Sonic Drive-Infood and customer service

We visited the sonic on 25th street in Cleveland, Tn. About 45 minutes ago. They were advertising the new ultimate chicken club sandwich on a brioche bun for $6.99. So that's what I ordered. We got 2 combos and wanted them both upsized. The man on the speaker was having trouble understanding us so after 5 minutes of him trying to understand what we are wanting, a lady came out and asked us to specify what we wanted bc the man couldn't understand us. We told her what we wanted and We read it straight off the menu board. I also asked for only cheese mayo and bacon on it. She said okay and walked back in while we sat there waiting for our total which wasn't given to us. We waited about 10 minutes for our food and the man who brought it to us didn't greet us at all. Also we didn't receive a receipt on the bag. When I opened up my sandwich, it was on toast.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Cleveland, TNWe went through the drive thru and the man who brought it out, who was rude to begin with, looked confused but we told him I wanted it on the bun he said okay. Turned around and closed the window. He then came back and said it would be 5 minutes and to pull up to a stall and they'd bring it out. About 5 minutes later they brought out my sandwich. He didnt say sorry or anything. As he walked away I opened my sandwich and same exact thing. On toast. At this point our tots and my husbands burger was cold and we were just done. My husband walked up to the front and when the man who handed us our food came out, my husband explained to him again, what we were ordering . The man told him when they hit the club on the computer system it comes up on toast. What's crazy to me is, you're advertising the club on a brioche bun, so why do they not know about the special? He was very rude and went in and put it on a bun. It was covered in mayo. I mean so much so, that after being there for 45 minutes it was all for nothing and I couldn't even eat it. Mayo was all over the outside of the bun and the wrapper. Absolutely rude staff and terrible customer service.

Apr 30, 2017

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