Shellkeypads and customer service in store

The shell gas station on windward parkway/windward concourse in alpharetta ga has been my go-to for 12 years. But in recent years it has been very badly managed. The squeegee buckets rarely have water, many squeegees are broken, the keypads badly need to be updated, buttons don't register, cardswipes don't register. I asked to see a manager and was laughed at when I turned my back today, 2/24 at 1:10 pm. I tried four different pumps and none of the keypads and cardswipes worked properly. I gave up and went to another shell with a new veriphone keypad. It was incredibly slow and had no prompts. Very frustrating on a cold windy day. I will be switching to a well-managed chevron further away. Since my few polite complaints have never been taken seriously at the windward shell, I am notifying shell oil of the disrepair and discourtesy.

Feb 24, 2016

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