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I use to use Exxon gasoline and I felt I was not getting good gas miliage. I began using Shell and so far it appears that I am getting better gas miliage. Today I went to top off my tank and I stood outside for about 3 min waiting on the attendent to turn on my pump in order for me to pump my gas. The 1st attendent walk off into the back and I could see her doing this as I was standng out there waiting on her to turn on the pump. This is not her 1st time seeing me. So I walked in and gave her my money and she then ask me what pump was I using? Now mind you my pump is beeping behind the counter. I gave her the pump number and proceeded to go and pump my gas. When I cam back in to get my money I stated to the assistant manager and the attendent I've never have to come in and pre pay because they know me due to the fact I always come in that establishment at least every other day to top off my gas tank because I drive so far to work. The assistant manager stated to me in a very smart tone "Well you know its prepaid". I just walked out of the store and did not say a word. Well as I was getting into my truck I really thought about what had just happen and walked back into the store and ask for the Shell number to contact the manager. The assistant manager stated to me "I am the assistant". My statement to her was I did not ask for the assistant I ask for the manager. Since you smarted off to me why would I want to speak with you. She then stated to me that I can come back in the morning if I wanted to speak to the store manager. I then observed her talking to another customer telling him about what had just happen. That was wrong also the other customer had nothing to do with this and what was he going to do about it in the first place. I just would like to know how does a company allow an employee to work for them with that type of attitude, or let's go even further than that how could a company allow an employee to conduct their business and run off their customers. Smart elec employees should be delt with and tought some customer service ethics in dealing with their customers. Remember we the consumers we pay your saleries... I don't know if I will be back to that Shell station. I will proberly go back to Exxon where they know how to treat me. I will also have to go to a higher grade of gasoline in order to get the best gas miliage. I don't believe in dealing with smart ASSSSSSSSS peoople...

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  •   Jul 21, 2011

    You sound like one of the typical ###s that I have to deal with. Newsflash: you're not that important. It's a gas station not a spa.

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  • Go
      Jul 21, 2011

    I do not see the rudeness. It seems standard for prepay these days

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  • In
      Jul 21, 2011

    Well it seems everyone else has taken care of the job of calling you a [censored], so we will leave it at that.

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  • Da
      Aug 02, 2011

    your stoopid... i hate people like you! Thanks for listening!

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