SmartStyle / slander

Louisville, KY, United States

I have been going to the Smart Style located in Fern Creek in Louisville, KY for 7 years. I either get Chris or Amber to do my hair. I was in for a cut a month ago when the girls told me Regis was selling off all their salons and that the guys that bought the Fern Creek location were not good people and that they were all quitting in 3 weeks.
Out of habit I went back in to Smart Style last week and some creepy guy practically rushed me at the entrance. I realized I'd forgotten the girls were gone and I said I'm sorry I forgot Amber & Chris were no longer here. He said yeah we fired all those girls and the girls at the Bashford salon for stealing. I told him those girls told me they were leaving a month ago and you a damn liar. You could practically see the sweat pouring off his forehead and as he started stuttering some more non sense begging me to let him cut my hair.
Those girls were right. Those guys are liars, not to mention creepy.

Jun 15, 2017

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