Shoppers Drug Mart / manager/lp

811 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC, Canada

I am completely appalled that head office has allowed the nw shoppers drug mart to house horrible employees. I have never been so insulted by a business. First the security targets and racial profiles its customers and follows them around and makes them feel uncomfortable without any probable reason. Secondly, the behaviour of the staff when complaining about the poor treatment does nothing, including the store manager. If your going to allows your staff to follow customers around like a spy, make it less obvious and less uncomfortable. If I am going to spend $50 in your store, I think it is very unlikely that I am going to waste my time and go steal. Also don't target the first black guy that walks into the store. The manager of this location should be ashamed of herself and how she treats customers and how she resolves complaints.

Jan 12, 2017

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