Sears Customer Satisfaction / customer satisfaction none!!!

Bought a combo microwave/range fan dec 2008 it broke may 2009, repair company cannot fix it I still have no fan no microwave and sears will not refund it even tho I have no product in my house as they are deciding which one of the 6 people I talked to were going to fix it all. Then finally last week I thought ok I finally get some answers that are good I can nnow order a fan and a microwave separate at no extra costs to me even the extra $20 dollars over the price of the single unit is waved new warranty and no shipping or handleing. Yeah!!! Finally!!! Not another call today, to infom me all other dicisions are void I will pay extra and I will not be compisated at all for the three months of having nothing for my $499.99 plus tax and shipping and handeling what customer satisfaction is that.


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