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Sears / Kenmore Appliances / warranty up products only lasted a short time

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I have been a customer with sears for over 30 years I have always purchased the extended warranty with anything I bought when me and my husband bought our new home it already had new Kenmore appliances in it that where purchased by the builder from sears needless to say after 1 year and a half the front of the stove where the temperature gages are at melted and we had to duck tape it on because when sears service had come out they said it was not covered the warranty was up needless to say now after just 4 years of having a Kenmore refrigerator it went out and the service man again came out and said it would cost 500.oo dollars to fix it the warranty on that is also no good.Well along with all the other unhappy and dissatisfied customers you have now lost another one but why would you care ? What ever happened to the sears that use to care about the customers?

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  • Va
      5th of Nov, 2007
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    Sears / Kenmore Appliances - If you don't buy the warranty, the treat you like dirt
    United States

    In April 2006, we purchased three Kenmore Appliances to receive a 20% rebate. We did not purchase any extended warranties because I do not believe in them. I believe a product should be made to last but I have been proven wrong. First of all, the dishwasher needed to be repaired after less than 13 months BUT just enough time to be out of the one year warranty. The seal on the motor broke - I sure that didn't happen overnight. We were forced to pay labor but not parts. Sending a letter to Sears was never answered ... what a surprise. NOW - our 18 month old fridge has it's door fall off - that's right - the door fell off on 10/28 - the estimate to repair - over $900 - the cost of the fridge - had to pay service fee of $70. But again no warranty - basically they tell you to just go away. Called Sears on same day service man came - 10/30 - the promised to refer this problem for review & suggested I give them 24-48 hours but call back if do not hear from them. So of course, no one called me. Today I spoke w/ Charles in "One Source Division" Dept. said they never got the account to review - and after looking at file told me - you guessed it - no warranty - too bad. He looked up my records to see that over the years we have purchased 13 items w/ them - but that doesn't matter. Offered something like $100 for I am not even sure what he was talking about. Oh yeah, we got disconnected during the call & he never called back - so I had to wait on line again - another 30 minutes - I get Charles again - he tells me he tried to call back - told him that is a lie, I have call waiting and the line didn't ring nor did the number come up. He is full of it. Anyway, he then refused to transfer me to a manager, said he couldn't. I advised him I was in customer service for years & was always able to transfer to a manager - he told me "good for you" - oh yeah, he was a winner. Anyway, after much back & forth w/ him, he finally agrees to put account in review for a supervisor call back but will be 24 hours. Took him about 20 minutes to document the account - I suggested he do that after we hang up so I don;t have to be on hold - he tells me he can't because another call would come in??? So, you can't turn off your phone to leave your desk??? I feel like I am dealing with a tiny company far. far way. It is VERY hard for me to realize this is Sears we are talking about. Their customer service stinks - they will stand by the warranty phrase until the end of time - I have heard it told to me a hundred times. So when does a door fall off a fridge - when it is defective BUT it's not under warranty. After reading some of the comments on this site, i see that I am not the only one who went to the wrong store to buy our appliances. We will NEVER shop at that store again!!!

  • He
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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    i have had a kenmore stove for just bout 2years and there has been a spot over my rear dial that is turning yellow...i put my hand up against it the other day and the white paint started coming off and you can see it chipping away, , , seeing the metal exposed, , , , , yep right down to the metal...i mean really ...this is a new stove...
    and not only that, the window in the oven door has gotten so dity INSIDE and there is no way i can get in to clean it...i am so, , , to be honesst disgusted ...i bought a tv and had to return that too, , , , ,
    i really feel that this should be replaced at no cost, , , , , i feel so bad for the person spent the money for this., , , , , it was a gift, , , ,
    if you really want to keep customers i would suggest you call me and do something abou this, , , , , , i did call the store and they would do nothing, , , , they told me to call you and i will...

  • Ro
      4th of Jan, 2010
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    What is useful life of Kenmore Dishwashers?

    My complaint is that after 4 years of use the dishwasher now leaks. Will a service man be able to repair it?

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