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I have been using the Safeway pharmacy in Redmond for a number of years with no issues. Recently I was prescribed Claritin D. I was told when I first went to have the monthly prescription filled that it would take until the next day to be filled due to it not being something they stock. However, they did have a 2 week supply and gave me a packet of 2 pills out of that to hold me until my prescription came in. The first month went by without incident. Every month after I was finding that it was taking longer and longer to have my prescription available. A couple of months ago I finally was able to pick up my prescription and was asked to show ID. I asked why this was and was told it was Oregon law. When I picked up my prescription saw that I had to renew my prescription. I contacted my Doctor and had this done. I ordered a refill the following month and picked it up having 5 refills left. The following month when I placed my order I waited 7 days and when I asked why it was taking so long to get my prescription I was told that they had to contact my Doctor to have the prescription renewed. When I finally was able to pick up my prescription I asked the pharmacist about the person I spoke with over the phone telling me they had to contact my Doctor to have my prescription renewed he apologized saying what the reason for the delay must have been was because it was getting harder to obtain the prescription in a timely matter. I asked about the first day I picked up this medication from them they had a box on the shelf. He told me that they can't keep more than one box and my prescription calls for 2. He said he would see if they could stock the 2 since I was a regular customer. I also asked about being ID'd after not being subjected to this in the many times previously. I told him I felt with all the problems I have been experiencing with regard to this medication I felt that I was being prejudiced. I was told that he was not sure why they would ask for my ID. He (pharmacist manager)said that we (Oregon and another state) are the only states that require a prescription and the other states are required to ask for ID because there are limits set on the amount that can be purchased in a 24 hour period. I left without having to show ID. I called in my prescription this time 5 days before I would be out because of the history of chronically going without my meds days after they ran out waiting for the pharmacy to have my prescription available. I have to note that every time I called in my prescription the automated recording told me my prescription would be available after 2 of the following day. I checked daily for the following 5 days and was told it was on order and would be available after 2 of the following day. On the 6th day I went in without calling or being called that my prescription was ready. My prescription was ready and again I was asked to show ID. I complained and explained that I spoke with the pharmacist and was told I didn't need to show ID. The gentleman waiting on me said that he was required to ask for ID and a woman behind him said that Claritin D 24 was a controlled substance. I did my research to find that it's not classified as a controlled substance under the controlled substance act. I feel that I am being unfairly harrassed over a medication that is legally prescribed. I have found that I have to stress every month over how soon to call a prescription in to assure that I don't run out and have to go a day without. I suffer from severe allergies and found that this is the only product to alleviate the sinus headaches and potential sinus infections. I have shopped Safeway for years and am now greatly disappointed. I am taking my business elsewhere

Sep 26, 2018
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      Sep 26, 2018

    save some trouble and get the Claritin yourself ( equate brand at Walmart)

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