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I have worked for Smartstyle three different times, with the Regis Corporation they say they offer health benefits but it is a supplement. If you start having benefits, and then stop they keep taking the money out, it take several months before it to stops and in the mean time you are paying for benefits you do not want. The supplement won't take care of a major heart attack you need another health insurance. I ran into situation at the last SmartStyle I worked at in the Wal-Mart. Wal-mart and SmartStyle are not the same company, SmartStyle just rents a space, like Mc donalds co. I had a complaint and I was working by myself. I stopped the hair cut and I gave the women the information for the Manager, and District Manager and to come in the next day to talk to the Manger but to call first so she would get the manager. State Board was called in the next week for the complaint. I was tould to write a statement in my word of the situation and mail it to State Board in 10 days . The next day I sent it certified and made a copy for the shop. The next day my District Manager and The Regional Manager came in. They where going to help me write the letter. I showed them the letter and certified reciept that the letter was mailed. The Regional manager was so livid, up set and the District Manager became a puppet. The Reginal manager was so worried about descremation law suit and she was saying she just wanted to help to write the letter to avoid problems and the shop was going to charged a 800.00 fine. That day I stopped working there, I keep being tould they just don't know what to do with me, and start cleaning, several times they would take me aside and yell at me, if I knew how serious this was I could loose my license. I tould them I will deal with this on my own terms. I keep in touch with State Board and the complaint was dropped. I asked State board when I wrote the statement was it to be in my word or Regional managers words, and was tould my words and that SmartStyle was not charged a 800.00 fine.


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    pearlyred Jan 04, 2010

    I also worked at smartstyle Regis at a walmart and yes, they are awful to work for and always will be and the more disgruntled stylists that report on them maybe it will wake the corporation office up and they will re-evaluate how they treat their stylists. The area and district managers are nothing but snobs in heels that think there S*&T doesn't smell, but it does, they just haven't worked behind a chair in years and forgot what it is like being a stylist. I worked for Regis back in the 80's and it was much different. Now because they owe so many salons it is all just a numbers game to them. You cut hair like cattle and if you don't do it right you have to be reprimanded like a child in grade school. They give the name "chop shops" the name! Yeah it may be convienent to get your hair cut in a walmart but most of the stylists they hire haven't been out of the salon long and the ones like myself want to build a clientle but they treat you like crap so you leave because of that. The insurance is a joke too. Not worth the deductable. I bet Regis is owned by the Nazis. Now that is why it is an awful place to work. I have been doing hair for years and re-tired because the hair industries as turned into a 'CUT THROAT" BUSINESS AND NOT WORK the long hours that I put up with the MOST RUDEST CUSTOMERS EVER...THEY PAY CHEAP PRICES SO I WILL GIVE THEM CRAPPY HAIRCUTS!!! SO THERE ALL YOU UNGRATEFUL WALMART CUSTOMERS!!!

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    DianaG Oct 05, 2010

    I'm also a stylist there and I hate my job. Everything you say about the place is absolutely right. This place could care less about there customers or employees. All they want is the money in there pocket.

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  • Yo
    YOUKNOW69 Jul 18, 2011

    Couldn't have said it better myself and the managers are flat out dumb. I had to take over the closing on the computer my first night closing because my "manager" is a ###. They do not pay the stylists sh**. I've paid (and still paying) $16k for schooling and Sonic employees get better pay than I. WTF is this?? There are very sh**ty customers that act like it's a fast-food service and complain when they have to wait or treat you like sh**. Its a SALON that does NOT accept appointments - what the hell do you expect? Take your cheap-### to pro-cuts where you get what you pay for.

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    Whistl€blower Sep 16, 2012

    I worked for hairplus which is supposed to be one of regis's premier salons. I worked around 37 hrs/wk. My pay checks were 180 bucks the biggest pay check I got was 417$. I worked like 90 hrs (against policy. No overtime compensation.) I walked out on my manager to go together with a few other stylist to home office. And ask where our money was... the were deducting 30-40% of my earnings for taxes, Medicare, some benefits that I didn't get or apply for. The manager was having relations of a sexual nature on the clock with the manager at the pizza joint next door who is married has a family and a beautiful faithful wife... then the manager picked on me bc I stood up for a anxious and lowered self esteem young stylist who worked very hard: after the manager pulled her away and I quote her" don't u think u should find something else to do that u might ne good at. Keep in mind. The managers don't make ### more that. Any busy just stylist

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    love my job Sep 26, 2012

    I have worked for Smart Style several years now. I have loved my job, the people I work with and the upper management. I have never had a problem with my pay, and yes you have to purchase the insurance if you want it. I'm sorry to hear you all have had such a bad experience with the company. I think we all need to keep in mind that their are a few complaints and we employee 50, 000.

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    Superstar stylist Feb 13, 2013

    I went to work at Smartstyles right out of school, & wish I had researched the company before hand. I feel as though I would be doing a injustice if I did NOt warn stylist about this company. I heard years ago it was a good company but that's not the case anymore, If your salon is short staffed you'll get your hours, but if you get a new regional/district manager, , , PROBLEMS, as they are on such powertrips they will cut everyones hrs to 24, , just because they can. Oh and this new coaching as you go is nothing more than a way for them to belittle you in front of clients, oh excuse me they are now called guest...In the salon I work, the dist leader comes in and treats everyone like dirt, , including our manager.. Nothing will ever change, and it's VERY SAD, , as I had full intentions when hired by this company to stay and retire from them, , , , BUT NO ONE HIGH ENOUGH IN THIS COMPANY CARES TO TRY TO HELP THEIR STYLIST WHICH ARE WHO PAYS THEIR HUGH SALARIES... Stay away you'll only be wasting your time and talents for a company that will NOT appreciate you !!! Heed my WARNING!!!

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    Chrissy32 Aug 26, 2016

    I have worked at Smartstyle three pay periods and have made $16.20 in commission so far and have made the company almost $2000 in peoducts sales and over $2000 in hair care services because the quota is too high, plus possibly illegal that we have to reach in order to be paid out commission.

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