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trying to get help for a product

I went into safeway on 138th and Meridian, Puyallup, WA to find sloppy joe mix. I asked 3 different employee...

unethical behavior

This is the 2nd time this happened. Last month before new year I went to shop with my mom, 2-3 guys was following us around. Every corner I go to, a guy pretending to work around there. I'm not stupid. You know someone is watching you and being followed when you get weird feelings. My mom even saw them talking and pointed at after she used the restroom. They're staring us down like hawks. What are we going to do in the frozen seafood isle? They won't stop following us until we go to the cashier. Last night before 5PM I was with my brother and mom. We stopped by there after going into a Gamestop. It right next door. We go in, a few min later a security guard can be seen by us everywhere we turn. My mom said it's some guy who called him over. We came here to shop, but instead we got profiled and stalked once again. Like really what did we do wrong? I'm shocked that this need to happens a second time for us to realized we're not in America anymore? There's no freedom here? We can't go buy food without feeling like we're being watch and did something wrong? This is uncalled for. I don't feel safe anywhere I go out anymore. I'm worried my mom would get tackled, we would get called out and embarrassed in front of the whole store. Even though we did nothing wrong, but for them to keeping an eyes out for us, I feel paranoid. Anyway, when that security guard came by us, my brother confronted him and he said he's just watching for everybody in the store. Yea sure. He had his phone out pretending to text while looking at us all the time. I mean this is way too far. Can't we be treated as customer and not criminals? We're in emotional crazy right now. This should not even be happening to anyone. Safeway does not make me feel safe at all. It gives me bad anxiety.

unethical behavior

1/24/18 1545pm
Re: Armin Quedzuwit (pharmacist)

I work for Ramah Care Services, inc in Gallup NM. We have approx 30 individuals who receive their medications through Safeway pharmacy. I have been in contact with the pharmacy almost every day. We had agreed that I would drop cycle fill (30 day fill for all individuals) on the 15th of January, which I did. My understanding is that our medications would be filled approx 1 weeks time for all individuals as the previous pharmacist would do. However we have been recieving "attitude" from the pharmacy including techs (Fabian & Clarinda) by letting them know we needs meds filled on a certain date.
While there at the pharmacy today, we exchanged words about dates meds needed. I tried to avoid an argument, however Armin proceeded to continue as I went down to the pick up window. I specifically told him I didn't want to talk to him anymore. While at the pick up window, Armin then began to explain his understanding. I told him to stop and just let me sign for meds I needed to pick up. He then said "you know what? thats exactly why you get attitude from us"...that made me more angry and I stopped listening. He raised his voice and I told him not to raise his voice at me. He then proceeded to scan meds. I mumbled some words...and he said "what?" I said "nothing"...he said "no tell me what you said"...I said that "I missed the old pharmacist" and he said "well good to know"...
He then told me "his expectation for next time is that we call in our medications when we need them"...I said "ok well my expectation is that you'd have our medications filled by now"...Nothing further was said.
We have had multiple issues with this pharmacist since he has started. I would like some type of corrective action taken so that I am no longer spoken to like this again, or treated this way.


"Pork shoulder butt roast" ?
Bad enough our society is growing more crude and vulgar by the year. I was hoping at least the corporations would not follow suite. Safeway that has been around my whole life and I have been a loyal patron of to foster this type of advertising is a disappointment. I think I will take my business elsewhere until the choices in advertising return back to the level of that fosters "family values".


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    Hemi Licious Jan 24, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a Meat Manager and that term has been in place for decades. It is actually a term used by the USDA so if there are any complaints it should go to them.

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background music in safeway stores

I am tired of the background music in Safeway stores. It is much too loud and prevents me from concentrating on my shopping! Please turn it down or, better yet, get rid of it. You are shooting yourself in the foot by playing such loud and distracting music. Nobody needs to hear that while they are trying to buy food. At the most, you should limit yourself to soft instrumentals.

A Weary Customer

  • Sm
    Smck Jan 23, 2018

    If you're distracted from your shopping by music playing, you probably shouldn't go out in public by yourself.

