Sears Holdings Corporation / 55" inch samsung tv

Hagerstown, MD, United States

My grandparents had purchased the TV as a wedding gift. They purchased it a few weeks before the wedding and my grandfather had fallen ill and was in the hospital. They did not get a chance to check TV before my wedding. After the wedding and our honeymoon. My father in law and his brother passed away a week after our wedding which was unexpected. Because of planning a funeral, we did not get a chance to check the TV right after the wedding. About two weeks after the wedding we had purchased a TV stand and when we opened up the box to our TV low and behold the screen had been cracked. My grandmother had called and tried to have it replaced but because it was passed the 30 days they said the only thing they could do was send a repair technician to fix it at no cost to us. They pushed this appointment out for another week and 1/2 and I had to take off work so that they could come out to fix the TV. When they did finally come out they said that they could not replace it because it was not a manufacture defect (which sears knew from the beginning why they said they would replace it is beyond me) and that they were now charging me $116 dollars just for them to come out and tell me that. I explained that they said it would be at no cost to us and the technician refused to leave our house until we paid him. I had called the service departments customer service who refused to refund or help me. When I asked for the corporate number they told me there was no such number and that they only had an email. I had to do my own research to find that there was a number. I called Sears Holdings and after a long conversation and explaining that I did have an email saying that the service call would be at no cost they refunded me the $116 but told me that they could not put a authorized return from there that it was up to the store I bought it from. I then called the store from where it was purchased and they told me that they could not return it without an authorization number from corporate since it was over the 30 days. Corporate was basically giving me the run around. The store said they would look into it and call me back. Guess what no call back so I had to call them, they told me that Corporate was supposed to call me in 48 hours. I had never heard from them. I had to call them as well. So when I called and explained my situation for the 6th time, they told me that because it was over the 30 days there was nothing they could do to help us regardless of the situation that they never make exceptions. I even offered to show documentation and proof of everything that we had been through and the woman Kay from Corporate told me that they never make exceptions that they can't stray from their policies and that it doesn't matter my personal experience or the situation we had been through that it was just business and that they had to stick to their policies. I was mortified that a huge corporation like Sears couldn't make an exception and that it was just business they had to focus on. Then when I told her that it was just heartless and that I would pass the word on not to buy from them she said please don't do that we can offer you a 10% discount on a new TV. I was shocked are you serious!! You actually have the nerve to offer me a 10% discount on a new TV, you actually think I would ever purchase anything else from a company that doesn't care about their customers. I think not!!! I had never asked for a refund, I had only asked for a replacement TV since it was cracked prior to us opening it and they refused to make it right. I have news for Sears Corporate, your customers are what make your business and if you cant provide good customer service then its no wonder your company is failing. To make this very sad story short. I would not recommend purchasing anything from Sears or Kmart because they do not care about their customers or the reputation anymore regardless what your situation is.

Jul 19, 2016

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