Shopper Drug Mart Surrey Centralloss prevention

Today I witnessed a LPO or loss prevention officeir make a bad arrest I was a senior loss prevention officer for 5 years till I finally got a real career. As a LPO you have 6 rules of arrest and 7 rules when arresting.
1. Watch and see the suspect enter the store
2. Watch the suspect pick and item off the shelf
3. Watch the suspect conceal the item
4. And very important keep continuity on the suspect at all times
5 watch the suspect pass all purchasesing tills
6. Watch the suspect Exit the store with falier to pay.
This big fat out of shape lpo arrested a girl before she left and before she passed any tills it dose not matter if she concealed an item she could change her mind orange still could pay we do not have pre crime even a RCMP or any police officer has rules to follow like not entering a house without due cause or a warrant. So I walked up to him as Jesus huffing and puffing with adrenaline sorting through his veins as a arrest seamed to please him and told him he is making a illegal arrest he said NO I am not unsaid you have to wait for her to pass all the tills then exit the store. He said my manager told me to I told him then you should of told the shoppers manager he can't due to the 6 rules I must follow she could changyher mind she has not official stole anything until she leaves with falier to pay he started screaming at me and my wife so ingot mad and yelled back moaning know I shouldn't of yelled that's why I let myself out to calm down I HATE WHEN PEOPLE WITH AUTHORITY ABUSE THERE GIVEN POWER AND EVEN MORE WHEN ITS A RENTA 👮 A WANNAB BECAUSE THEY WANT POWER THEY CANT HAVE

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