Sonic Drive-IN / service waited over 30 minutes never received food

chk 99, Jul 31 arrived at 12:44pm. I left at 1:27pm. I ordered a dbl cheeseburger, 1 hamburger and 2 sm onion rings. Maria came out to my car within 3 minutes with the wrong order. She said oh this is not your order. I said ok. After waiting over 15 minutes. I pressed the button for assistance and asked about my order. The girl smirked and asked oh what was your order. I repeated it. She stopped talking on the intercom, never responded back so I stopped Maria the girl who originally came to my car. She said I'm sorry went back in and came back out 3 times and took other customers that had pulled up after me their food. I stopped her after being there over 30 minutes now and simply asked her for my money back because I no longer had time to eat and my lunch was over. She could careless. I went back to work without food. This has never happened to me in my life. I had to wait another 5 minutes for her to cancel my order while watching her take other cars their food after I asked for refund. This type of behavior is not acceptable. This was the worst experience I received in my life. The lady who was on the intercom wasn't pleasant at all. She wasted over 30 minutes of my time and after explaining to her after 15 minutes that I didnt have any food. I still waited another 20 minutes for credit.

Sonic Drive-IN

Jul 31, 2018

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