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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved faulty shut off on pump

Filling up my tank tonight to be surprised by gas spilling from my car the ground because the shut off valve didn't trip on the pump (once my tank was full). I went inside to tell the attendant, but his response was of confusion because he doesn't speak English well enough to understand what I was trying to tell him. I even brought him outside to my car to have him tell me that everything was okay with the pump. Even after I showed him the pool of gasoline on the ground, he still couldn't comprehend that something was the matter and the pump needed to be bagged. Not going to Shell again: I'll drive home on an empty tank next time!


sir ihave got this e-mail plz check it is true or not Reference Number: [protected]/10Friday, 23 April, 2010...

Resolved poor service

it's been over three years that i've moved to calgary from toronto. everyone more or less seems to...

Resolved gas station personnel

On March 30, 2010 at around 8:30 AM I stopped by Montvale Shell Svc Gas station located at 98 N. Kinderkamack...

Resolved unappropriate behavior

March 28, 2017 8:58 p.m. I went into the store straight to the counter the cashier was on his computer doing something irrelevant when he went to shut the screen off, pornography came on LOUD and CLEAR. He struggled to get it turned off only to just mute it. Luckily, I do not have children that where with me to see that. I feel unbelievably uncomfortable to even step foot in there ever again unless he is either fired or relocated. That is extremely inappropriate behavior for work. I understand at home but have some decency. Please I need a Corporate number 1800 or something thank you. Also, I did not get his name he is about 6'2", over 45 years of age, works nights, always unshaven, with blonde/grey hair, and blue eyes. I come to this store more than 2 times a day everyday I am a valued customer please help me. One more hint, the actual store isn't a shell store but the gas pumps are.

  • Ke
    kenneth forman Aug 16, 2011

    spanish woman hair down to shoulders needs to advertise to every client in the gas station that I am buying a beverage not to her liking. She is rude and has no business telling anyone about what I am buying.she has so much to say about my purchase. she says nothing about people buying cigarettes but not legal alcohol. She is very opinionated.I spend 700 to 2500 a month but no more. it was 8:43 on monday august 15...I will never spend another penny at shell. Never..My email will be supplied if you ask me

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  • Bo
    Bobareno Jun 19, 2013

    I squeezed the nozzle and noticed only a few drops of gas had come out into my gas container for my mower and the pump showed .88 cents. SO I proceeded to explain the situation to the attendant and she didn't believe me, so I asked for the owner who is Indian descent and he told me they just calibrated the pump yesterday - so we argued a little longer and he gave in and said to clear the pump which I tried to do but it stayed at .88 and he was right there watching me. I then said ok Ill take care of it on the inside when I pay but the girl at the register. I went to pay and the girl told me she cleared the pump and so we argued for a moment and I never got, my .88. They ripped me off and it makes me wonder how many others are losing .88 per fill up and how much money this guy is makin off these fraudulent pumps. .88 cents per fillup times what- 500 customers a day or even more- wow -what a racket
    I also called the Dept of Agriculture for the state of Tn. they will be out soon probably cant trust them either- we all are gettin scammed

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  • Jw
    jwpc Aug 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Small amounts are much easier to steal.

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warning - rip off merchants

Warning - rip off merchants - asking $775 for a $20 job! My husband and I were referred to this shell by...

Resolved how to I get my award

Congrats!!! your number has been awarded $250, 000 in the 2010 shell int'l mobile draw to claim your prize...

12 inch by 9 inch hole on property

The Shell Gas Station on the corner of Hagerman and Coffee- There is a Hole hidden in a grass area by the pay phone-- It measures 12 inches by 9 inches also inside are Wires something to do with the sprinkles-Are the Wires Alive/Hot?--Daughter found out the hard way almost a year ago--No sever injury's but shes been having problems with both knees since them-- As of 03-14-2010 its still there-- The Hole--Not sure who responsible for the property but I think its Shell-- The owner knows all about it-- They did put something on it for a week--One of the local news stations knows-- Someone came and saw The Hole wanted to do a interview with daughter about it but she was unable to-- So guess its not news worthy then-- The Local Newspaper also knows about it- -No one seams to care--Talked to a Lawyer-- Since daughter had no serious injury's their doesn't seam to be a case for damages-- If I fix it I could be charged with destruction of private property-- WOW--They hold Car Wash Fun Raisers with KIDS on the property-- Wonder what would happen if one got hurt--I do stop by and let the One in charge all about the Hole--All that needs to be done is to put a cover on the opening-- Something simple-- Sprinkler box missing it cover --Does someone need to break a leg/ hip-- Are the Wires Alive/ Hot?-- Does someone need to get Fried/ Killed/Hurt--Seams my hands are tied--Anyone have any ideals/ thoughts------------------does anyone even care

Resolved notification for cash grant award!

Shell foundation
Shell centre, london se1 7na uk.


To celebrate our 9th anniversary, you were chosen by the board of
Trustees of shell foundation as one of the final recipients worldwide
To receive cash grant of $2, 000, 000.00 usd. The foundation was established
In the year 2000 by shell multi-million groups and is now supported by the
United nations (Un).

The grant was based on the random selection exercises of database of
Over 1 million e-mail addresses on internet websites worldwide, and the
Globe divided into zones. You are hereby informed that yours falls to
Our african zone, hence you are to paid by our african zonal centre.

For claims, you are to directly contact our assigned finance manager in our
African zonal centre, quoting your qualification no: (Uk-222-6747, af-900-56).

