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SmartStyle / terrible service

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I am currently a stylist at smartstyle in rochester, ny. I hope the regis corporation reads this! My salon and a few others in the area refuse to have more than one stylist on most of the time. The problem is this: ppl wont return because stylists have to stop what they're doing every few minutes to answer the ph or cash out retail sales. I had 2 clients yesterday tell me this is ridiculous that i had to stop 3 or 4 times during their haircuts. These clients told me since i couldn't devote 100% of my time doing their hair without being interrupted. they wont return!

I've spoken to my manager and she agrees this is why the salons are slow. Ppl dont appreciate being serviced without the constant interruptions. I have to agree with them. The regional isnt allowed to hire more stylists so at least 2 are on at all times that the salon is open! Ppl also walk out when they see only one stylist working. Regis corporation is only interested in the bottom line. Not good customer service. This will catch up with them! My manager has had the same problem with unhappy ppl because of this. As i said, i hope the higher ups at regis reads this! My manager is going to write a letter and send it to the corporate office!

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  • Mi
      12th of Jan, 2010
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    The Smartstyle I worked for was the same way, but I can't say it was cooperate alone. The manager and district manager were just awful. They let stylist come in drunk and threaten to "slice" people open. I swear that's what I heard. They needed to get rid of the people who didn't come in at all. I spent two and a half years in that place working my ### off dealing with working by myself on a SATURDAY night, and working with lazy ### co-works only to be fired for something I didn't even do. And toward the end of my time there I was only getting 12-16 hours a week. that's not enough to live on so you know they were planning on letting me go. I just wish they would of told me they didn't need my services anymore and I would of left. but instead they wrongfully accused me of stealing hair color.

    When there was more then one person working most of the girls would go in the back and hide (including the manager) leaving only two of us to work by ourself. They would go outside and take a 20 min smoke break on a busy Saturday leaving the ones who didn't smoke to pick up the slack.

    I don't suggest anyone to work or get their haircut their unless they want to be treated unfairly both as a customer and as a stylist.

  • Fn
      12th of Apr, 2010
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    Seems as though not only are the customers unhappy, so are your stylists. Little wonder. My mother went to Smart Style one time. Never ever again. Regis. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Diane 623-628-7801. Buckeye Arizona

  • Ia
      10th of Aug, 2011
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    i know what you are all talking about i would never work for smart style and whats even worse the people that work at corp office and the area supervisors are not even stylists . all they care about is the bottom dollar i do hope that regis corperation reads all of these complants and maybe just maybe they can get their lazyselfs off there $800 dollar excetive chairs and climate controlled offices drive in there bmws and hummers to the salons and see and work with what we do on a daily basis . the people got to that level because of us and our hardwork . with out respect and good management that knows where the stylist is comeing from like my salon manager did in willamsvile ny, these corp offices and salons will be empty, and esp since we are in a recession, it could happen real quick .

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