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Windsor, ON, Canada Review updated:

My wife purchased eye lash product that eretated her eyes, she went back to return it with out receipt even with a store credit but they refused and they were very rood and asked her for receipt. My wife looked every where until we found it in the car. I went my self to return it. The cashier said we can not take it back because it was $59 plus tax even with the receipt now. I asked for the manager. He came. His name was Frank. with the security because there was also another problem before me. The security officers are form the mall (Tecumseh Mall). He refused taking it back because it was open. I told him of course it has to be open. how can she try it and like it or doesn't with out opening it. I tried to convince him that when you purchase any thing and doesn't suit you or affect your health, you should be able to return it specially when you have proof of purchase and less than 30 days. He answer was ( I don't know what country you are coming from but we don't do this in Canada) I don't understand what this has to do with the this issue. but that reflect his racism. I told him I am Canadian and I have been living in Canada for 17 years and I told him I don't believe you if you want to tell me you never purchased something that you didn't like and return it, . That was in front of the mall security and did not do any thing.

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  • Sk
      5th of Apr, 2012

    Your wife sounds pretty dumb

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  • Id
      11th of Apr, 2012

    Fiber makes me ...sad

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  • Gr
      3rd of May, 2012

    Here we go with the racism card. Your grammar is pretty bad btw.

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  • Dr
      9th of Jul, 2014

    There is a very good reason that stores do not permit any refund or exchange on personal items, especially one used on the eyes. Is it Shopper's Drug Mart's fault that the product irritated her eyes?

    Would you want to walk in and buy a product of a personal manner that could have been previously used?

    I fail to see where racism plays any part in your complaint, and I'm wondering what kind of person wants to return for a refund a product that has touched their eyes? I suppose you would also have no problem walking into a sex store and asking for a refund because the toy wasn't as fun as you thought it might be. Do you return toilet paper that leaves balls behind, or candy with a bite taken out of it?

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  • Dr
      9th of Jul, 2014

    I would absolutely BOYCOTT any store that allowed for the return of opened products of a personal nature.

    Dude, your wife had that c*** on her eyes!!! I'm not sure where in Canada you have lived for 17 years, but you can be GD sure that NO store is going to return opened personal care items, opened pills (seal broken), food with bites taken out of it,

    I would imagine there is a very large portion of women in Canada that have a drawer full of cosmetic products that they purchased, and then could not use!!! One of the joys of being a looks great in the package, but doesn't look right on the skin, or it causes irritation.

    Why you expect SDM to take a $59 dollar loss because of your wife's allergy/sensitivity is beyond me. If I even heard a rumour my local pharmacy was allowing refunds on products like that I'd never shop there again..

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