Siler City North Carolina family dollar / service

I have been a regular customer for years at this store and after today I will not step foot back in that store. I walk in there and there is a new girl working the register and the customer had an issue with a coupon not being credited. She needed a manager to fix the problem on the register and no one was to be found. There were 3 workers at the store and the young cashier could not leave her register. After 15 min of standing in line no apologies or anything and another worker opens register helping customers out way after I had been standing there. I finally just had to bite my tounge and walk out. This store is awful with customer service and its lights are not working in the back part of store and it's almost 100 degrees in there because the air was broke. ( the air was also broke 6/4/2018 when I went in there) I am thoroughly disgusted with my experience there and like I have said before, I will not ever step foot in there again. They have lost my business for good.

Jun 06, 2018

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