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Sam's Club / extended warranty &exceptional service&

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I purchased a 42" plasma 1080p Eyefi television a little over a year ago... Along with a 3-year in home extended warranty/service program. The TV performed marvelously during this time. Beautiful picture. But last weekend it just died. I'm guessing the power supply went... No power light. I tried different power cords, different outlets. Nothing.

I called Sam's Club to make use of the extended warranty ("how may I give you excellent service?"), was told I'd get a call Monday or Tuesday to arrange in home service. They looked up my records and said I had an LCD TV. I corrected them, advising them it was a plasma TV. They asked for the model number and I gave it to them.

After 5 pm Tuesday, having heard nothing, I called again ("how may I provide excellent service?"). I was told I was given inaccurate information on my first call, that the service department has 72 hours to call back, and was told to call back if I haven't heard from them by Wednesday evening. There was no attempt to help me, just advice to call back yet again if I didn't get a call a day later than I was originally told.

You guessed it. Wednesday 5pm rolled around and no contact from Sam's Club service. I called a third time. ("How may I provide excellent service?). I run it down again. I'm told they're having trouble finding a service firm in my area to handle the repair of an LCD TV. Why didn't they tell me that the day before when I called? I could have set them straight then... As I did the previous weekend... That I have a plasma TV, not a LCD TV. Now that they know I have a plasma, not an LCD, they'll have to start over looking for a local service technician... Start that 72 hour clock again. I ask why start over when I plainly informed them last weekend that it was a plasma. They apologized but said they'd call me when they found someone.

Thursday, no contact.

Friday, no contact. So I call Friday evening. (How may I provide excellent service?") I explain. They're sorry no one called but they have located a local service center, they give me the name and phone number, but advise me that they're closed this late on Friday and are NOT OPEN on Saturday and Sunday. I'm advised to call the local service center on Monday, more than a week after I first reported the problem. And I have to call them, they don't have to call me? And that's no doubt to set up an appointment for even later in the week. Never mind that I'm traveling on business next week and not home to let them in. So it'll be 2-3 weeks before they provide that excellent service for which I paid a few hundred dollars for that extended warranty/service contract.

Guess what I think about Sam's Club's "excellent service"? False repetitive claim with no substance, not even a good faith attempt to make good after making repeated mistakes and missteps. No wonder Costco outperforms Sam's Club in just about every survey out there. No wonder Wal Mart Co. is suffering an image problem.

Great story in the paper this week about how Wal Mart Co. is growing its sales of electronics and flat screen tvs, but you can bet I'll do my shopping at Best Buy and Circuit City from now on (there's no Costco here).

I guess just because they're big, huge even, they can blow off customer service.

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  • Br
      14th of Aug, 2007
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    Follow-up. I call the local service center on Monday, am told my call is the first they've heard of the situation, they can't do anything until contacted by the warranty service arm of

    So I call service AGAIN. Within an hour 1) the local service center calls and arranges to pick up the TV that afternoon and 2) Debbie from corporate resolution calls to say she's talked with service center and will be my contact person until it's resolved. She says she'll call with an update, but I can call her anytime with questions.

    I hear nothing by Tuesday night and leave on business trip Wednesday. and the local service center have both my home and cell phone numbers. I carry my cell phone on my business trip. I return home Saturday night (two weeks after the TV died), and there's no voice mail for either phone.

    The next Monday I call Debbie from corporate resolution: goes into voice mail, no return call. I call the local service center and am told they can't find parts, they'll return the (still broken) TV to me at end of week, on Friday. Local service center says I'll have to call to figure out what's next (doesn't ever call to help resolve issues?? Why am I doing all the calling? Didn't I pay a few hundred bucks for the warranty so somebody would take care of this for me?)

    I call Debbie again on Tuesday; goes into voicemail. So I call the main customer service number. They tell me SamsClub is issuing me a refund check (not fixing nor replacing the TV) or providing me with a comparable TV. The refund check will not include tax or shipping, or the cost of the extended warranty. If I "replace" the TV, I'll have to pay tax and shipping all over again, and buy a new extended warranty. That's hardly a "replacement" warranty service.

