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QC, CA Review updated:

I am in the process of dealing with the very frustrating maze that is customer service at Sears. My less than 3 year old front loading Kenmore washing machine (Whirlpool Duet sold under the Kenmore name) needs new ball bearings. Surprise, you can’t just buy the ball bearings – you have to buy the entire drum kit. Everything in it will cost the same to repair it as it would be to buy a new one. I paid $85 for the Sears tech to come into my house for less than 2 minutes. He diagnosed the problem in under 10 seconds. He told me that it’s a common problem in 7+ year or older machines, but not in one so new. He had never seen that problem before & suggested I call customer service. Suprise – nothing they can do for me…not even a discount on the parts. I’m not at all surprised at this point. I’m considering dropping the broken machine on the front door of Sears so they can deal with the disposal. Is everything disposable these days? Apparently Kenmore products are.

In addition, I was charged an additional $5+tx ‘Supply fee’ on top of the $69.95 +tx service charge for the technician. When I called to enquire about it even customer service didn’t know what the fee was for (since no supplies were used). They agreed to reverse the charge and call me back when it was done. No call backs. After my 4th phone call (for $5!) I was told that this was an industry standard fee for the technician keeping supplies on the truck whether they were used or not and the charge would not be reversed. WHAT?
They also said that I wasn’t told of the fee beforehand because some techs charge it and some don’t. Now, how industry standard is that? I’ve written letters of complaint and also got the reply from Dene Rogers that David May would respond to my concerns. I have not heard anything from Mr. May’s office yet. I am now in an email discussion with a customer service representative who apparently doesn’t read my concerns as she will not answer direct questions, but rather reiterates what is found on the bill (with no further expanation).
I’m frustrated beyond belief (and being 9 months pregnant with no washing machine isn’t helping to calm me down).

Buyer beware with both Kenmore Products and Sears service calls!

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  • Co
      Sep 17, 2009

    I will meet you at the laundry mat. We are having a similar problem with our
    washer only the biggest headache is corprate customer service. How can we get through to these people?
    Kenmore garbage!!!1

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  • Pi
      Oct 09, 2009

    You know what, Sears has internal problems at the Sears store in Petawawa, did you buy it there? They promise stuff at the time of sales and then after they sell product they don't care and will not return any calls and then they hope that you will just forget about it, once the money is in their hands they don't care.

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  • Pi
      Oct 09, 2009

    I have a sister in law that was part owner in a Sears Distribution Store and she cared about customer service and she would call back all customers that had problems as she was a firm believer in customer satisfaction and paid the ultimate price for her beliefs. She was fired as co owner of her SEARS Distribution Center from her co owners wife because she was told that she was to kind and cared for customers that were having problems with products and that was costing them money.The husband was the one that was my sister in laws associate partner, not his wife who went bankrupt before and couldn't even get money to finance this business and needed my sister in law to be partners with her husband. She is now writing cheques out to herself and not paying her husbands employees. She will soon have a wake up call. Don't buy anything from the suppliers of the Sears products in Petewawa, Ontario. What is said here has absolutley no reflection on SEARS itself, just the poor management of the persons selling their products.

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  • Lk
      Nov 05, 2009

    I agree that Sear's Service is TERRIBLE. Our new house came with a Kenmore washer that suddenly stopped working. We called Sears to come out to fix the problem and were told that the guy would come in 5 days between 8-5 pm - which of course means taking the day off from work. He came and after 10 mins diagnosed the issue and charged us $90 saying he would be back to fix it the following Wednesday - so again another day off work. Wednesday morning Sears calls to say that he can't come so they want to reschedule for the following Tuesday - after I had already taken the day off work. I said that wasn't acceptable - but of course got the run around and more or less the story of "too bad". My husband then called the Appliance Guy - who was AMAZING. He came out on the Wednesday - went and got the part and even fixed the machine the same day - all for cheaper than Sears was going to charge. Of course we are still out the original $90 which they will not refund.

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  • Ca
      Mar 23, 2011

    Sears Canada service charges are outrageous - and they are misleading. When told the initial assesment would be $99, and could cost more, I called the local store manager and was told that the $99 would also cover the repairs. When finished - for less than 30 minutes - the cost of labour was $165. And there is no way they will provide any refund. NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL I DEAL WITH SEARS CANADA. BE READY TO BE RIPPED OFF.

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  • Ju
      May 12, 2011

    Never, Never buy a Sear applicance again!!! I was shipped a new door for a fridge and was sent the wrong one (Sears error!) got credit back for the WRONG door and then Sears sent out the CORRECT door that I ordered. I was then charged twice for a total of $882.73 for a $390.00 part! Sears Call Direct will not fix the problem and will not return calls. Terrible Terrible customer service!!! Have spent over 12 hours on trying to recover my monies to no avail. WARNING DO NOT PURCHASE SEARS APPLIANCES!!!

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  • Va
      Sep 13, 2011

    Purchased dishwasher from Sears's outlet in Maple Ridge 4 weeks ago. Paid for full delivery and installation. Installed by the store owner who coincidently was an installation contractor. Dishwasher leaked about 3 weeks ago (about a week after been installed), so I phoned Sears to get help. Well, it’s been 3 weeks now and all they do if I call Customer Service – they keep telling that somebody will contact me within 2 days. 3 weeks!!!
    One of the reasons – the Sears franchise co-owner denies that he installed dishwasher and only delivered it to us. Wow! What a liar!
    Sears did not want to do anything about the matter. The only thing is left for me is to sue Sears and their pathetic "contractor". So, that's what I will probably do.

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