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houstonHouston Texas, United States

Dear Sir:

This is a complaint about the cheating of a Shell gas Station in Houston:

At 9:15 AM on Wednesday 1/18/207, I went to the Shell Gas Station at 11831 Bellaire Blvd @ Kirkwood, Houston, Texas 77072, telephone No: [protected] to fill my gas tank. The signs said they do not accept the credit card or debit card at the pump, so I had to go inside to left my credit card there. The cashier asked me how did I want. I replied that I wanted to fill up the tank, it's about $20.00

After pumping the gas ($17.00) I went inside to get the card and I told the cashier that I spent $17.00, he told me that he charged me $17.00 only. He did not give me the receipt

In the evening on that day, I found in my credit card statement that I paid $20.00 for the gas at Shell gas station.

On Thursday January 19, 2017, I went back the gas station and asked the cashier the reason why he charged me $20.00 instead of $17.00. I shown him the statement of the bank. He told me to come back next day.

On Friday 1/20/2017 (today) I went back the gas station again. The cashier did not give me back the over charge ($3.00), he said that there are many Shell gas station in Houston,

A few dollars are not much for me, however, Bellaire is one of busiest street in the SW area of Houston. I guess there are few hundred people drop by this gas station. I wonder this gas station cheats people and steals money from customers like me, how much money they get every day.

Please consider this case, Sirs. I do not want people to be stolen by the dishonest gas owner and I will not come back this Shell Gas Station again. I will tell this story to many people for their awareness
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Jan 20, 2017

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