    Not to mention I'm not finding a comparable TV out there for the price ... a 1080p plasma, 10,000:1 contrast ratio; 1,500 brightness, Faroudja cinema chip, etc. Yes, I can find those qualities in other plasmas... for a lot more money. Basically the warranty is a scam... I wont' get a comparable TV to replace the one they sold me.

    So much for "excellent service" from (or siblings Sam's Club and Wal-Mart). Buy your electronics from Best Buy or Circuit City. It may cost you a couple of bucks more, but I've had much better results with their service departments. Or, if you're lucky enough, but from Costco. They know what "excellent service" is, and they provide it.

  • Sh
      18th of Aug, 2007
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    On August 17, 2007, my husband and I were in Little Rock having some warranty work done on our new truck. Since the work would take approximately three hours, we decided to go shopping at Sam’s Club. I should mention that I have been a member since 09/1998; however my husband recently acquired membership through his employment and we both are now members with him being the primary card holder. My old membership expiries in September 2007.

    With that said, I used my NEW member’s card on this particular day, and then proceeded to sign a check for my purchases. Apparently, using the new card required me showing my drivers license, which I handed to the cashier! The cashier scanned my driver’s license through the scanner and from there it disappeared in a crack near the conveyor belt. It appeared to be a mistake and she seemed sorry for her clumsiness. The cashier was at a loss as to what to do and soon called over the floor manager, who was also at a loss on how to retrieve my license. Two other people were brought over, one of which was a gentlemen holding an orange portable power screwdriver with a nametag of CHRIS. He looked over the situation and then proceeded to go off and assist another customer, but never spoke to me directly. The other person, being a lady, made two attempts to find a flashlight which was finally located. Chris returned and a gentleman named Darius showed up and used the power screwdriver to partially dismantle the conveyer. My husband and Darius proved to be the most helpful and got on their knees and tried to locate said license. Chris looked at me and told me to get another drivers license.

    I told him their efforts were not acceptable and why should their mistake be my inconvenience, I didn’t understand why somebody wasn’t willing to take my name and number down and after disassembling the register table after closing, they could then overnight my license. I then told them I was in a rental car 80 miles from home. Darius suggested I go to the nearest revenue office and have one printed out. I asked to speak with the manager and Chris told me he was the manager and I then asked him for his last name which he said Owens. Chris said they would pay for the new license and just send a receipt, offering no address or any information regarding how to do so. In my opinion, Chris Owns was extremely unprofessional and made no effort to apologize or make this incident his problem and not mine.

    After forty minutes and with a cart full of perishable goods, I left Sam’s returning to my rental car disappointed and crying for the treatment and disrespect showed me at my favorite store.

    On the ride back home I discussed the situation with my husband and we decided we would call back to Sam’s and suggest they retrieve my drivers license and call when this has been done and we will wait for them to be overnighted. With the threat of identity theft we are extremely concerned and would expect Sam’s to show the same courtesy. On my Sam’s Club receipt the Club Manager is stated as Jeffrey Lee. When asked, Chris Owens represented himself as the final say when we requested the Store Manager.

    Upon arriving home at approximately 4:00, my husband called the store and asked to speak with Mr. Lee. A woman came on line and asked the nature of his call. After stating our concern, my husband was told that Mr. Lee had left for the day. My husband then suggested that they bring in a maintenance crew after closing and have them retrieve the license and forward it to us. The woman, who was very polite, stated that it was doubtful that they could get anybody there that night, but that she would look into it. My husband then asked that she call and let us know what was going to be done. She promised to do so, but to date (it is now Saturday afternoon), we have not heard from Sam’s.

    Resolution: The proper maintenance people could retrieve my license after closing (same day) and have it over-nighted to me the next day!

    I do not feel everything was done to retrieve my license and the lack of care and concerned was disturbing.

  • Al
      30th of Aug, 2007
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    I, too, am dealing with the warranty nightmare. We purchased a 32" LCD tv, with a three year extended warranty. About 1.5 years after getting the tv, it died. Called Sam's club warranty people, (yes with the "how may I provide exceptional customer service" crap), explained the situation, provided all info. I was told the name of an authorized service center (35 minutes away), and that I should call them the following business day (to allow the service people to receive and process the service order). I proceeded to ATTEMPT to contact the repair place for four days--each time getting a voice mail that they "weren't in" and "should send them an e-mail" as that line didn't take voice mails. Not working for me. Called Sam's club back, explained that, and they were apologetic. They put me in touch with a new repair place, who contacted me right away. They made an appointment to come to the house for the repairs (NICE!) on July 19. He came, took the tv apart, tried some things, with no luck. He said it would be best if I'd allow him to take the tv, to complete repairs at their shop--he felt they were going to need to order a part, and it would be easier to handle that all at their place of business. I said fine. Told him we were having a party on August 10, and he said he'd do all he could to get it back to us by then.

