I was a firt time customer so I thought I would give them a try. Immediately, I am disatisfied with there online booking system. Traditionally you would make your selections for a flight then be presented with a grand total for purchase. I wasn't aware my card was being charged as I made the selections. Well as I was proceeding I began to realize that this airline was adding on charges that would exceed the normal cost of this ticket. So I decided to cancel the reservation ( mind you I haven't recieved any confirmation of purchase). I was in the middle of making selections that's when I decided to call customer "No Service". This was all within a time frame of 10 mins. When I called I asked them to make sure they removed my credit card information from their system as I no longer wanted the tickets. They proceeded to tell me that my card had already been charged $1500. I FLIPPED OUT and asked how is that possible when I haven't even made a selection for seating, bagging or anything else nor at that time had I recieved any confirmation for anything. After arguing with the rep whom only quoted the terms and conditions policy I asked to speak to a manager. I asked for the tickets to be canceled. He proceeded to tell me the tickets were non-refundable and they can only apply credit to future purchases. He also mention a cancelation fee which was more than the online website specified. We argued about that as well he did at least say he could waive the cancellation fee but couldn't reverse the charges. At this time I am so boiling hot my vision starts to blurr... I asked how can I be charge for something I haven't made confirmation on. He tells me that Spirit charges the card as you make selections. I told him I was not aware of this and have not recieved any confirmations of such. He asks me to wait and comes back and tells me he has my confirmations numbers which at the time hadn't even appeared on my computer or email... I then said some expletives that I won't repeat here then told this Manager I will never do business with their airline again. He then told me this call was going no where and then he hung up on me. I called back and spoke to a rep whom had a little more common sense and he provided with the coperate address for complaints and what not and soon they shall be recieving a most expressive letter from me... DO Not Fly SPIRIT AIRLINES!!!

  • Ja
    Jack Brownn Apr 02, 2013

    They are the worse airline in the world would rather drive 5 hours than fly spirit airlines

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  • Ja
    Jack Brownn Apr 02, 2013

    there prices are hidden for baggage fees flew from Houston to Vegas with no fees coming back charged us 100 at the gate for carry on bag that Houston did not BS

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  • This airline was aweful! To keep it short, here are all the reasons why: They cancel flights without notice, hire very young kids to work with immature attitudes, 3 1/2 hour delays, many people just sleeping in airports with the promises to take them on the next flight (which never happened), no free sodas on the plane, every thing will cost you...carry ons', (100.00!), super young pilots (good luck with that), snotty ticket agents (who can't speak the English language well over the announcements), the seats are super-super close, every passenger's knees will be against your seat, and making you pass your destinations for connecting flights for unknown reasons. After spending 5 hours in the airport, I got to hear the stories of the passengers. Aweful! Suggestion: pay the extra $300.00. You will be home quicker without having to wait hours and hours at the airport!

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  • Sh
    sherimorphis Mar 20, 2014

    Sunday, 3-16-14; Spirit Airlines, Atlantic City Airport: Susan's her name, harassing seniors is her game! This flight was very stressful due to rude, controlling, abusive check-in lady, Susan. We had to get a boarding pass for Dave. Susan at check-in eyed our backpack and barked... that bag is not flying on "MY PLANE". I foolishly asked why. Susan argued even though the bag fit in Spirit's 'must fit this box to fly' it didn't fit Susan's expectations. Dave had the backpack all inside the luggage box, said to Susan, "See? It fits." Susan retorted, "I don't care if it fits, it's not flying on MY PLANE!" Susan refused to measure the bag, she said she was following guidelines for the FAA (now when did 'eyeing a bag' become an FAA guideline) We left check-in with our boarding passes to discuss what to do. It was a brand new backpack, flew from Tampa, FL to AC, NJ, no problems with the bag on that leg of the flight! Susan advised we pay $50 for the little guy to fly...helloooooo Susan it's a backpack, didn't even cost $50. As we walked to our gate knowing we were going to have to toss the backpack, I was walking first... my son walking behind me said something and I turned to answer him to see a smirking Susan, hair flying in the breeze, almost breaking into a trot and yep headed right to us. I told the kids not to turn around, but advised them Susan was on our heels. My daughter-in-law said, it's because of that bag, she's not letting this go, we have to throw it away. I agreed. Susan walked along side of me, looked at me smirking, then jumped in front of me, turned around to face me, walking backwards she spat, you shoulda paid the $50 downstairs, now you're gonna pay me $100 to fly that bag...I'm working the boarding gate, and that bag is not flying on MY PLANE! Susan you raving looney tune, I'm 70 years old, my balance isn't the best anymore, you could have made me fall, but being as vain and controlling, and apparently have job security, you apparently don't care if an old lady falls. Didn't know jumping in front of a senior to harass them was a Spirit Airline guideline. Susan left, went behind her desk. A young man came to assist and she pointed me out to him. He looked up til he found me, we locked eyes, he quickly bent his head down and obediently shook his head to Susan, yes, he'd seen me. My d-i-l became very upset. We wondered what would Susan do next to intimidate us or worse, keep us/me from flying home. I would fire this woman in a heartbeat! She lacks proficient skills to do an efficient job for Spirit. Susan uses her position to intimidate, it's personal for Susan. In my stress I took off my pullover, popped an expensive earring out and lost it. I didn't notice it til I was off the plane, a beautiful gift from my kids. I forgot my iPad cord in the zippered backpack pouch and a camera charger. Dave had to change into his heavy jeans so we had room in our new tote for his shorts, a grey plastic bag. Add degrading to our flight experience with Susan/Spirit. We tossed the backpack. I watched as bag after bag went by larger than mine. C'mon you know no one is paying extra to fly those! Even the tote bag I was carrying was larger than the backpack, oh did I tell you the backpack was not mine, but all tart communication was guided to me, not Dave. We decided to let Dave take the tote bag, put 5 people in between us to make sure Susan let Dave on, she didn't even glance at the heavy overstuffed tote he was carrying. Five people went ahead of me, then me. I held my breath, said not one word, Susan couldn't even look at me, but developed that "I won!" smirk when she saw the plastic luggage I was carrying, DINGed my boarding pass, cut it, gave me my stub and mumbled very very softly, " all this done without looking at me once, and muttered...thank you..." Dave was waiting on the other side of the boarding deck just in case Susan decided my eye color was wrong and kept me. My kids were behind me. I heard DING DING, good 2 more boarding and it was my kids. We were free! Susan had had her fun with the old lady, something to laugh about later in the evening I'm sure. Spirit shame on you for employing such a poorly qualified, non people person. I write this blurb knowing nothing will be done, but Susan is the type of anti-social personality who cannot control herself, she will go after someone else, and maybe that person will be able to complain and get results. To boot, my son is a Spirit member! What a horrible experience. The earring loss really hurt me.