Finance manager:
Name: rev. Chris gordon
Phone: +[protected]
E-mail: [protected]@shellfoundation-online.com
Furthermore, below is the verification form you are to fill when contacting
The executive secretary.

1. Full names:_
2. Address:_
3. Sex:_
4. Age:_
5. Marital status:_
6. Occupation:_
7. Telephone number:_
8. City:/country:_
9. Winning zone:_

Note: you are to indicate your prefered choice of payment as stated below.
1. Payment by bank transfer:
2. Payment by certified cheque:

Be advised to maintain the strictest level of confidentiality until the end
Of proceedings to circumvent problems associated with fraudulent claims.

On behalf of the board kindly accept our warmest congratulations.

Mrs. Elizabeth dickson
Grant co-ordinator.

I have received the above email from [protected]@shell.com
Please advise...

  • Jm
    J Martins Feb 11, 2013

    Today was a complete disappointment about Shell Gas Station at Ashford Kent UK, after fill the tank of my car with 30 pounds of diesel IU asked the cashier to provide me with a 50 pence coin to put same air in a tyre, fantastic he did, the problem was that the machine was broken and I asked my money back, there was no sign about the machine being broken and the answer from the cashier was that Shell doesn't refund any money at all, well Shell lost a client for ever for the amount of 1/2 pound.

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Resolved bad service and lack of experience

I towed my broken car to their shop to repair it. after checking it, they gave an estimate of $1500 to fix it...

Resolved scam email

Scam email received addressed to : undisclosed recipients

Shell petroleum development company of england
Shell centre, london, se1 7na - united kingdom tel: +[protected]

Batch ref: march/010/yy

This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of two hundred thousand great britain pounds (200, 000.00 gb pounds) for the 2010 international e-mail draw which is organized by shell petroleum development company (spdc).

Spdc collects all the email addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions that subscribed to yahoo, aol, walla, rediffmail, gmail, russian mail and hotmail and few from other e-mail providers. six people are selected yearly to benefit from this promotion and you are one of the selected winners...

Payment of prize and claim

Winners shall be paid in accordance with his/her settlement center. shell award must be claimed not later than 15 days from date of draw notification. any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited.

Stated below is your identification number:

Reference number: spdc-012010

This numbers fall within the england location file, you are requested to contact our fiduciary agent in london [dr. mark] with the details below and send your winning identification numbers to him;

E-mail: [protected]@live.com
Tel: +[protected]

He shall immediately commence the process that will facilitate the release of your fund to you.

Congratulations!! once again.

Yours in service,
Dr. (mrs.) lynda johnson
[publicity secretary]

Resolved credit card transaction theft

On 06/18/09 I was passing through Indiana when a pressing need for fuel arose. I took the exit to the Shell station where I pulled up to a pump & prepared to fuel. After swiping my Visa check card I noticed the pump screeen was blank. I immediately pressed the cancel button as a precautionary measure. Pulling up to next pump I again swiped my card and began to fuel. As I was fueling I witnessed a man of India descent coming out of the store and approaching the first pump where I had swiped my card. He removed the pump handle, laying it on its side on a garbage can. I figured it was anemployee/manager/owner decommissioning the pump. He then began walking toward a blue car at the end of the small parking lot. After returning home and reviewing my bank account for travel transactions I was charged an additional $50.00 from the merchant. I immediately pursued a dispute with my bank. The merchant refused a credit to my acount because he was able to show two receipts.
I would like nothing more than to see this person stopped of theft.

prize money not yet received

Email was send to me on May 15, 2009 that I have won prize of five millions United States Dollars. Inspite of...

Resolved rude customer service

Hi, I went for filling gas to the shell gas station at 5498 Buckeystown pike, frederick md-21704. I got...

Resolved spdc mobile draw winner

Please check about the spdc mobile draw, is that a genuine prize or not. I got a spdc mobile draw winner certificate from spdc, occording their mail they depposited us$ one million on my name in a temporary account[nw/bk-temp/acc [protected]] in

Nation wide bank plc.
39 piccadilly, manchester - uk

The bank asking a fund release order from

Office of the head
Operations and services
25th north colonnade
Canary, whalf london

And the fsa is asking to pay us$ 780 to get the fro. I am sending you the copies of spdc mobile draw winner certificate and fro application form from fsa.

Resolved faulty shut-off on pump

One of the pumps automatic shut-off valve is faulty, and does not shut-off when tank is full. As a result...

Resolved over charged on propane

I received 8.9 gallons of propane per the meter and I was chardged for 10.0 gallons of propane. One of two...

Resolved gas sprayed out of hose, did not return money

To whom it may concern: I am writing this email in regards to this shell location: 4317 lawrenceville...

Resolved employee assaulted customer

I witnessed a female shell employee and a hispanic male customer assault a white male customer. The employee...

Las Vegas Gas Stations

Resolved Order was never received

Order was never received. After many ignored emails, we pursued it through PAYPAL and so OFS canceled our order BUT still never refunded our money.

We are still awaiting a refund.

If u don't mind ur money being used by them for months, then 'buy' from them.

  • The phone number on the web site is cellular prefix. (435)-559-1974
    Web hosting contact info
    Domains by Proxy, Inc.

    15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
    United States

    Address for returns on the website is 4135 W 200 N Cedar City UT 84720. If you go to Cedar City's website, look at their map, there is not a bldg where this address should be. There was not a bldg when Google took their photos.

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  • Ou
    outlawrevolt May 19, 2010

    i have been using oncefiredshells.com for over a year now, and every order has been good and in a timely manner.

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