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Sears Auto Center / poor service!

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I bought a set of new tires from a mail order company. I needed to have the tires mounted and balanced, so I took the vehicle to Sears Automotive. After I signed the paper work, I left and came back about 1.5 hours later to pick up my car. Before I left the packing lot, I inspected all the four tires and wheels to make sure they were installed properly. I discovered that all four of my alloy wheels are scratched all around the lug holes. Also the wheels were gouged in the inner edge of the rim. The pattern were uniform and about 2-3 inches long. In addition, there were several places where the paint was peeling off. I told one of the technician and took some pictures. The technician told me that he would notified the Manager to call me the next day, so I left. The next day, no phone call, I called the store again and was told that the Manager had just left. He promised me that the Manager will call me tomorrow.

Finally the next day the Manager (Jay) called and told me to bring my car there. He inspected the wheels and told me that their machine didn't cause the damages. He admitted that the scratches around the lug holes were caused by his technician as the marks were obvious that they were freshly done. He kept telling me that the damages could be caused by hitting the curb. I told him that I would have damage the tire wall first before it could damage the inner edge of the rim. In addition the pattern were uniform. How can you get a uniform pattern by hitting the curb? He was very argumentative and kept pointing out that their machine would not do such damages. I asked him, how about a human error? He said yes, human error is possible, but still did not want to admit. No apology whatsoever even though he admitted that the scratches around the lug holes were caused by his technician. He told me that all he could do was offering me a free oil change... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? These wheels are OEM 17 inches Mercedes Benz wheels that I purchased for $2000 a set a few years ago. I didn't ask him for a set of brand new wheels, but I asked him to have the wheels repaired.

To cut the story short, he was only willing to offer to waive half of the installation fee ($47) or sell me a set of new wheels "at cost." He showed me a set of 17" cheap wheels for $380. He said that he could sell them to me for $340. What a joke, Sears offers 10% discount on all items from time to time on many major holidays and on customer appreciation day,no coupon needed...certainly he was not selling at cost! This guy is like a car salesman from hell. I told him that I did not feel valued as a customer. He said that I did not even purchased the tires from them, so it did not matter. Obviously this guy is not a customer oriented person. I'm not sure why he can be a Manager at a major company such as Sears. By the way, this was my first experience with Sears auto center and certainly be the LAST! I told him that I didn't think his offer was fair and asked him what was the next step. He said that even if I filed a complaint to the corporate office, they would go to him and I didn't have a case because they would listen to him. SEARS needs to start listening to their customers rather than to their employees. As a customer, I feel "trapped" and don't have any choice but to take the lousy $47. This is the WORST customer experience ever. I will certainly spread the words around to all people I know so they won't make the same mistake I did. For those who read this post... STAY AWAY from Sears auto center especially the one in Clackamas, OR!

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  • Do
      10th of Jul, 2007
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    Take it to there corporate offices or call the store and ask for the corporate offices number and then call them and file a complaint don't take his word for it he is hoping you will or he wouldn't have said that they would just come to him and believe him. That is completely wrong sears is a large corporation and they will take action. Do not delay do it now.

  • Ap
      6th of Sep, 2007
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    Just another tire shopper trying to get something for free. Did it ever occur to you to buy the product where it is installed? Probably not but you saved $40 bucks on the tires costing you far more in wheels.

  • Me
      8th of Oct, 2007
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    My husband took the car in to Sears Auto Center in the University Square Mall in Tampa Florida. I called them to see if they could look at the tire and see if they could repair it and if they could do it that night. It was a Monday night and raining. My husband was there for three hours and there were people waiting there that have been there all day. So eventually they never got around to him. We ended up having to leave the car there. They were also understaffed. I went to pick up my husband in the rain and when I got there I saw them drive the car with a flat tire.

    They called us back as soon as we got home and told us the car would be ready in the morning to pick up by 7:30 am. When we got there Tuesday morning the tire was not fixed nor was it even on the car. So eventually they fixed the tire and found a leak and was able to repair it, but we had to wait for it.

    When they pulled the car around, the side panels on the car were detached from the side of the car. They had popped both side panels on the car. We ended up having to take it to Toyota and paying $280.00 in repairs because they do not know how to jack up a car properly. Toyota had stated that on my paperwork. We tried to contact to sears but they will not give us any information and are claiming its not there fault. I will never take my car there again.

  • Te
      19th of Oct, 2007
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    "And How!"

    Bought 4 tires + alignment, oil change, etc at Sears Automotive in Redlands, CA - attached to the local KMart. Spent about $900. Alignment is the issue - went back twice to get it right. Then 3 months later took it back because car was drifting to the right, plus I had a grinding noise from the front left brakes. I left for an hour (this was during my lunch hour). When I got back they said nothing was wrong, all the way around.

