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Sears / false judgement

1 Warwick, RI, United States

About 5 or 6 years ago I went to court for a case for sears with this attorney on this day I sat there till about 2 pm when my case was called the other attorney never showed up. That dec of the same year I recieved a judgement agianst me well I am un employeed and have been sense 1992 due to illness and have been very ill and now have a heart condition on top of all this with heart racing to 145 bpm. The judgement was mailed to me I cant understand how they got it nor do I think its real if so I cant see how they can collect and havent tried too. I was there that day they never showed. Well I just recieved another letter yesterday for 6, 759.59 the actually account is only ober or close to 3, 000.00. File number is 6r309 civil action number and this is not a summons is 03-663 and says re: sherman acquisition limited partnership I went to court that day to agree to pay 25.00 a month and they dont show and I get a quote un q2uote judgement really now they are after me for a paypal that was a summons I have to answer and offered 25.00 a month but there holder is midland which I have a judgement with but have been paying faithfully. Please help me stress causes the heart to race I have no income and my husband makes only enough for us to survive but not qualify for help. I have been so ill I spent a year and a 1/2 in bed and now the heart condition please help thank you

Jul 31, 2015

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