Sonic Drive-IN / horrible food and service

Denver, ColoradoDenver, United States

My husband and 2 children went to the sonic located at 7739 E. Iliff Ave in Denver CO. He ordered 4 meals and brought mine to me at work so we could share a family meal together on my lunch break. I work a 12 hour shift on Sundays so it was nice we could do this together. I leave to work when the kids are sleeping and return when they are in bed. As we are opening our meals the food is COLD. Not lukewarm, not room temperature... I mean cold! The burgers do not have what we ordered on them. No ketchup, mustard or mayo- they all have pickles which none of us like.
So my husband leaves to return the food- there goes our family time together as by the time he returns my 30 minute break will be over. And I have nothing to eat.
As my husband is speaking to the "shift manager" he tells my husband that he can not refund him his money as my husband doesn't have the receipt. One was never provided to him. The shift manager acknowledges that the young man at the window has only been an employee for 2 weeks and has been making mistakes. He offers my husband to make the food over or give him a credit for ONE MEAL. Well at this point, why would he want to eat there again? So my husband continues to request his money back as
1. it is not our fault the food was horrible
2. It is not our fault we were not provided a receipt
3. Our family lunch time is over
4. Why should we settle for ONE MEAL voucher when we pain for 4??

My husband ask to speak to a manager. The shift manager informs him that the general manager is not available because he is attending his baby shower but he can provide him with his name and number to call on another day...

Eventually after 20 minutes of back and forth the shift manager gives my husband a refund. It was $22.50... and he returned the uneaten food.

Not to mention, the banana shake was sour!

Horrible food, horrible service!

I tried to call the corporate complaint line at 1800 ok sonic and it was filled with advertisements. A new # was provide [protected] which was more advertisements!!! UGH!

Sep 17, 2017

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