    BUT - there was no report that normally comes with an alignment, why not? - because they didn't even check it out!

    So even though I could have taken it back again due to being under warranty, I went to their neighbor Tire Guys, ASE and AAA certified. Guess what? Three of the wheels were out of alignment, PLUS all four tires were on backwards based on the way the tread was supposed to face due to the type of tire (tread made to direct water away)! Tire Guys rotated the tires and oriented correctly, no charge.

    Moral of the story? - pay more and get a real mechanic. At least one that can put tires on correctly!

  • St
      1st of Dec, 2007
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    I feel sorry for the man he was honest i think the tech at sears was a jerk .. im a customer of sears and if the manager ever talked that crap to me i break his jaw right in front of everybody .. there wouldnt be no bull it be over in 3 seconds he be on the floor holding his jaw together . thats what some of these punk managers need is a good beaten .

  • Ha
      10th of Feb, 2008
    -1 Votes

    So let me get this straight: You bought tires somewhere else, and being a cheap ### (who drives a mercedes to seem like they have money) you went to Sears to have them mounted? I'm glad your rims got messed up.

    And you are infact NOT a customer, you're a typical cheap shopper who acts like every business he walks into is a government run public service.

    Oh, and Steve Wrightington AKA the angry whitetrash redneck:
    Nothing says mature like resorting to violence. You do realize that by hitting someone you will infact be arrested, and most likely sued? This isnt 1860 there tuff guy. You better stop acting like such a badass or you may just lose your trailerhouse in a lawsuit.

  • Bj
      12th of Feb, 2008
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    Let's stick to the real issue here, a POOR SERVICE is a POOR SERVICE. It does not matter what kind of car you drive... Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, Geo metro. If you pay for goods or services, then you ARE a customer. I don't think there is anything wrong with buying tires through mail orders. Sometimes local tire stores do not always carry certain types or brands. I am in need to get my tires mounted and I'm glad to find this board. Sears is not the cheapest when it comes to auto/tires service. Les Schwab has a better price.

    OP just posting his experience to warn other people, I don't see anything wrong with that. Thanks OP for posting this. I feel sorry that you were screwed by some idiot Manager at Sears. A person who has such unprofessional attitude certainly does not deserve to earn the title Manager. I agree with DonaldRump, you should write to the corporate office. I've had good experience shopping with Sears so far(not their auto center in particular). The bigger the company, the harder for them to manage their employees. This is a true example of one bad employee can ruin the company reputation. Most of big companies are doing survey now to get their customer feedback for this reason.

    By the way, why are you so ticked off haha? Do you work for that store? or are you the idiot Manager? At least Steve Wrightington is man enough to post his name... not like you little man (where's your tutu). I'm sure he can take you down with one punch.

  • Bo
      17th of Feb, 2008
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    Just another customer trying to get something for nothing any body who works in retail sees this every day.Why didnt the guy bring the car to a dealership with expensive rims like that sounds like a scam artist

  • So
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    I feel your'e pain, I have been doing biz with Sears for years. And I have just had my case of seriously bad service. I went in for a second call on noise my Grand Cherokee was making. Come to find out the lower bolt on the caliper was stripped and had fallen out. Thus causing the whole assembly to move when turning left, and making a grinding sound.
    They told me it was the hub bearings, so I had it replaced at which time the bolt was first noticed and corrected, or at least so we thought. Well it wasn't the bearsings as previously siad by Sears, but the bolt. Oh did I mention to tell you that Sears didn't see the missiong bolt ?! It wasn't untill I pulled the tire off to replace the hub bearings that I attempted to fix it, but it obviously didnt take.
    Well they pull off the R/R tire before somebody tells him or he notices it's the wrong tire. They then pull the F/R, note the problem bolt that tire back on and drive it out for me to leave. They state they can't or dont fix them, no problems i'll take it to Pep Boys. Well on my way down the street I feel a wobble and shimmhy!..Im like I have something loose back there or what? So continuing down the road, but slowly, I'm trying to figure out whats causing the problem. So I pull over to a lot, only to find out the mechanic never tightened up the R/R tire lug nuts. The tire was coming off as I was driving and had I kept on, would have came off completely. I had either lost 2 lugz or he never put them back on.
    Luckly I had my tools box and a jack, so I tighten up whats left and return to Sears. The manager isn't there, so I talk to the asst. and he make an incident report. So i'm waiting on a call back to see how were going to handle this. Its tues afternoon as I write this, the incident happened two days ago.

  • Mj
      13th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Pretty typical. Someone trying to cry and get something for free, getting rejected and crying on the internet about it. Take your 17 inch oem mercedes wheels to the dealer to get tires mounted on them if youre so worried about poor service. Stop being cheap.

