Sears / treated like crap in job interview

yale, Tulsa, OK, United States
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I applied for a job for sears I applied to work in the shoe department I had no experience in it but I'am a quick learner and could have proformed the job. Well during my interview I was treated in an unprofessionaly manner and I highly think it was wrong of them instead of one person doing the interview there were two. Well I have a high case of anxiety but after a little bit I'am fine well I guess they could see the anxiety and instantly decided I couldn't do the job they talked about me to one another infront of me and laughed about me infront of me as if I wasn't in the room. I wanted to tell them off really but I really needed the job so I kept my cool and answered all their questions that they needed to know.A day or so later I was informed that they didn't believe I could do the shoe department because I didn't have any experience in it. They also stated that they had cashier jobs open but they didn't think I was mentally stable enough to proform the job even though I have had cashiering experience. I just thought I would bring this to your intention. although the woman who treated me like this no longer works there. Many have spoken negative thoughts on their experience on trying to be employeed by sears.

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