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mistreating in handling of my groceries

I have been having an issue with one employee named Tim for a few months now, he is very agresive with my groceries. He literally drops my produce into the bag and usually bruises it, and also with other items he just throws them over and slams them down. I have asked him 3 times to please be gentle with my things (today included) and today after asking him that he looked down and grinned and then said " oh i really didn't do that on purpose' with sarcasm in his voice. I have complained to another employee about this who told management, at this point it seems that he does it to me on purpose, because of how many times I have asked him to please not be so rough. I spend over 2000.00 dollars at your store monthly with my corporate account, and at this point iam thinking of just driving to klamath for my groceries because iam tired of this matter, There is no need for it and I have not ever had a Grocer handle my groeries this way.

  • Updated by JaymeParker · Jan 22, 2018

    this is located in Lakeview Oregon

store management

The Safeway located at 15916 S Crain Hwy Brandywine, MD 20613 has changed drastically over the last year. There was a change in management and now the store is horrible. The weekly sales are seldom up to date, the shelves are not stocked, the produce section is always empty. There are constantly expired items in the refrigerated and fresh sections. The clearance section is not tagged or marked correctly. The quality of the employees has also gone down hill.

Even the building is changing, the front door was broken for 2 weeks. The store needs a change in management. The store is not going to survive and I afraid it will go out of business.

I am complaining about one of the self-service lady at safeway

About one of the self-service lady at Safeway.

I've been shopping at Safeway in Lincoln California for many years I've never experienced this one lady being so rude. Each time I came into that store she's been unruly and unfriendly. I made a complain to Customer service about her and nothing was done I'm writing to you now please fix the problem I witnessed her be rude with that other customers and frankly makes me sick to my stomach just seeing her sheet other customers like that. She needs to be disciplined in my opinion

  • Updated by Malabed · Jan 18, 2018

    That lady Linda that works at Safeway in Lincoln is very rude

customer service

I was a customer in the Novato, Hamilton store. I was shopping in the bakery, and had witnessed, I believed the manager of the store, yelling at another employee. I felt embarrassed for the employee, and I feel that you needed to know that this is happening in your store. As a customer, it made me feel uncomfortable to witness such a situation. Thank you.

management at aloha safeway

The manager at the store is openly very rude and disrespectful of employees in front of customers and seems to have unrealistic expectations for a few select workers while letting others get away with doing nothing. One cashier is very fast and has a lot of downtime. I have seen her bust butt, cleaning when she isn't busy, but I overheard the manager call her lazy when she paused to rest for two minutes... while another was literally sitting down on the job for a good fifteen minutes and wasn't spoken to at all. Very unfair practices and bad leadership. The hard workers should be praised, not made to feel unappreciated

very disrespected behavior

On January 15th went into Safeway on 56th st in Tacoma, WA to purchase laundry detergent. As I stood in line...

safeway electronic gift card

I bought a gift card for my son who lives in HI. He received it by email. I understood it could be used...

bagged items

Hello I just came back from the hayward jackson square location and I purchased 2 salmons from the fresh...

Resolved unethical behavior i'm being harassed

hi I live in [address removed] right next to safeway every time I walk in this guy alam always shouts my name and harasses me. I'm getting fed up all I want is to buy my food and leave and this guy always harasses me its so embarrassing! he needs to stop please talk to him because I'm sick of this! the safeway I go to is [address removed]



  • Peggy Su Feb 03, 2018

    Have you ever considered that you may be the one with the unethical behaviour? Your visits would be more pleasant if you stop calling people ghetto hood rats and fat. Telling people to die of brain cancer can make anyone upset. Change your attitude young lady!

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  • Da
    Dan S. Feb 05, 2018

    @Peggy Su We were only called ghetto. It is sad to see someone so young behave this way in public.

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  • Peggy Su Feb 03, 2018



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  • Co
    Concerned shopper 2018 Feb 03, 2018

    I agree with Peggy Su. If you were to stop bullying people and scamming people for money all the time and try respecting people, then perhaps you will be respected as well. Try acting like a young lady instead. Alam is a very kind and respectful man. Your actions and comments towards people are very unethical. Karma is a B$%ch!

