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Good afternoon,

I bought a new Kenmore Elite refrigerator about 5 months ago for $3, 000. For the past 6 weeks now, the refrigerator has not been working. I have contacted Customer Solutions numerous times and was given case number 6082465. I also spent 2 hours in the store pleading with the Store Manager Richard McGregory (Memphis, TN) to replace the unit but was told that only Customer Solutions can approve. I called Customer Solutions and they said that a replacement can only be approved if the Sears technician documents to "replace".

A Sears technician worked on the unit 11/19/18 for a few hours, called both the Stack department, and LG and stated the unit cannot be repaired and must be replaced. I called both the Sears benefit dept. and Customer Solutions this morning and they are awaiting notes from the technician to replace the unit. I was told by a technician manager that the refrigerator will be replaced and that a credit will be issued for a new replacement through Sears only. The replacement is currently being processed in another system and we need to wait 48 hours for a phone call. I spoke to a member of the benefits department who explained the replacement process as well.

In the meantime, my family spent the Thanksgiving without a working refrigerator. To make matters worse, we financed the unit through Sears credit card and are still paying for it.

My family has spent numerous hours on the phone with Sears Customer solutions. At one point, a Sears Customer Solutions Supervisor hung up on my wife. A separate Sears Supervisor was laughing at us when we called the line. We have lost well over $400 on groceries on two separate occasions due to this issue. Unfortunately, we won't be compensated for any food loss since we didn't purchase a protective agreement through Sears.

Our only ask at this time is for Sears to quickly expedite this issue for resolution We were told that Sears will issue a credit to allow us to purchase a new refrigerator although our preference is for a full refund. As of this morning, customer solutions is reaching out to the technician department for an update on the replacement. We were told to "wait another 72 hours."

This will be my last attempt to obtain resolution from Sears regarding this issue. Next steps will include outreach on social media networks and if needed I will have my attorney intervene. I also have contact with a local news channel in Memphis who would gladly share my story.

We have been loyal Sears customers for many years and are truly disappointed with the product and the followup customer service. Any assistance you can provide for resolution is greatly appreciated.

Nader Khalaf

Sears Brands

Nov 23, 2018

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