  • Bb
      7th of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Well, I actually work for Sears Automotive, most likely the problem was done by a worker. I do agree that the manager was a [censored] in not acknowledging the problem saying that the holes for the lugnuts were caused by the employee, but when all of the outsides are scratched in a uniform patten something seems strange. I would definitely talk with an H.R. person or the Sears automotive support. And like most complaints, all it takes is a one bad CSA (customer service associate), or manager to screw thing up for everyone else reading this post or many like it. There are over 500-600 Sears Automotive locations nationwide so of course you are going to run into problem from time to time, that is the nature of the game. From an associate, i am terribly sorry about your problem with the automotive department, and hope you have better luck elsewhere. I cannot disclose my personal name as being that I would for Sears.

  • Ge
      12th of Jun, 2008
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    "There are over 500-600 Sears Automotive locations nationwide so of course you are going to run into problem from time to time, that is the nature of the game."

    Let me remind Bb that getting your car fixed is NOT A GAME. "Fixing" a car improperly can and has caused death. The old "oops guess I made a boo-boo" is unacceptable. If a mistake is made, own up to it and do your best to rectify the situation. PERIOD. (That's called customer service. Sears' National Customer Service is a JOKE. Do not waste your time.) Or, as I'm about to do because of my ridiculous experience at a TN Sears Auto Center, be prepared to explain your actions in court. PERIOD.

    Sears Auto has a history of fraud and has paid out the whazoo in class action lawsuits for performing unnecessary repairs on cars.

    "When undercover cars in California and New Jersey caught Sears Auto Centers selling unnecessary repairs in 1992, many people were surprised to learn that the company had quotas, sales commissions, and contests that encouraged the sale of additional repairs. Consumer advocates said those practices were responsible for the problems at Sears, but the company initially denied that anything improper had occurred. Sears claimed that replacing good parts before they fail was "a common practice in the industry" and tried to pass it off as preventive maintenance. The company later admitted that "mistakes did occur" and agreed to pay $8 million to settle the California charges. Sears also agreed to make restitution to 900, 000 customers nationwide and they discontinued the use of quotas, commissions, and contests."

    For those consumers reading this... Google it... check it out. Do the research. I only wish I had before I gave them the opportunity to try and screw me over. We'll see what the judge has to say about it. Sears is back to it's old tricks or probably... never really said goodbye to them as long as they didn't get caught.

  • Jf
      27th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    First if you drive a mercedes go back to the dealer. i'am an auto tech ever body ### about service is so ###. Well if everybody wasn't a damn tech everybody thinks they can do it better. But you ###s always seem to bring in the job you did yourself trying to save a buck and f----- it all up and want it fixed for cheap. We diag. the problem that can't be it i don't need that that cost to much ti takes how long i hear it everyday. It pisses me off so bad. and for the ### with th MB go to the dealer for service or try tire rack next time.

  • Al
      30th of Jun, 2008
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    I had an excellent experience getting my car serviced at a Sears Automotive Store, on a Sunday no less. I plan to go back there for tires. No, I don't have any relatives or friends who work there.

    Why is this guy paying $2k for wheels and then ordering his tires through the mail?

  • Mi
      31st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    It is great to read the reports on these sites. I bought Good Year tires from Sears, I hit a road hazzard on the highway, now they think I should pay for a new tire because I didn't want to purchase road hazzard. How dare they treat me like that? Or, I bought LT235/85-16E tires for my honda civic and they are rough riding. Sure, you put 10 ply truck tires on your car. I believe that.

  • Mi
      25th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    You can take this to court and win a judgement in your favor. Take photos of the damage. Explain to the court the exact circumstances. Sears most likly will give you a fair market replacment value for the wheels if they are smart. If they decide to go to court, I am confindent the judge will rule in your favor. It is very important to do this as soon as possible. Taking this to your local small claims court should be inexpensive and easy to do. Don't let Sears get away with their inferior workmanship. You should also send a written complaint to their main office, and to the local division managers office.

  • Mi
      19th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Well...I was going to have my brakes done at Sears but when I called I got horrible service from the technician who answered the phone who did not give a proper breakdown as to what they would need to do, why they need to do it, and the cost. So when I indicated that I felt we were having a communication problem (because he was not answering what I was trying to get answered) he responded by stating that we do not have a communication problem, but that "You have a communication problem". I did call the on call manager directly after that and filed a complaint. He did give me much better service and was able to properly answer all my questions asked. However, I think spoke with my Sr. Mechanic friend in another state who works as the lead mechanic for a major National Dealer and he advised me NOT to go to Sears as they do not have a fair reputation in the industry. He advised me to go to Firestone or Good year.

