Sonic Drive-IN / rude vulgar response from a supervisor to my complaint about confusing addition cost.

Atchison, KS, United States

June 14, 2017 about 7:15PM

Sonic Drive In located at Atchison, Kansas 66002

I drove up to the drive in menu. It did not work. I went to the window where the server gladly took my order. I ordered the Chicken Sandwich Combo for $6.89. I asked the server what sides came with the meal at no extra cost and she said fries or tots. I told her I did not want to pay for any extras and then asked for a Cherry Limeade for the drink. She said ok and served it to me and the total came to $8.15. I thought that was high but left the window and looked at the ticket and saw I was charged $7.49 for the meal. With tax it came to $8.15. Unaware I had bought any thing that cost extra I came back to the drive through and told the man who answered I thought I was charged too much. He muttered something and said nothing else so I said I was driving back to the window. The man was the supervisor on shift. He came outside and asked me if I was the one with a problem. I said yes that I believed I was over charged. He appeared to have an attitude but I gave him the ticket so he could look at it. He took one look at it and said very coarsely 'It was the cherry limeade.' and started to walk away. I said wait a minute and I then explained to him that I had specifically told the server I did not want any more than what came with the menu price and she had not informed me the cherry limeade was extra. This is when things got ugly. He began rudely telling me I could not expect a 16 year old to know that kind of information. I responded by saying 'Well, don't you think she should?' His words were something like this. "She is only [censor]ing 16 years old. You cannot expect her to know stuff like that." So I said it was his job to teach her those things and not have the customer surprised by additional cost. At this point he became very ugly and told me he thought I was about to threaten him. I said I was not threatening him but I did not like being charged extra when I was not informed I was buying extra. The conversation deteriorated from that point. I returned the whole order and he did refund my money but used the 'F' word several more times. I complained to him about his language and pointed out to him that not once had I sworn at him but that I was going to report him. He responded loudly and said to who? I said, "Your boss!" I then asked him for his name and he said "John Doe" and went back into the store. I later found out his real name (Jason Shelton) from my niece who happens to be an assistant supervisor at the same store. She was not present during this exchange. I told her about the incident and she said they have had many complaints about this individual.
Treating a customer in this manner is unacceptable and unprofessional. I was shocked at his hostility and the way he totally disrespected me as a customer and fellow human being. It was obvious to me that he is a hothead. At one point I think he wanted the situation to escalate to a confrontation where he could call the police or claim a threat. I actually briefly felt threatend myself. I just did not let it go there. As a result I went home too upset to go elsewhere and get something to eat. I even wondered if I should report this being afraid he was a nut and might stalk me and shoot me for causing him to loose his job, if it comes to that. The sad thing about this is I prefer Sonic to the other fast food restaurants. But that changed today, at least this particular Sonic. As I told my niece, this guy is destroying customer relations at this store.

Jun 14, 2017

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