Sonic Drive-IN / poor manager service / irate and hostile

Chino Valley, AZ, United States

Good evening,

Today, I went to sonic in chino valley and ordered one large sonic blast with Reece's and one concrete custard snickers and paid $14.11 and gave the waitress a dollar tip.. Luckily, before leaving, I noticed my custard concrete was too thin so we hang to push the red customer service button to asked them to please remake. Unknowingly, the waiter that came out to see what was wrong saw it was the manger and didn't want to remake it by telling me that the machines can't take the thickness. So I told him that I've had the concrete custard before and it was much thicker and he begrudgingly took it to make a new one. Now we have to wait another 15 minutes for our remake while the other is sitting melting, as we were taking them home to eat. So the waitress, who delivered it asked if it was better this time around and it appeared to be so I gave her another $1 tip. We got home and my husband was eating his sonic blast and said that instead of getting the Reece's, he received snickers...problem number 3 now. Three quarters of the way eating it, he said it tasted like custard but in looking at it, it wasn't as yellow as mine, so I figured he was wrong because I know I had the remade custard in my hand. As I ate about half way down, the concrete custard started to get softer and softer but setting wasn't good and had a weird consistency. We decided to fix them together so at least we could finish and get our money's worth. While I was mixing the sonic into the custard, I got to about 1/3 of the way to the bottom when I noticed the bottom was a yellow color and looked like the custard only it wasn't mixed together. So after that, I decided to call the store and ask what they could do to help us. I called and spoke to the manager, Marquees (spelling), the same waiter who tried to tell me that the machine couldn't make it thick so he remembered me too. I explained to him that the sonic blast was made with snickers and not Reece's and my concrete custard was now funky and instead of saying come back and I'll make it right to give good customer service, he became very defensive and argumentative. He kept interrupting to tell me he told me the machines couldn't make it that way and wouldn't let get a sentence out of my mouth to even give a rebuttal until I told him he had a bad attitude and was rude and not giving good customer service. I told him if he kept talking to me with an attitude, I won't be coming back. He then not only didn't resolve this issue, he proceeded to tell me good, don't ever come back here. So now I spent $14.11, let two tips, and two inedible items. So, hence, why I'm contacting the Complaints Dept. I'm in total shock, and is a business owner, I would want to know if one of my managers didn't know how to manage and gives poor customer service. I will never go back there now because first off, both items were made wrong and second off, I was told by the manager to never return. I'm a 51-years-old consumer who can't ever remember being told to never return to an establishment. I am bewildered that this is kind of customer service I was offered. We have been to that location at least ten times and only half the time our order was correct but because they are so close to our house, we still enjoyed stopping, however, I won't be going back there and will just start buying ice cream across the street at Safeway. No hassles there and at least I will get what I paid for. I am attaching a pic so you can see how much is being thrown away, not to mention the fact that they actually made three items and NONE of them were made correctly. Thank you for taking the time to read my complaint. I hope someone notifies the proper people that may want to know that the manger there is unprofessional and not trained properly to be a manager.

Sonic Drive-IN

Oct 21, 2017

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