Sonic Drive-IN / bad customer service and prices

United States

I recently was in your sonic drive in at 2870 north Hayden RD and got doubled charged for boneless buffalo wing. Reason why is you menu board dose not show combo prices for anything over 6 wings when every other meal has combo prices. When I addressed the situation to your operator William Gammage he keep saying that the price was right and never said he was sorry and offered to refund additional charge. Now after spending 20 years as a police officer in the military and 3 years as flooring specialist at Lowe's I know a thing or two about customer service and what I received was basically a slap in the face. The only outcome that I would like from this is my money back and I will contact every review site like Yelp and post a bad review about this location and sonic as a whole

Sep 17, 2017

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