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Shoppers Drug Mart / cashier

1 Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada Review updated:

Hello I always shop at the shoppers at tecumseh mall in Windsor Ontario. Last week I went in as normal but received some of the worst customer service that I have ever received in my entire life and I'm 57. One thing out that stood out to me most is how your cashier found it funny that a 57 year old women was struggling with her cart. Not only did I call to complain to your store but you manager frank and assistant manager Rosanne did not give me the time of day and gave lip back with no apology and here my reasons. It's sad to see what shoppers has come to especially when you pay these employees 14 an hour now. It's sad that your managers don't even have the training to treat customers right. Frank is pathetic excuse for a manager because he doesn't know how to hand a thing right. It's sad because that was Amy go to shoppers and now I promised I would never step foot into those doors again and I will make sure to let everyone that comes through my business about my experience there.

Feb 14, 2018
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      5th of Mar, 2018
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    March 5, 2018
    RE Incident #LP18016798
    Belle River, Ont.

    Dear Kristy Osborne,

    This letter is in regards to a Notice Of Prohibition, dated Feb 27, 2018, I received March 4, 2018, in regards to my daughter Alexis.

    I am aware of a situation that happened at the end of December. My daughter came home in a full out panic attack after attending Shoppers with a friend. She stated that an employee was following her around the store. The employee told Alexis to put her backpack at the front of the store. My daughter asked why? The employee responded with that she had videos of her stealing. Pretty traumatizing. Alexis has a panic attack. She is diagnosed with anxiety. She currently sees a psychologist and takes medication to assist with this issue. The panic attack caused Alexis to have difficulty breathing, she couldn't talk and fell to the floor. The employee continued to yell at her telling her to get off the floor. At this point a teacher with our public board assisted Alexis out of the building. Many people witnessed this event which was also very traumatizing. I was extremely angry with the way my daughter had been treated so I went to shoppers with Alexis and her friend. I met with Tammy W. I asked her to show me the video she had of Alexis stealing. She told me she did not tell Alexis that she had a video. I also expressed how upset I was how Alexis was treated during this situation and during her panic attack. She told me she had a daughter with a disability and wouldn't treat any child badly. I told her to call police. She did and we waited. Police arrive. Police hear both stories. Police say there are policies and procedures in place for this kind thing and I can put in a complaint. I took my daughter home and reinforced with her that she must leave her backpack at the front. I did not put in a complaint and thought emotions were running high and it was probably a one time incident. We were not told that she was no longer allowed to be in the store. When the police were there Alexis asked if she was still allowed in the store and she was told yes. She has not been in the store as often (only to pick up prescriptions). She disclosed to me that when she did go in to pick up medication Tammy W. approached her. Tammy said hello Alexis! Nice to see you don't have your backpack with you. Why would she approach Alexis if she was following procedures? Alexis ignored her which is a great way to avoid conflict.
    As a concerned parent I have many questions.
    Why exactly has a Notice Of Prohibition been issued? Not leaving backpack in the front of store? Stealing?
    Is my daughter stealing? Do you have her on video stealing? If so I would like to know so I can get her the professional help she needs. Stealing is unacceptable and she should be held accountable.
    Is my daughter being bullied and harassed by this employee Tammy W.?
    Has there been another incident that occurred after this incident in December where Alexis hasn't complied with policies?
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you

    I sent this e-mail to Kristy Osborne. The e-mail address I sent it to was
    I sent this e-mail to Kristy Osborne because the Notice Of Prohibition was signed by this name.

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