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  • Da
    Dan S. Feb 05, 2018

    @Concerned shopper 2018 I have never had a problem with Alam. He's helpful and never seen anyone have a problem with him. After she called us ghetto I was shocked but she seems a little off. Still not sure why she called us that but my wife will not walk down the same aisle she's in.

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  • Da
    Dan S. Feb 05, 2018

    Been going to this supermarket for a while. I know who Alam is and he's always very helpful. My wife and I did run into this girl and it wasn't a happy one. We were standing on line with her behind us. She was getting upset that we were taking long loading our food on the belt. Then we heard her mumble under her breath and call us ghetto people. Then she sighed. I couldn't believe it. When we see her now we walk another way.

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chicken leg/thigh hindquarter (sig chn leg qtr. vp)

A couple days ago I went to purchase chicken thigh economy pack. They did not have any. Inquired, should have more in the next few days. returned today, still didn't have thigh in the package I preferred. Chose the hind quarter (leg/thigh) instead. Upon returning home to take care of the purchase I found the merchandise to be of poor quality. The skin was as yellow as could be, thus had to be removed along with all the pin feathers and all the disgusting remaining innards that hadn't been properly removed. I have purchased hind quarters before but nothing like this. Needless to say I will never purchase hind quarters again. The thigh is my purchase of choice and if I can't get good quality at Safeway I will go somewhere else. I am surprised in the quality Safeway has recently been offering.

cashiers don't know how to process gift cards

Date of Incident: 1/1/2018
Store Location: Rivermark Village Safeway, Santa Clara, CA

My husband and I bought a $100 Safeway e-gift card. We checked out using a screenshot of the barcode on the electronic voucher a couple of times and it worked fine until tonight's visit. After scanning the barcode, the cashier messed it all up by selecting the wrong option on her screen and she had no idea how to fix it, so she called a co-worker to come help her cancel the entire transaction and start new.
The problem was the barcode didn't go through the second time. Then the lady who works at the self check out came over and told us that we had to use a paper voucher in order to check out, so I told her about the previous successful transactions and she told us it's a rule set by the corporate and those previous cashiers could get written up by taking non-paper vouchers.
So if it's a corporate's rule then how come some knew and some didn't? This knowledge inconsistency among cashiers not only confuse customers but also waste everyone's time. Also, it's the barcode that counts, who cares if its electronic or paper? Anyway, we ended up not buying anything and left.
Safeway, please make sure your employees go through proper trainings before allowing them to work. AND, it's 2018 people, who the [censor] prints out paper vouchers?! Update your goddamn rules, would you!

complaining about manager being rude to employees

Earlier today I was at Safeway Deli in Hollister Ca, and I noticed, I believe it was the store manager talking down to a lady named Margie while she was working I couldn't see why he was upset because the lady was doing her job, It was very disturbing to watch. It was very unprofessional the man doesnt know what the woman is going through to be treating her with such disrespect. I hope this was enough information, please have a talk with the man, I'm a regular customer and I dont want to see employees be treated like dirt


I have been a regular Safeway delivery customer for more than a year. I order each week and spend at least $150 per delivery. Twice in the past few months, my delivery has been cancelled at the last minute because enough drivers were not available. One cancellation I was not even told about, the second, which occurred today (Dec. 21) was cancelled about an hour before it was due - the driver did have the courtesy to call. I was able to reschedule for Dec. 22 - so hopefully it will actually happen. I think there is a management problem at the store where the deliveries originate - it is the Salmon Creek Store on Hwy. 99. For some reason, the employees responsible for getting the orders together do not seem to be capable of doing it in a timely manner. (Maybe they should undergo drug testing!) I think that Safeway corporate needs to look into the obviously poor management going on at this store's delivery department.


Today was the fifth time in the past year that Safeway pharmacy in Colorado Springs on Galley and Circle that they've lost, misplaced or neglected to fill my prescriptions. I call the animated system and they give me a pick up time. Usually I go to pick up my prescriptions 24 hours AFTER the estimated pick up time. Today was the last time I'll ever go to any Safeway for anything. The pharmacy tech actually said "I dunno, I guess the automatic system didn't work ". He shrugged and just stood there

delivery services

Safeway delivery has been the worst service I have ever received in my entire life, and my family will not be...