Sonic Drive-Inundercooked food

M Nov 21, 2017

On 11/21/17 at around 1pm i pulled up to sonic for lunch and ordered the chicken sandwich combo along with one of their half priced cheeseburgers. My meal came to $10.74. As i began eating the sandwich i realized it tasted very funny. I looked down into the sandwich and saw that it was indeed raw. I then buzzed the restaurant to report that the sandwich was raw. Upon one of the employees coming to my window i showed her the sandwich and she told me she was sorry and that she would "obviously" replace the chicken sandwich. I was so disgusted to told her to change the sandwich to a double cheeseburger. When i received the burger my stomach was still in knots and i could not even finish the burger as i only took one bite of it. So i ended up throwing it away. I am very upset because not even the manager came out to say anything, or even offer to give my money back as i was so disgusted i couldn't even eat the food!! i would like corporate to contact me and arrange my money back asap!

Sonic Drive-In

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