Spirit Airlines / air trip and customer service

On August 14, I flew out of the Oakland Airport. My flight was suppose to leave at 6am. The flight was delayed by 2 hrs.' because the system apparently went down. Ok, things happen. The agents that work at the Oakland airport that morning were very young and inexperienced. They had no clue what to do. Before getting into the complaint, I would first like to say that some of the agents uniforms were dingy and wrinkled. One agent had yellow hair and long nails which was not making us customers feel that this airline is capable of delivering fast and effective service. The way the two African Americans agents spoked to concern customers about the system was not acceptable. And no I'm not raciest because I am also African American. Those two agents made the entire team look bad. After scrambling around to get internet to download our own boarding pass the flight left 2 hours late because the piolet didn't have paperwork or clearance to leave. so we sat on the runway 2 hours, waiting. no complimentary soda or water, nothing. we leave Oakland arrive in Vegas, get off the plane only to wait behind people who is boarding the plane. Leave Vegas and get to Detroit only to find out that I missed my flight to New Orleans. Now I have to wait hours in the airport and fly Southwest which took me to Dallas and then New Orleans. I was suppose to be in New Orleans at 5:30 pm. I arrived at 11:45pm. went to baggage to claim my bag and once again the attitudes of your agents was not concern and kept telling me to talk to Southwest knowing that my bags would still be on the Spirit Airline because that's where I checked them in. So I go home no baggage for the night. I had to call the airport the entire next day looking for my bags. I finally talked to someone who had common sense who then informed me that my bag was there the entire time, Wow. This airline is a disaster and should not be operating within the states. This company should be in a third world country where people would think that was first class because they are not use to anything. And another thing all airlines at least let you check in the first bag free. I paid 55 dollars for my only bag which was 22lbs. I am going to share this experience with anyone who would listen. Whom ever owns this airline needs to clean house starting at the top. Everything about this airline was a joke. Us passengers were comparing the airline with the movie Soul plane. BBB will be hearing my complaint as well as the letters I had some customers write about their experience.

Aug 21, 2018

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