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First I will start with never order anything major from sears online. My grandmother which is disabled couldn't see her television and wanted to order a 50"plasma (Yeah me grandma is cool like that) so we decided to go with the"reputable"company sears so we know that everything will go right... Wrong. Anyways, while placing the order online her card kept declining, come to find out she had a max daily limit, so we just used another card, and it declined. So at this point I decided to call their customer service and ask what was going on, he looked up the item, and said that we could place it over the phone, well the price he had was like $100 more than the price I was seeing right in front of my face, I tried to explain to him and he wasn't having none of it, we checked item numbers and everything I even offered to send him a screen shot of what I was seeing to prove it, still he kept saying I was"mistaken"yet it was right on my screen. So anyways, I was like okay she wants it so we'll go ahead, once he actually started the process the order, the price that I was telling him miraculously appeared. I obviously, had to through in a snide remark that clearly he must be"mistaken"as I was. So we finished processing the order, it accepted the card, no problem after that, right? No.
I specifically asked him if sears would be delivering it or ups or how the shipping was going to work, as my grandmother, like I said is disabled and knew that she would not be able to lift and hook up a 50" television. He said yes sears would deliver it and hook it up for her with no problem. Well, 2 weeks later some odd "pilot freight" company calls and says that they will be delivering the package tomorrow. At first I didn't understand, but figured maybe that was what they called sears delivery or something. Well, the package arrives, one delivery driver for a package clearly marked "lift with two people", one of my family members, which always stays with her was luckily my brother, so he helped the guy bring it in. The guy took off in a scurry, did not remove it from the box as promised, certainly did not hook anything up, took a signature and ran. Well, at this point I was called, as I was the person handling the whole thing, and was told that the entire tv screen was cracked all over. I was already fuming that I was lied to about delivery method and installation, and then this. So I call the customer service department again, and first got a rep that said she apologized, blah, blah, blah. I asked to speak to the manager, well about 10 minutes later "michael" (The manager) after informing him of the whole shipping & installation misinformation all he could do is apologize, I then told him that his apology wasn't going to get the tv installed (I haven't even mentioned that the tv is completely shattered yet), and I told him that he would credit the shipping charges at the very least, after demanding it he then said that it was a fair compromise, so he credited the shipping and asked if there was anything else he could help me with. At this point I informed him yes, he could actually send me another tv as this one is completely shattered and inoperable. As if everything wasn't bad enough, this takes the cake... He said that she would have to order another one (Another $1000 dollars) and then they can send the courier back out to get the other one and once they receive it back they will refund the initial $1000 dollars. I explained to him that this wasn't an option at all, and told him that he needed to send a replacement out immediately and they can arrange to pickup the broken one whenever they want to. He said that it wasn't possible, that the only other option is to wait until the broken one is returned, they would refund the money, then she could place a new order for the same tv. My jaw hit the floor, that a multi-million dollar a year company can stay in business for as long as they have with this sort of customer service. So needless to say after a hour of being on the phone, my grandma was with a busted tv and a $1000 out until they could get the tv back to them (Which could take up to 2 weeks). I eventually gave up on trying to make sense of this policy, told him to come and get their tv and give my grandma her money back asap and we would go elsewhere to get a tv. So, again I will repeat never order anything of any value from sears online, because if it's broken they aren't going to fix it. It looks like after she was waiting nearly two weeks for a tv that she paid for she is going to have to wait even longer, until she can get her $1000 dollars back, and I can get some free time to go tv shopping at stores.

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      11th of Jun, 2012

    I ordered the complete mattress boxspring and frame online from Sears and it was delivered on the 31 of May 2012, on the 10 of June 2012, I discoverd that the matress was sagging already, I called and told them of it, since the mattress was a quality item, I requested a exchain for a better quality mattress and I would pay the extra amount but I told them it had to be exchained and delivered on the same date.
    After the runaround they told me that i would be done and I would get a convermation on the telephone that is three days ago and not a word from
    Hopefully you could do something about it.
    Reginald E. Purvis, Coos Bay, Oregon

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  • I have ordered a few different item from But I recently ordered a double stroller and had a delivery date set up. Before the date, they called and said the stroller would not be in on time and we set up a new delivery date. That day I waited around waiting for the stroller to be delivered, and I had to call them only to find out that the stroller was still not in. I canceled the order, and a month later (June 2012) they called to confirm a delivery of the order I had cancelled. I had to cancel the order 4 times before they put it in the system. And when I talked to them about what they were shipping, they didn't even know what they were shipping, they were going to ship an order that had already been delivered instead of the double stroller at one point. They have no idea what they are doing, when items you order will actually come in, and scam you on delivering items.

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