    2 weeks went by with nothing. I called the repair shop, and they said that they had ordered a part, received it, but it didn't solve the problem. They now needed to order another--very expensive--part, which required Sam's Club authorization. They said that they received said authorization, and were waiting for the part to arrive. On AUGUST 12, we again called the repair shop, who said they were waiting on additional authorizations--but couldn't seem to clarify WHAT that meant. Sam's Club Warranty number, and were told that, in fact, the repair people only received VERBAL authorization, and that they needed a WRITTEN authorization prior to ordering the part. (Um...did they NOT say they were "waiting for the part to arrive"??????) Also, that the information wasn't "properly attached" to our account, but that was "taken care of" during the call. They would be following up with us in 2-3 business days. On business day #3 (August 22), I received a call from a Sam's rep, letting us know that "the authorization went through" and we should be hearing from them or the repair people "shortly". Nothing. So this morning, I had enough. I called the customer service # listed on the website....explained all of the above, and was told that I'd be transferred directly to someone who could help me. Shock of shocks, they transferred me to the warranty people again.

    I told the rep that it has been SIX weeks today since the tv was taken--which is unacceptable. I received "Yes, ma'am, I understand, and I apologize". She said "Your authorization for the part went through on August 23." Um....the LAST rep that called me, on August 22 said it had already gone through. So I say,"At what point are we done going in circles here? Six weeks, nothing has been done, and the repair has JUST been authorized? If the tv is in THAT bad of shape, I don't WANT it back." She said, "Well, you need to give the repair shop time to order the part and receive it." I asked "How much time am I supposed to give? Do you expect me to be okay with this going on INDEFINITELY???" She replied that "If the repair shop doesn't have the part in stock (which I already know they don't--they said so), then they will need to order it from the manufacturer. And if it's not in stock there, it will go on back order." WHOA. So not only have we been out a tv for six weeks, the part that they are HOPING will solve the problem may not even be available???? I asked at what point the tv would be replaced. She told me "If they can't find the part ANYWHERE, then we will issue reimbursement." I was then told to wait until September 7, before calling for another update. Which would take me out to 7+ weeks since the tv was taken for repair--at at that time, still not knowing if the part that was ordered (assuming it's "in stock" anywhere) will even SOLVE the problem.

    I have always found Sam's easy to deal with in the store--as far as returning/exchanging. But the warranty service leaves a LOT to be desired. I am in the process of trying to find a phone number that will actually put me in contact with SOMEONE that can be of SOME assistance, instead of going in circles with these people. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Al
      10th of Sep, 2007
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    Just an update. I called back to the warranty customer service today, 9/10 (gave them a few extra days from the date I was "told" to call back). Asked by "Tracy" how I could be helped today...

    Explained that I was calling to find out when my REPAIRED or replaced television (from July 6 claim date, and July 16 date when repair company took the tv to be repaired) would be returned, or replaced....

    I was put on hold, while the rep contacted the repair shop....

    Wow....imagine my surprise when the rep returned, to let me know that the repair shop was waiting on "two more part requests to be 'authorized'". I told Tracy that is what I was told on August 23. She (like all of the robot reps there) replied "Yes ma'am, we apologize for your frustration..." I told her this is simply unacceptable. TV taken JULY 19--and I've been told SEVERAL times that "parts" need to be ordered. At what point do we consider this a WASH, and replace the thing already? Again "Yes, ma'am......we are working to resolve this." Apparently, they are not. I hung up on her. Obviously not getting me anywhere, at all.

    Believe me, I am not a "confrontational" person, but I am pulling my hair out. If the tv has needed a MINIMUM of 4 different parts, in order to be "repaired", and none of these parts (to date) have solved the problem, is it NOT time to just replace the tv???