  • Me
      7th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    I just wanted to post another bad expereince with Sears. I am actually on hold right now 13 minutes and counting... asking about my car, which has been in their shop for 6 days now.

    Let me give you the awful background:

    I took my car in to get a simple oil change...nothing special. Some toolbox decided to strip the bolt that goes into the oil pan and then not tell anyone. He passed it off as being fine, and let me drive away. I am pretty sure that when you strip a bolt, it keeps turing, and it is obvious that there is something wrong.

    Now, I am a cliche giel, and I dont know much about cars, but I know that when my car that is pretty new, and has never leaked oil... and when there was a puddle of oil underneath the car in the garage-- there was a problem!

    When I took it back in, I assumed that there was nothing major, and that someone must have forgot to tighten the oil cap...but no, it turns out that becuase this person stipped this bolt and gasket or something... the whole under part of the car needs to be taken apart. The guy who looked at it tried to blame it on the previous company who changed my oil... too bad I took it to Sears the previous time too.

    This is a nightmare... and I am not able to get a hold of anyone, I dont know if they have replaced the part that they are talking about because I am still on hold... 18 minutes and counting...Lets see if I ever get my car back, or if it is just going to be even more messed up. :(

  • Le
      28th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I had flat tire so i came to Sears and replaced my two front tires. I got two michelin tires, it cost me almost $500 for two tires. I drove the car from exactly 1 week and i parked my car in front of my work place and a customer came in and notified me that my car got a flat tire on front driver side. I then called Sears and brought my car to Sears on my lunch time with the help of my boyfriend to put spare tire on and got back to work late. All of that was fine because i thought it would be the problem from the car. By the end of the day i came to pick up my car, the lady who worked in there told me that the " rim is crack ", i told her that i came in with a flat tires and came back a week later for Rim crack and that causing flat tires because it does not keep air good. The only thing she said to me was " i think you hit the curv or something that causing the rim crack" does it make sense????...anyway she did not responsible at all about that, I request to put spare tire on again and came home. I almost got a new factory rim from Mercedes ( cost about $300-$400) and it had to be order. It was weekend so i stucked at home can't do anything...just staying home. I then found a place that has all different type of rims for all cars. I called them..and found out that they can repair the rim. Again this is better because it only cost me $175 but i still had to wait 1 day to get it done. I picked up the rim and i went to Costco and Sams to get an estimate for the rear tires. I then again found out something that really upset me that Sears put on a wrong type of tires on for me, because my car is a sport type of car that needs a higher performance tires as the book said and recommended. I was so mad about Sears service so sloppy ! I I called Sears and some lady got on phone and not being so nice to me when i said i need to return the tires and she does not know what she is talking about, so anyway, she put her Manager on phone and i spoke to him, he said " I probably hit the deep or bumps that crack my rim, and they only change tires so they dont look at the rim and whatever with the rim is not their fault!, he also said that the tires they put on for me is still okie for my car!...and sounds like he cant do return! so i asked him " is it a NO ? that you dont take my return tires" he can't asnwer me that and then after that he was little nicer, he told me to bring the tires in and he might talk to MIchelin into exchange the tires to the one that i suggest beacuse Michelin don't allow return! ...what kind of service is this ? and how rude?...they cause me so much trouble and said that was not their fault or responsibility and what about Sears will make customers satisfy with their product and workmanship while workmanship is not even fair. THey all try to give me a hard time. I paid for the service to fix the problem not to have more problem causing me sooo much inconvinience. Do i have the right to speak up and get my money back for this ? I cant think of any reason why i can't return my tires. So, i will come in and talk to that manager on the weekend...i sure dont want any service because i dont feel safe or trust any more..and this is my first time but they ruin it!.

  • Ng
      13th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Haha, I love it when people try this one! (Not to be insensitive or anything). I work for a Sears Auto Center in a high end area. We have had several people lately try to blame our Sears for damage to wheels. It has gotten ridiculous trying to even work because now we have to document absolutely every little blemish on the wheel and vehicle so that sears does not have to pay for wheels that they did not damage. I have even taken pictures of a couple of wheels for documentation because I got tired of noting the 18 different blemishes on the surface of wheels, (and still had a customer try and scam sears, maybe it was just sheer lack of looking at their wheels before they got sparkly new tires put on.) Either way, please be decent human beings and stop blaming sears for CURB RASH on your wheels.

    Sorry, this actually was not all directed at the author of this complaint, I just wish that people would stop scamming Sears. I absolutely love my job, but when I have actually sat back and watched the technicians do the job correctly, and then have the customer come back demanding money for something that we didn't damage, unfortunately that puts me on defense for the rest of my customers who actually do have a problem

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