Sears Service Department Whirlpool / microwave repair

CA, United States

Sears Corporate Office
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60179

Attn: Advocate & Corporate
Complaint Department RE: Customer Service

I am very upset with the way my repair of my microwave is being handled. My first appointment with your service technicians was on 12/23/2010. I was able to get a next day appointment and was very pleased. They came out looked at my whirlpool microwave and decided that it needed a part that they would have to order. They ordered the part and made a return appointment to install the part after the holidays on 1/11/2011. The part arrived at my house on 12/30/2010. I called the appointment line to see if any sooner appointments where available and there weren't any before my original appointment on 1/11/2011. My husband took a 1/2 day off work so we would be able to meet the technicians on our scheduled day, 1/11/2011 from 1pm-5pm. He arrived at our house at 1:00 pm which was the start of our scheduled time. He waited until around 4:00 when he started to get concerned, so he checked our voice mail of our home phone number. Sure enough at 12:28 pm on 1/11/2011 a women named Rachel left a message stating that your company was canceling our appointment and I needed to call a 1-800 number in order to reschedule. She stated the reason for cancellation was there weren't any technicians available. I called the number she left and was told the earliest appointment wasn't until 1/24/2011! Of course I was upset. That is 13 days after my schedule appoint which was also 18 days after the first appointment. The person I spoke to on the phone was very rude to me. I could barely understand him with his thick accent, so I asked to have my call escalated to his supervisor. He told me about three times that the supervisor would tell me the same thing, that their are no earlier appointments. Finally after wasting about 5-10 minutes arguing with him, he transferred my call to a supervisor. The supervisor was more professional than the call center employee, but could only get my appointment moved up to 1/21/2011. I am very unhappy and think that your company is performing poorly in customer service and in your repairing of my microwave. Ultimately, I am a consumer with money to spend, and if you want to continue with my business than I need a speedy resolution to my issue. In the past, I have purchased most of my appliances if not all of them and electronics with your company. Most recently, on Black Friday, I purchased a plasma screen TV. On that day, I was very pleased with your salesman and his knowledge, but am so angry at your handling of this issue that I believe I will have to start taking my business elsewhere. Starting a repair process on 12/23/2010 and then having a scheduled appointment canceled by your company 32 minutes before the scheduled time is unacceptable. My husband had to take a 1/2 off from work, and is now going to have to take another 1/2 off on 1/21/2011 for our new appointment. That is a full day for something that was no fault of our own! The only apology I have received from your company was from the supervisor which I requested to speak to. But Ultimately, she still was really unable to help! I will be exactly 30 days without a microwave! Does your company realize how much of an inconvenience that is on a family? I except a quick response into my complaint and inquiry.

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