    Thankfully, I work on a contract basis with an attorney, and she's been kind enough to advise me of my next step (contact Sam's and Warranty Company--National Product Care Company--via fax, that they have three options: 1. Replace the television within 10 business days, with a model of equal or greater value; 2. Issue a refund check, within 72 business hours, for the cost of the television and tax (shouldn't be penalized tax for a product you currently DO NOT OWN); 3. Do none of the above, and see you in Small Claims court.

    We'll see how that pans out...I've been MORE than patient with this, and don't think it's asking too much to get a tv back, after 2 months. It's FOOTBALL season, for cripes sake!

  • To
      14th of Sep, 2007
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    i dont know what sams you all are dealing with because in cali ive been to about 3 different locations and they have all been great! my t.v. after 3 1/2 years stopped working. i had my receipt so i called and they said SAMS CLUB is built on 100% member satisfaction and i could go ahead and bring it back for a full refund or money towards an exchange! no hassle... it was great!

  • Sh
      30th of Sep, 2007
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    First of all I work with the extended service plan, and I cannot believe how many people complain about some nonsense which does not even have to do with the plan we are CCRS who are trying our best.

    And by the way we do not say exceptional service we say thank you for may I assist you today. Maybe if you listened once in awhile...

    If you read the terms and conditions once in awhile maybe you'll figure out that not all things can be shipped over night. And service centers are a different part please do not call us to complain about a service center not calling you, we just set you up with service. And do not listen to associates at the store...especially walmart because some of them will lie to get you to by a plan which can come into very good use because if you hadn't purchased that plan in the first place you wouldn't be getting your money back on your tv. I am so tired of you thinking the world revolves around you and your broken product...

    Just think maybe that representative your talking to is having a bad day because their parent died or a loved one is gone. Maybe some one is pregnant and because of you yelling at them they lose the baby do to stress.
    Working with customers can suck. You can make it a little better by not complaining every single damn time.

    I have had people call in to complain about the service and tell me they want to speak to a supervisor because they are getting a reimbursement check instead of a replacement tv or ipod or some stupid meaningless product.

    Please quit complaining.

  • Sh
      26th of Jan, 2017
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    @S.H You are the reason no one can get anything done. How about YOU quit complaing.

  • Sh
      30th of Sep, 2007
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    Oh and I forgot you say you are going to take your business to Bestbuy or Circuit City good luck with them because they are just a few seats away from me.

  • Ae
      22nd of Oct, 2007
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    EXACTLY!! Thank you for sticking up for yourself. I work at Sam's Club. I get so tired of hearing people complain about crap. We are people too! Some people think they are better than everyone else. I wish I knew where some people worked because I would go in and throw a fit about every little thing I could think of. I mean give respect to get it. I am a supervisor and if they are cussing and yelling I do not even care to try and make them happy. If you just tell me the situation calmly I'll take care of you and do whatever I can to fix the problem. I read something somewhere that said who are we to demand we transfer everything and check receipts at the door because we are just minimum wage employees at a glorified grocery store. Well right now I do work there for minimum wage, BUT I am going to college to earn my degree. Sam's Club has worked around my class schedule and my family schedule for 2 years. My managers make sure that I do not have too many hours because they want me to make something of myself. They agree school comes first! I just wish people would learn to respect each other. We are all human, so we should try to treat each other like we are. I do not care what race, religion, or social class you come from treat each other how you want to be treated!!

  • Sh
      26th of Jan, 2017
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    @A.E. I work at a gun store come on in. Ae

  • La
      25th of Oct, 2009
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    A complaint against Micro Medics out of Illinois and Sam's Warranty!
    I purchased my HP laptop from Sams Club with the extended warranty. I had my laptop for 1 and 1/2 years before having problems. My DVD drive stopped reading disks. I called Sams Warranty and they contacted MicroMedics which they sent me a box to ship my laptop to them. I did with all the disks for recovery. When I saw online what all they said I had sent, they said 2 CD copies. Well I sent 3 CD's. I emailed them and called them about this, I even called Sams Warranty. Sams said that would be between MM and me to get that straightened out. Well after 2 weeks I got my laptop back, there were 3 disks included. What they fixed on my laptop was the microprocessor and repaired the logic board. I was able to use the laptop for 2 days then it froze on a black screen, so I got another box sent to me, and after 3 weeks of them having the laptop I got it back. They replaced the hard drive, put new memory in it and repaired the logic board again. I turned it on after the 2nd time and nothing but the boot screen, I called Sams Warranty again and they had me do a few different things, they failed. I got a label from MM to ship back to them since I had the box and packing stuff. Well they still have it at this time, they received the laptop Oct.15th 2009 for the 3rd time. When I call MM they say that the logic board is being repaired. I don't know how long Sams Warranty is going to let this go on. MM was notified of service request the 1st time Aug. 20th 2009, they had the laptop in their hands Aug 25th 2009. I am very angry about this, and if something doesn't get done, I will be contacting the BBB and the Attorney General in the state I live. Any one have any ideas what else can be done?

