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Sears Portrait Studio / misled and dissatisfied

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When we arrived at the studio, we were asked if we were interested in tradional or modern poses. I told her both but for the main pose we wanted it to be tradional. So she showed us to the studio and proceeded to put us in very unconfortable and unnatural poses. We told her that this was not working, that we would like to try more tradional poses and she ignored our request. After we were bullied through our Family Poses we wanted to get some of our two year old alone. Our daughter found a car prop that she was interested in and would not leave alone, my husband and I asked her to do a pose with it just to appease our daughter and she refused. She continued to do what she wanted and nothing that we requested. When we sat down to view our poses, she deleted 4 of the poses without consulting us first. The two poses of our family were terrible and you could tell that we were very uncomfortable. The pictures taken of our daughter were also terrible, she was not captured smiling in any of them, (however there were plenty of oppurtunities to catch her doing so). When I was ready to place my order I was told that if I used my coupon for $4.99 package I would be penalized if I wanted to get other poses. I could either buy the sheets seperatly for $7.99 or get the package (one pose) for $4.99 and each sheet of the other poses would be $20.00 each. That is not what the coupon stated but the associate did not seem to care. When I went to pick the pictures up they had taken upon themselves to print 5 extra sheets and try to SUCKER me into buying them. I asked them what they wre going to do with them and she said that they would be shredded. Needless to say I was not satisfied with this expeience and will not be returning to the studio.

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  20th of Mar, 2009
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4.99 for the time spent trying to capture a toddler on camera is RIDICULOUS.

posing in professional manners is WHY you go to the studio. if you want to sit in a chair with your kid on your lap do it with a point and shoot.

and to cry over spending EIGHT BUCKS, on your kid.

clearly the hassle to DEAL is worth more than FIVE bucks.

  12th of Apr, 2009
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wow i thought my wife and i were the only ones who were getting scammed! today we tried using the 4.99 coupon because it promoted a portrait package which is very misleading. The sales rep said it was only for one pose but no where on the coupon did it state that it was only valid with one pose. The sales rep ended up trying to sell us a 169.99 package and said that the coupon was not valid and this package is a much better deal anyways. I am just upset at the false advertisement on the coupon and the fact that the rep was trying to upsell us on every point. I work in sales so i am no stranger to these tactics. I understand that they have to make a living but I do the same without lying to ANY of my customers...Its not the price that we were upset at its the principle of the whole situation.

  19th of Jun, 2009
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wow i thought i was alone in this. It's so glad to see i have friends out there. On June 3, 2009 i entered a sears portriat studio for the first time. We, my son and I had an appointment at 1:30, we were suppose to take pictures for fathers day. Well it was around 1:45 when she called us back. she then started to shoot my son first using some cute lil props, and i was just suppose to hold him there NOT! I ended up working there lol the only thing this lady did was take the photo, the positioning, the moving of the props, the lifting, etc... i did all of that. So by the time it came for me to join in i was tired and sweaty and just didn't bother. Oh did i forget to mentioned that during this photo session she tells me that she has to take lunch at 2pm. Now remeber that it was 1:45 when we started. So we finish the shoot and she tells me that i can't view my pics until after she cames back from lunch. I hang around the store until the reopened at 3 only to find out that i wasn"t gonna get to view them then either bc another employee came in and knew nothing about me viewing them. So i had to make an appointment just to view my photos. Thats not it! The person that did my photo shoot tuned out to be the manager, and you think thats something, i had more trouble when my photos returned for me to pick them up. There was what looked like crudy stuff to me under my sons nose and they said that it was the lighting and there was nothing they could do about it. We argued about fixing the photos she refuse to fix or to even let me speak to another manager. By this time i didn't want to deal with them any longer so i ask for a refund and they refused me of that also, so in return i had to get an attourney involed to let these people know that you can't just treat people any kind of way.

  19th of Jun, 2009
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By the way for thoose reading Comfortable"s comment: that was the sears portriat studio in goldsboro, nc.

  12th of Jul, 2009
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All of the coupons for the one-pose package state that the package is in "your favorite pose". If you take the time to read the fine print which is underneath the coupon, it DOES state that additional sheets with the one-pose package are $19.99 per sheet.

  5th of Nov, 2009
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YES... listen to Shutterbabe, you ALWAYS have to read the fine print. I work at sears portrait studio, and im sorry you had a really unpleasant time. I always try to make the family take part in deciding which poses and props to use... I hate to hear that fellow SPS co-workers out there arn't doing the same. Oh, and those 5 sheets you're talking about... it's actually a good deal. They're 60% off regualr prices. My advice would be to buy less at the table and then ALWAYS buy the 5 extra sheets... you'll spend less that way.

  7th of Apr, 2010
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Sears sucks!!! just screwed me out of $220 there coupons means jack Sh** I had one that was 40-60% off off the package deal just to find out it was a bait and switch deal

  3rd of Nov, 2010
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Wow guys, I worked at SPS and hated it. It was mostly because of customers like you. It DOES say that it is only one pose. That 60% of thing is NOT a coupon, it is an ad for the collections.

If you're gonna complain, you might as well have something to actually complain about, otherwise you just advertise your stupidity.

  26th of May, 2011
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I work at Sears Portrait Studio and I am too very sorry for anybody who has had an unpleasant experience. However, the $4.99 coupon as well as the $7.99 coupon does state that it's a one pose package. If you read the fine print it also states that any additional sheets are $19.99. When you receive your photos the lab does send sheets called "Spec sheets"... I explain to my customers that this is sort of like a "Thank you for your business" deal. You receive 5 "Spec sheets" for $25... that's a 75% discount. The sheets would normally cost $100. Although if a customer came to me and complained about their experience at my studio, I would most likely give them the Spec sheets for no additional charge. Unfortunately every company has its bad apples! If I have an unhappy customer, I do everything in my power to correct the situation. And we have had situations like that, no company is perfect! :)

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