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Spirit Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Spirit Airlines / agent arman rude refusing to send me a written copy of policy

Lenora Shell on Sep 20, 2017
9/20/2017 at 8:30 AM I called requesting a refund for luggage since we needed to cancel our reservation #45041998---My husband Robert became sick and hospitalized at VA Hospital. I understand our tickets were not refundable but requested a refund on carry on bags----when Spirit Agent Arman...

Spirit Airlines / no refund with hurricane irma??

Miranda LaBarr on Sep 18, 2017
On August 22nd I purchased 2 tickets to fly to St. Thomas and then take a boat to St. John. Confirmation code: P8PDUS The trip was scheduled for March 6-14 2018. However, due to the recent destruction Hurricane Irma brought, we cancelled our trip on September 15th. There's no way the...

Spirit Airlines / pile my complaint onto the same disgusting service that spirit inflicted on every one of the other customers.

franklinroosevelt on Sep 16, 2017
I have a letter, which I will not just put in a pile on here, I am going to a higher authority, which includes the transportation authority of the us government. Together in the near future, we hope to shut this airline (Which it isn't) down!!! As well as make sure that none of the people...

Spirit Airlines / hurricane irma (flights and evacuation)

Ms. Anthony on Sep 15, 2017
I am requesting a full refund for flights scheduled during the Hurricane Irma evacuation of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With Confirmation Code LEDRUA, I was to leave Atlanta on Friday, September 8 (flight 877) to connect to a Southwest Flight (confirmation code - pxm6pj) to Havana Cuba. I...

Spirit Airlines / refund of fare

ISSmith on Sep 14, 2017
I was scheduled to fly to Fort Lauderdale on September 8, 2017. via Spirit Airlines, flight 877. Spirit sent out numerous emails of warning of weather/ travel advisories because of Hurricane Irma . They also send out a number of emails with different departure times for this particular...

Spirit Airlines / flight was overbooked. I purchase 2 seats. my extra seat was commandeered.

GiftedOne47 on Sep 12, 2017
On Sept 7th. 2017, I was flying back from Oakland California at 9:10 A.M. My reservation number KB3JGJ Seat 4B and 4C. I had purchased a seat for myself and one for my son John. My son had to book an additional flight because he had to fly back on the 6th. So when I got on the plane on the...

Spirit Airlines / spirit airlines onboard charge (not travel on that date/no bought anything)

Aana Miller on Aug 29, 2017
Travel data: 8/12/17 - 8/18/2017 ORD -LAX I have bought a combo of $7 when we returned from the flight on 8/18. This amount has shown in my credit card transactions. But on 8/26 they again charged me $14 as I was returned to home on 8/18 and never traveled again. They may have my credit...

Spirit Airlines / delay, because of no pilot

Juan Guzman on Aug 29, 2017
Not only they rape you the carry on bag. $52.00 dollars for a carry on, something that is free in every airline. Now we have a double delay because the airline does not have a PILOT!!!😳 Where are we? In a third world country for God sake!!! Worst airline ever.!!! This airline shouldn't be...

Spirit Airlines / No, never again

Gail Davidson on Aug 29, 2017
Maybe I'm a kind person that I never wanted to write bad reviews, even if something wrong happened to me. But this situation was an exclusion for me and I decided to share. These airlines are absolutely unreliable and if you are smart enough you won't risk your money and time. I was going to a...

Spirit Airlines / horrible airline

Jenny J. on Aug 23, 2017
Ufff... They are terribly unique. They don't give a crap about customers. No one whatsoever. 2 weeks ago I had a flight that was firstly delayed for 2 hours, and then eventually canceled. I was left in an unknown city alone with no place to go. Guys from the help desk said I had to wait...

Spirit Airlines / spirit airlines incompetent agents

Beatriz Andrade on Aug 22, 2017
On Sunday, August 20, 2017 we were supposed to be on Flight 906 on the way back to Houston from Oakland airport. That morning around 8 am before leaving the hotel we checked in online and confirmed our seat numbers which were 15 D & 15 E. There was something going on with Spirit's online...

Spirit Airlines / Don't recommend them

D Witman on Aug 11, 2017
How come I paid more for my luggage and seat reservation than the ticket itself??? You just don't know how to get more and more money from customers and make them buy absolutely unnecessary stuff. I think when I buy a ticket the seat should be automatically reserved by me or at least I...

Spirit Airlines / spirit airlines on board charge fraud

TheGuzes on Aug 10, 2017
I was just charged $18.00 for an on "board charge" on my credit card on August 9 ...I was not on that flight!!! I was quietly sitting at home while this took place!!! Your flight attendants should ask for ID before accepting a credit/debit card!!! Or maybe do background checks on all...

Spirit Airlines / I booked a flight and they cancelled my booking I had already paid for thru orbitz

seeker 61 on Aug 5, 2017
Booked and PAID FOR!! a flight thru ORBITZ for my sister Sandra Hurley, went to the itinerary and it said CANCELLED.Why was is cancelled ? and why didnt they give my money back?Emailed ORBITZ and all they keep writing is contact SPIRIT!!! well I have tried to send emails but NO REPLY! The...

Spirit Airlines / cancelled flight and won't compensate for hotel cancellation fees

Joan Roggenstein Khosla on Aug 3, 2017
Spirit cancelled their flight 500 from IAH to ORD on Aug 3 2017 claiming "weather" - so they can avoid responsibility for anything. United had a flight at the same time, same route (UA97). They delayed one hour then flew just fine. We not only had a ruined weekend, but lost $200 for a...

Spirit Airlines / baggage issue

bishla on Jul 23, 2017
We fly with spirit 6 times a year fr nyc to fll. We have our own apt in Miami.. So we don't need suitcases at all.. Just some items to carry-on w/us. On 07/04/2017 flt # nk524 my bag was a bit full & did not fit in the bin so I told the agent to call back my husband as his bag had empty...

Spirit Airlines / spirit airlines puts minors at risk!

Myfourboys on Jul 7, 2017
We booked a flight for our 15 year old son from LAX to DEN with Spirit. This would be his first time flying by himself. At the check in desk a very rude employee informed us that we would not be able to get a gate pass and would have to send him through the maze of LAX to navigate all by...

Spirit Airlines / flight cancelled

Johnnew on Jul 1, 2017
My flight was cancelled today July 1, 2017, to see my family and kids. I only have 4 days leave from my work and this airline really ruined my schedule, my excitement collapse, replacing it with anxiety. After asking 2 different spirit airline booth employee; who did not help me, I went...

Spirit Airlines / on requested a refund due to emergency surgery days before travel while on vacation

spilles on Jun 30, 2017
requested a refund due to emergrcy surgery days before travel while on vacation, March 30, 2016 Travel date on spirit April 8, 2017 total $220.40 also paid for 2 carry on's 1. Mark R spilles e-ticket # 4870163320900 DOB 1-9-52 2. Connie J Spilles e-ticket # 48701463320900 DOB 7-24-55 We also...

Spirit Airlines / unauthorized charge on my account

Kenny423 on Jun 30, 2017
My name is Kenneth Siebert. On 06/09/2017 I had an unauthorized charge from your company in the amount of $20.00. On my statement the charge Read's "Spirit Airlines onboard Irving Texas". I in no such way authorized any transaction from your company nor provided my credit card number or...

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