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Sears - Repair Center / no show for washer repair

1 Landenberg, PA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 6102551583

Sears Repair Center - have no interest in helping the customer.
Full details of complaint below if you are interested enough to read it all - I was venting my anger so it is rather long! Suffice to say that I have never received good service from the Sears Repair Center. Their lack of understanding and unwillingness to provide constructive help is arrogant beyond belief!

I telephoned Sears on Wednesday to report a fault with my Washer - it took 2 attempts to get through Sear's Voice Recognition Menu as the system couldn't understand my responses!!! I was told that a repair technician would be out on the following Friday between 1 and 5pm. I received a further call on Thursday - an automated message to confirm the appointment for the following day.
I waited in all Friday afternoon. At 6pm called Sears Repair Center (infuriating menu system again) to be passed on to the department that "looks after" Master Protection Customers.
(This is the gist of conversation - it was long, heated and exasperating...)

Sears: Sorry, you shouldn't have been scheduled for Friday - there was no one available.
Me: But no one told me that!
Sears: I don't know why - the message just says 'no one availalbe'
Me: So what are you going to do?
Sears: The next available service is in a weeks time.
Me: But I have 4 children, I can't wait another week!
Sears: Some people have to wait 2 weeks.
Me: But I paid extra for the premium service - what sort of service is this!
Sears: Madam, other people are waiting ahead of you.
Me: But Sears made a mistake! I've wasted my whole afternoon! By way of apology I should be given a higher priority - not put to the end of the line!
Sears: There is nothing I can do.
Me: (exasperated) But you are Customer Services - it's your job!
Sears: The technicians all finish work at 5:00pm, there is nothing I can do.
Me: (really exasperated) You're telling me that people have to wait 2 weeks for a repair, and your crew knock off at 5:00! Shouldn't they be working more hours to provide a decent level of service? Is this supposed to make me feel better?
Sears: They are only human - they have to work regular hours.
Me: What about my hours! My Friday evening has been ruined waiting for a non-existent repairman!
Sears: There is nothing I can do.
Me:Sears makes a mistake, and you don't want to do anything to make amends! There must be someone you can call to provide quicker service!
Sears: Perhaps you didn't receive a call because you were angry on the phone.
Me: (Absolutely livid) How dare you! How dare you be so condescending! I wasn't at all angry when I phoned for service, I'm only angry now because you don't want to do anything to put your mistake right.
Sears: I am one of the most patient people in this company - I haven't put the phone down or been rude to you
Me: ! (Stunned silence)
Sears: You can try calling back in the morning.
Me: Why do I have to call - isn't this your job!
Sears: I won't be working tomorrow.
Me: What is the number - and don't refer me to that infernal menu system, I want a direct number.
Sears: There is no direct number.
Me: Every company has a direct number
Sears: There is no direct number.
Me: You mean to say that every irate customer has to go thru' that dreadful menu, and then explain the story all over again to someone new?!
Sears: Just call the 1 800 number and ask for Rapid Response
Me: There's a Rapid Response service!? So why can't you let these people know that I am a case for Rapid Response because Sears messed up?
Sears: I am just leaving them a message now.
Me: Why didn't you just do this in the first place!!! Why do you have to wait for me to get really angry, shout and make a fuss before you do what Customer Services is supposed to do!
Sears: Enjoy the rest of your day
Me: !

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  • J
      20th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I couldnt agree with you more i am so infuriated by their incopentance and unwillingness to make mends for THEIR mistakes ... they appologize but what are words without any action ... take action and show your customers how sorry you are you freakin ###s

  • Ca
      1st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I work in retail, and let me tell you, there's nothing more irritating than a customer who blames you for something you can't control.

    There really was nothing he could do. There is no way to over-ride the system and schedule you on a day that is already booked, just because you were inconvenienced. You HAVE to go to the end of the line simply because the system only lets you schedule people on the next available day and time, and that is not the associate's fault. Even if it was some sort of magic system that let him schedule you for a day and time that's already booked, why should the associates have to go through a whole week's worth of people and tell them their appointment has been postponed by a couple hours, just because you were inconvenienced? The whole situation is nobody's fault, it's unfortunate for you and sometimes you just have to deal. It's rude people like you, who just love to blame the employees for everything, who make these associates become immune to angry customers. It's no wonder he had no compassion or empathy, he probably gets blamed for things that are beyond his control every single day. Seriously, even if he really was empathetic and overly apologetic about the whole thing, would that have changed your attitude? Because that is the only thing he could have done differently. People need to have more respect for those that work in retail, because you know you could never do their job.

    By the way - people who work in customer service aren't there wait on you hand and foot, they are just as much of a person as you are. They're there because they like what they do and they're trying to earn a living. You shouldn't go around and expect people to solve your problems for you and somehow fix things just to convenience yourself. There was nothing he could have done to fix the situation and as far as I'm concerned, you owe him an apology. I understand your frustration but my goodness, the man said there was nothing he could do. Did you think he was lieing or something?? I guarantee you, if you didn't have such an angry tone first, he would have been more apologetic. Trust me - I know. It's hard to feel bad for customers who are being rude. You can't be a jerk to somebody and then get mad at them when they're rude back.

  • Ma
      10th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I couldn't agree with Catie more. You, Miss Cheryl Kirk, are an inconsiderate a**wipe with no regard to the feelings of the TOTAL STRANGER you are whining and yelling at. Having worked for Verizon Wireless customer service before, I don't recall a single day in my life some brainless ### (such as yourself) would call and yell and scream at me for either, A: Something THEY caused or B: Something another department or rep caused that I had absolutely nothing to do with. When I personally made a mistake, I went out of my way to ensure it was corrected, up to and including coming in early, UNPAID, to do research on their bills just to be sure the mistake was corrected. If I had made a mistake with someone such as you, I'd deny it before God himself. YOU, Miss Cheryl, are THE number one reason customer service in this era sucks so bad, and you are the reason it will CONTINUE to suck, because you adopt a petty, arrogant, whiny, self-righteous attitude about things, AND you have a very big inflated egotistical self-entitlement complex. Just how sad and pathetic do you have to be to take out your frustrations on a total stranger who has likely never even heard of you until you called?

    I loved this part of your post: "Their lack of understanding and unwillingness to provide constructive help is arrogant beyond belief!" Well look at the pot calling the kettle black. In short Miss Cheryl, shove it up your a**. I have high hopes that your life will spiral completely out of control, ending with you losing your husband, your house, your kids hating you, and you eating half-eaten ham sandwiches out of a deli dumpster while lice have a dinner party on your scalp. Perhaps then you'll look back on this pathetic little rant of yours and realize you really weren't set back much at all by simple human error, were you?

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Li
      19th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Guess what? Sears was supposed to be here today between 8am and noon to repair my waterheater and guess what? It is now noon and they have yet to call or show!!!

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