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Sears - Hitachi Tv / you call this service?

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We bought our Hitachi 50" 50V525 model Tv from sears canada and it was delivered in September 2005. As we were moving into our new home ( not until October 2005) the Tv sat until then.

It worked fine until July2006 when it started to act up. Picture would just go off and screen would turn blue.

We called sears before the year warranty period was up and also purchased at an additional $250.00 an extended warranty.

We have had a sears service man here 3 times to fix the machine but to no avail. Now he says it needs a circuit board and light engine. We have been without the Tv since mid september and sears advised they could not get the part until mid December 2006. Another 2 months waitng.

Hitachi are absolutly useless as they advise they have a "special" arrangement with Sears and I would have to deal with them. part has to come from offshore.sears would not do anything for us either and we just spent over $12,000. on new appliances with them.

You call this service????

Anyone else out there experiencing this kind of treatment??

Oh well what can we expect these days.

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  • Ca
      18th of Nov, 2007
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    I don't know if i have the right person,i have been getting the run around.Call this number, we don't look after that..well I have worked for over 12 years now--first the Moncton store staff #2303 then I went to the Saint John store staff # 2613172.I went out on stress leave had all the paper for the doctor that they needed and they told me my job will be there when i come back...I went back and my job was not there I was the lead In ladies wear job was not there..there had been changes in the office the the office was no more so the took her and gave her my job..them put me in jew. as a spic.and the lead job
    was open of cosm..I asked for an interview for that they told me some one all ready had to interviews ..the lady form hips was hired...then one day I went in the Managers office and i told him
    i am ready to get my leads job back..well I should never have do that because they tried a lot of things to let me go ...the one day we had a meeting and the manager said that they had written for theses bar and to help yourself..,the nest day it was the day before my holidays and i was going to catch the plane about 3 hours later--I got stoped at the door and they took me to the office in the back...they ask me if I have the bars ..I had taken 3 of them...I said yes..they ask why I was hiding them ..I was hiding them because the lady in my dep. loves cho. and she would ask me to get her some..then they shoowed me a rec. and ask me if I know this person I says know that I know of just and a purchase and an account # on it....then they said you don't know ------ it was a staff that had retired..then i said yes I know her-they told me I gave her 50%off a shirt --it was long sleeve and the short sleeve one was on --i told them that it did not come up so i call and mens wear told me they were on and that they were not coming up--then they said something that shocked be--they said on the tape they a me giving the cleaning lady a ring--I said I did not --and they said I bought some things with my discount and gave they to her ---I said you better look on that tape again because every second week she would have no money for coffee and I would take it out of purse and give her 2.00 and
    when she got payed she would give it back to me--and I did my 2 hats sets with my money and gave them to her after her shaft ..i had met her son and he was cute so I thought I would do that....
    then the last thing they had on my was the i had given the cleaning lady 1/5 % discount using someone elses # I had to do it all the time in purfume and noone question me--I was let go with
    giving me a begining writen up three times --and my reviews were always good be because i told the Manager that I was ready for the Lead job agian --they let me go-- I have been still of stress and I was at that time and when I phone head personal he told me that I told they Manager I was better---well guess what I have been on 13 pill a day as i was all along and can't come off them --they didn't ask me if the Doctor said I was ready --I said I was ready--but now I am on disabilty and come not work the rest of my life --well I did not like the way I was treated and you should see me now I shake all the time ---I have to say it Sears have done this to me ---thank you--I am the oldest of 9 children --now count how many customer you are missing --because I was treated like dirt--and I was in shoke when they told me they were letting me go I did not say a then took the paper and went home --in Toronto were I was I had to call the Office because the store said I don't get my vacation pay --and she looked after it for me and I got it--now how is that--a way to be treated after al thought years...and now I can't work and I am only 51 years old---I get 520.00 to live on a month and my rent is 460.00 that leaves me 60.00 to pay my bills and eat for the month.. well thank you very much if you have read this letter i have short term memery lose so I can"t spell very well forgive that

    Thank you for your time

    Cathy Vautour

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