Sonic Drive IN / harassment

United States

I have been keeping my mouth shut for a long time and now I've had enough... Every manager meeting we have I have always been attacked. I always get a phone call on my days off and my gm is accusing me of something I didn't do... She makes me take breaks when I need to do something for 5 minutes but she is allowed to do her own personal things on the clock and she doesn't get in trouble... She also tells people to get off their phones but she gets on hers all the time and she goes outside and sits for 15-20 mins and talks on her phone... And whenever she wants she takes food or none important things in the back room and does it on the clocked while we have customers And when I call her out on it usually she doesn't say anything... I also asked for a set schedule I have always had one at other sonics I worked for and now I can't get one... I have to have a set schedule because of a babysitting issue... I'm not causing any issues or anything I'm just tired of the crappy treatment... She even takes pride in making people quit...she has even made one of her other managers so mad and she quit because she wanted the gm to stop yelling at her... I even have all the text messages where in some of them she has cussed at me or disrespected me in other ways... I don't want to get anything started but if she is gonna keep treating people this way she will have a lawsuit against her...

Jan 29, 2015

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