Shoppers Drug Martsimilac step 2 never in stock

I am a very loyal Shoppers Drug Mart customer. I buy all my baby products, plus various products here on more than a weekly basis. This is now the 8th time in a row (not an exagerration I've been counting) that this store has not had Similac Step 2 baby formula stocked on the shelves and only one of those times was it found in the back. This is a HUGE inconvience as anyone who has formula fed knows. You cannot simply just change to a different brand all the time or really ever for that matter. It causes the baby lots of stomach issues and takes time to adjust. So on a Sunday night when there is nothing else open and I am relying on your service to feed my baby and upsets me that I have to change his formula, simply because someone obviously has an issue doing stock and it is not being ordered properly. I had never had this issue until consistently the last 3 months. So I don't know if something changed in that time. But something needs to be done. I was informed by the cashier I'm not the only person with this problem. I will be complaining in the store directly to the manager. I have mentioned this to the cashiers and merchandisers in the past. Just not tonight since it was my boyfriend who went to the store. This is for the Moray location by the way and it has been a problem at the Unicity location aswell.

Jan 08, 2017

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