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Hi, I left a complaint at the front desk about the following situation.

I went into the shoppers on 200 st 6339 . To get my prescription filled I was the first in line and I waited there for 10 minutes to drop off two prescription.
There was 1 lady in the pickup time and she sat there to talk for another 5 minutes .
I said please can I get some service over here she waved to me with my husband and said " yeh I'm with a costumer"
Of course I was eaves dropping the entire time so I heard what they were talking about since I got there and all 3 were already talking to the girl. about what her coverage was ... so they must have already covered the important details of prescription.
When Amy with the purple hair finally walked over it was only because my husband said " PLEASE can we get some help over here "
She came over and snarled " if you couldn't see I was already with another costumer" My husband replied " yes of course ive seen weve been standing here with my wife in pain observing your conversation for the past 15 minuties, Why should it take 3 people to help 1 when your drop off line up is growing, ( people walked away from the line ) . Amy ripped the paper out of my hands and glared at my husband. Amy said " People dont usualy come to a pharamcy in pain" ... Really think about what this women has just said .
My husband chuckled in wonder of the comment and apparently that got under Amy's skin enough to hand me back the perscription and say " You can take you buisness else where" she then walked away form the line up and another person came to the counter... apprently my 70 dollar percription Skin Mouth Enfection ... AND SPINAL Cord medication to help me with main till my ct scan today... what a joke and still wasnt good enough for your buisness and my injuires... to minor for Amy. I left A note in full detail of what happened that night around 8 pm. I have not received a call back yet. So My Husband called in and left a complaint with a lovely person on the phone to TORONTO. I love Shoppers and Love going there I genuinely hope Amy isnt the kind of staff you want represetning your company. 2 other people in the store saw what happened and assured me that they where going to call in and would never go to the pharmacy there in fear of being treated how we were.
#666992 - file number at shoppers the man who took it was incredibly nice, you should have staff like this working in your stores very refreshing after Amy

Mar 11, 2017

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