  • Ph
      29th of Jul, 2010
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    BUYER BEWARE. DO NOT EVER BUY A SAM'S CLUB "WARRANTY." I was completely scammed. I was told by the service associate that the warranty on the laptop I bought would cover "any" damage from dropping, spilling food, etc. One year after use, the laptop was physically starting to come apart thru no fault of my own. Additionally, the pixels on the screen were dying. I called Sam's and spoke to them TWO separate times, each time being assured the warranty would ABSOLUTELY cover the problem and to send it away for service. I sent it away and the machine was gone - without a word - for two weeks. I chased the "Micromedics" people and they never called me back, so I called Sam's. For the first time ever, they claimed that they DID NOT COVER any physical damage to the machine and it was obvious I had dropped it! I demanded to speak to a supervisor, who gave me their legal outfit. I wrote to their legal department, which also ignored me. THIS IS A COMPLETE AND TOTAL SCAM. SAVE YOUR MONEY. THIS PLACE SHOULD BE SANCTIONED FOR RIPPING PEOPLE OFF THIS WAY.

  • Sh
      1st of Aug, 2010
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    i am dealing with a similar problem with my plasma tv pansanic i bought last year along with the three year plan. First it takes a week for them to send someone in to check it out. once thats done i dont hear anything from them, till i call them up .

    They say they have ordered the part call back in three to five days for an update. I call back but no update. they attempt to call the service center but as always no one picks up even for them . Next day they do call back and they say that they are looking into outher providers for the part. Call back in three to five days . I call back in a week they say they havent been able to locate the part and they will call back with defince answers by tuesday next week. I call them up and they say that oh sorry we sent the wrong model no in so please call back in three to five days. I do thatobviosuly mad at the service talk to the superviser he says there is nothing he can do but to wait. so i call again next week they are still locating the part.
    Today this evening i call them up and start reading from this very website and told them that this is a recurrent theme and they just dont want to pay up . They guy hung up on me.

  • Be
      22nd of May, 2011
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    I also work with the extended warranties and we NEVER say excellent service? We try our best to get peoples tvs and anything else fixed because its what our computer prompts us to do. If a store employee tells you it covers everything, im sorry about the wrong information but you should ALWAYS read the terms and conditions, which clearly state we dont cover accidental damage. And best buy and circuit city are with the same company I work for! They are in the same building, its just that wal-mart or sams club might have different guidelines to their plans...but not our fault. If your tv breaks and we reimburse you or fix it, even though it might take a week or two depending on the service center...its still something you didnt have to pay for. If you didnt have a plan you would pay for it out of your pocket and still wait the same amount of time for it to be fixed! Or have to buy a new tv out of your own maybe appreciate what you get instead of complaining..and read your terms and conditions. thank you.

  • Fa
      7th of Jun, 2011
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    I am completely disappointed with my 2 laptop purchases with Sam's Club. I spent $800 for each laptop + purchased the warranty. 6 months after the warranty expires: the laptops failed. I know what the problem is: there was a bad batch of video cards at that time period. The industry knew about it -- I know because I was working for Dell warranty support at the time. However, even though I purchased Sam's 3 yrs extended warranty, they refused to acknowledge the issue. Now I have 2 boat anchors. I know all about SC tech support issues & dealing with technically challenged customers because that's what I have to do for Verizon. Even so, after dealing with the tech support from Dell, Sony, IBM, Toshiba & Canon: the Sam's Club tech support is by far the worst. They go out of their way to reject most claims. I promised myself that I would never buy another computer from them.

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