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Resolved deceptive practices

Last year I received an email from Spirit Airlines stating that I could get reduced fares membership if I signed up for their credit card (free membership if I used the credit card each month). I signed up on a trial basis to see if this is something worthwhile.

A couple of months later, I opened a letter from Barclay Bank stating that I am past due on my account (I didn't know who Barclay Bank was). I called them & found out that it was the credit card through Spirit Airlines ( I never received a statement). I was very upset... I requested that they remove the late fee & the membership fee. They said that since I signed up on-line and I should have reveiwed my statement on-line and they would not remove the late charge. I told them how upset & dissatisfied I was and did not want the credit card or the membership. I immediately paid the $287 balance (including interest), but did not pay the late charge or Spirit Airlines membership. I enclosed a letter with the payment explaining my dispute to the late charge and to close my account.

Needless to say, they did not remove the late fee or the membership fee as I requested on the phone & in my letter. After several months, they charged off my account and "sold" my account to another company that is hounding me for approx $200 (since I never received a statement, I assume they continued to accumulate membership fees & late fees).

Now I have a charge-off on my credit report which looks very bad. My credit is "good" but not "excellent" like it was before the charge-off. Spriit Airlines and Barclay Bank's deceptive practices should be investigated and they should be reprimanded for their actions

they rp me off

I decided to try the 30 days trial for the $9 club online and after the 10 trial they withdraw a memebership money from my bank account. i told them i want to cancel and want my money back. They closed the account but never refunded my money. I tried to contact them but every representative on the phone told me that because this is online they do no have a customer service dept for that. I did sent e-mails and all the answers that I got said that they aready refunded my money. i check my back account every single day and this happened 5 months ago and I still do not get my money back or the account active again.

Do not trust Spirit airlines...this online promotions or memberships are a rip off!

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    ico Apr 12, 2009

    Sorry to disagree - Sorry you are having problems. However - I continued with the 9 dollar club and more than received my moneys worth when I took a $34 round trip from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale for 2. You have to be able to be flexible in regards to vacations. Also when you sign up for the the 3 months for $9, just assume that you are interested enough to continue in the $9 club. I know that I will pay the fee again this year and use it at least once.

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    personanongrata Mar 20, 2011
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    If you paid with a credit card all you have to do to get your money back is to dispute the charge with your credit card company. Be sure to tell them that you did take all reasonable steps to cancel before the deadline had expired.

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    Ed Duggan Dec 10, 2015
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    I tried call calling Spirit to cancel my annual subscription a day before expiration date as I didn't have access to a laptop where I was. However, Spirit knowingly makes it impossible for your to reach an actual human representative via their phone line... they knowingly deceive customers so you cannot get a refund. this is an airline led by crooks. I will take my case to BBB and my State Senators. I am amazed at the level of deceit this group of thugs goes to in order to deceive its customers.

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military assistance

This complaint is more focused on Spirit Airlines committment to our military soliders and their families. Our son is coming home from Irag Dec 18th and flying into Georgia (Fort Stuart). We scheduled flights to fly into Myrtle Beach on Dec 16th and drive down, which is a 4 1/2 hour drive. We have done this drive in the past because you just can't fly into Savanna easily. As the days are getting closer, the military changed his arrival date to Dec 14th. All we are asking Spirit Airline is to wave the cancellation fee for us. We are not asking Spirit Air to pick up the cost of the ticket for the new flight down, just wave the fee for us. Your son is finishing his first tour of 15 months in Irag, you would like to see him get off the bus with his unit along with all the others families and you think the corporate officer would have a policy in place for certain military curcumstances like this.

To Spirit Airline Coroporate Officer, Thanks your your support to the military and their families.

Dennis Navin
Tewksbury, Ma