Sams Club / customer pickup

Today, Nov 22, 2017, I went to my store on Anderson Blvd in Fort Worth, TX to pickup about a dozen pre-ordered items. After signing in at the Customer Pickup kiosk, where I received a response that an associate would be with me in a moment, I had to wait 25 minutes before someone at the store asked me if I needed something. Then, when I received the order, it was incomplete. I had to go back to the store to receive the 2 items that had been left off (both were refrigerator items).
The manager and the associate who is responsible for the service were both apologetic. But there is a systemic problem. The associate said she was on lunch break when I arrived, explaining the delay. That is not right. She is entitled to a lunch break. Someone else should have been assigned to cover the service during her break. This suggests a lack of commitment to the service at best, and disorganization and incompetence at worst.
I generally like Sam's regular retail service. I do not believe I will use customer pickup again.
Kevin Short

Nov 22, 2017

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