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In January of 2015 I had went into Smart Styles hair salon to have my dead ends trimmed and eyebrows waxed. The wait wasnt long maybe approx 20 to 30 minutes. Tasha Montgomery was the hair stylist who "attempted" to trim my hair. she had already waxed my brows and done an acceptable job however when it came to my hair i wasnt able to see what she was doing as she had me turned away from the mirror. All I wanted was the dead ends trimmed off. MEANING PLEASE CUT ONLY THE DEAD ENDS OFF!!! When she was done she handed me a mirror and asked me to look and see what I thought. Much to my surprise she had cut approx 3 inches of my hair off, butchered one side and the rest was a mess to say the least. I had to go to Mane attraction to try and salvage what was left without cutting any more of the length off and TRY and blend the side that was completely gaped up. To say the least I am extremely angered over this. I have contacted Regis Corporation TWICE giving them ample time to contact me as they said they would. I have called back asking when i was going to hear from the district manager as they clearly stated. According to the lady i spoke to they had NO RECORD of me calling in. The lady supposedly made another claim .. I have heard nothing from Regis Corp/ smart styles... Last message I left was not very nice as I threatened to sue Smart styles. ANNNNNND ive heard nothing !! Called back again.. and of course they have no record of me ever calling once again! Will I let this go? Most likely just getting started!! I contacted a young lady whom I know was employed there a few months before . I later find out the young lady "tosha montgomery" doesnt even have a license. yes, im extremely bitter over this whole ordeal as I have later learned that the ppl behing smart styles DOES NOT DO ANYTHING TO RESOLVE A PROBLEM!

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Feb 17, 2015
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      Feb 17, 2015

    The stylist might not have a license, but that doesn't mean she is getting one. She wouldn't be working in the salon if she wasn't eligible for one. What that means is that she has finished school, taken and passed the State Tests and is waiting to receive her license in the mail. When taking the state tests the stylist also has to demonstrate a hair style for the judges. She wouldn't be working in a salon if she hadn't done everything I mentioned. A bad haircut isn't anything to sue over. You are apt to get more of them in your lifetime. It does happen every now and then. For all you know maybe your "dead" ends went up higher than just the very ends. You aren't the expert when it comes to hair, if you were you would cut it yourself and I know people that do cut their own hair without any training and do a really good job. If what you call 'dead" ends is what most people call "split" ends maybe the stylist didn't understand what you wanted done.

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