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Sears / selling products they don't have

1 Springfield, OR, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 541-741-7081

Dated March 6, 2009
Melanie Westerkamp

There Oughta be a law! And if I were writing it, it would read; "A company will not be allowed to sell any items they do not have in stock, without explicitly stating in writing, when the item will be available for pick up or delivery, and then following through with it."
On Black Friday last year, (for those of you who don't know, that would be the day after Thanksgiving day sale) 2008, my husband walked into Sears in the Gateway Mall and purchased a Front loading washer and dryer set that they had on sale for half price.
Not being in the habit of paying for Items that we are not physically taking with us, and with the promise of a delivery date set as Feb 4, we decided to put it on our Sears credit card.
On the night of Feb 3rd, I made a phone call to Sears and asked if they could tell me for sure that my washer and dryer would be ready for pickup the next day. I was put on hold after giving my information and when she returned to the phone I was assured that the truck would be in the next day and my set would be on it.
In preparation of those facts, after disconnecting from the conversation, I gave away my washer and dryer set. My husband went to Sears to pick up the new set the next day to find that it wasn’t delivered on the truck, and the new delivery date was set for the 6th, two days later. The reason for this he was told, was because at the time of that sale they only had 30, 000 of those sets and sold 90, 000.
60, 000 of those sets that they sold and received payment for had not even been built yet. After another promise delivery date of Feb 20th, and four visits to the laundry mat = $40.00 spent there, and one hickory work shirt ($30.00) shrunk from an over heating dryer later, we still have no washer and dryer. We also don't have any more promises from Sears, now they are calling it an approximate delivery date of March 20, 2009.
Since the last total spent of $40.00, I have spent additional $30.00 approx (not incl. my time) and used three girlfriends and families washers and dryers while visiting with them anyway (also not incl. their water and electric use).
My Mother and Father needed a new microwave last year and so they went to sears to purchase it. Again, since they did not have the one that was needed to fill the hood range at home, it was ordered and they were told it would be in, in two weeks. During that time, it snowed and iced up the roads, and where they live it was pretty treacherous. At the end of those two weeks they got a phone call from Sears stating that their microwave was available for pick up. When my Father got there he was told that it hadn't arrived yet. A normal twenty minute drive took him forty minutes that day because of ice on the road. He is a self employed Man and his time from work already had him feeling antsy. When he found out that he had been called out to Sears, from Sears, for nothing, he was so angry he cancelled that order and told them he would never be back.
I don't feel I have the same option of just canceling the order of my washer and dryer the way he did his microwave. For one, I could not find another set so well priced, two, the two rebates have already been utilized and our taxes have been filed with the receipt of one rebate.
Had I known that there was even the slightest chance delivery could not be made when it was first promised (hence the phone call to Sears on the 3rd), I would have never given my set away. To make up for all this, they have deducted $50.00 from our bill and we are told that we can receive 3 boxes (or containers) of laundry soap of their choosing, when and if, the washer and dryer set arrives.
I have never been one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but to be honest, that just doesn’t wash away my frustration resulting from this situation! Fact is, since there was no contract stating a delivery date, we don't have any options.
My objective in writing this letter for all to read is just this, well, obviously to relieve some of my own pent up frustrations as well as making a statement, and that is, that any company, as long standing as what Sears and Roebuck has been, in my opinion, should have had the foresight and been better prepared for this situation.
And maybe they were, ? After all, they made no promises on paper; we were the only ones that did that, in signing our name and promising to pay our bill no matter how we feel we are treated in the interim.


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